A Conversation With Gina Birchall

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, the embodiment of a strategic effort by numerous industry constituencies to provide a sharper focus on the importance and immutable efficacy of our life insurance products.

Navigating The New Normal

Today’s business climate continues to be exceptionally complex and volatile. Even as we move into this “new normal” environment, we no longer have the luxury of being able to take for granted that shifting trends will be visible or that customer needs will be stable. Now is the time to clarify what is required to ensure your future success.

Beginning To See Greater Interest In Sustainable Investing Across Generations

According to Schroders Global Investor Study 2020*, higher returns, rather than just the positive societal and environmental impacts are driving Americans’ adoption of investing in sustainable funds, with 55% of Americans being more likely to invest in sustainable funds for their more attractive return profile. This study of more than 23,000 people who invest from 32 locations globally, including 2,000 in the US, also found that only 4% cited they will not invest in sustainable funds due to a perception that they would offer inferior returns – this is down from 27% in 2018.

Small Businesses Remain Resilient Amid Pandemic

Amid this year’s historic coronavirus pandemic, businesses are adapting by making major changes to their operations including increased use of technology, according to the latest PNC semi-annual survey of small and mid-size business owners and executives, which concluded Sept. 8.

Number of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck on Decline Despite Pandemic

Nearly 69 percent of individuals in America would experience financial difficulty if their paychecks were delayed for a week, according to results from the 2020 “Getting Paid In America” survey conducted by the American Payroll Association (APA). This is a decrease from the 74 percent of individuals who indicated they were living paycheck to paycheck in the 2019 survey, prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Wired For Success

Face-to-face interaction has always been an important part of American culture and other cultures around the world. Handshakes, hugs, eye contact, facial expressions and other visual cues are all critical to understanding people, forming opinions, interpreting situations and establishing a strong EQ.

The Era of Big Government is Upon Us

A new era of big government has begun and is likely to remain underway for decades to come, according to analysis from the global macro research team at Insight Investment, a world-leading defined benefit investment manager with $909bn under management, which includes assets managed for approximately 23 million plan participants across the world.

Knowledge Gaps That May Be Costing Life Insurance Policyholders

Harbor Life Settlements, a company dedicated to helping people unlock the value of their life insurance by making the life settlement process straightforward and transparent, today announced the key results of its 2020 Life Settlement & Retirement Survey. Harbor Life conducted a national survey of 1,702 U.S. adults to better understand people’s knowledge of life insurance benefits and options, with the goal of uncovering insights that help individuals make better decisions around financial and retirement planning.

True Unemployment Effects on US States Masked by Workforce Exits

In addition to large swings in headline unemployment figures this year, material labor force exits are complicating the picture for US states. Certain states have seen an outsized proportion of their populations drop out of the labor force since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, clouding an already high and uncertain unemployment landscape, says Fitch Ratings.

Impact of COVID-19 On Pension Plan Actuarial Experience And Assumptions, Including Mortality

COVID-19 is responsible for over 200,000 deaths in the U.S. as of the date of publication of this issue brief, according to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. While these deaths have been concentrated more heavily among those over age 65 so far, there have been deaths in all age groups particularly for those who also have underlying health issues. Significant race gaps exist, with death rates disproportionately higher for Black and Latino/Hispanic populations in all age categories.