When Vision And Value Collide

Financial services firms are trying to build the firm of the future, but their lack of progress is stoking deep skepticism among investors, according to Oliver Wyman’s annual State of the Financial Services Industry report.

2020 Outlook: Moderate Global Returns Amid Slow, But ‘Good Enough,’ Global Growth

Northern Trust, a leading global asset manager with US $1.2 trillion in assets under management, believes moderation, not fear, will be rewarded in 2020.

Moody’s – Global Life Insurance Outlook is Stable as Insurers Adapt to Low Interest Rates

The outlook for the global life insurance sector is stable, reflecting insurers’ solid regulatory capital and relatively conservative investment portfolios, and their efforts to adapt their products to a low interest rate environment, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report published today.

2020 Distribution Conference Pairs Great Keynotes with Opportunity to Network with Industry Peers

LIMRA today announced three dynamic speakers to talk about what future customers will expect, what diversity and inclusion looks like and how technology will change customer expectations at the upcoming Distribution Conference. The event will be held in Tampa, Florida, from Feb. 25 to Feb. 27.

Next-Gen Retirement

A lot has been written about Baby Boomers and retirement — and for good reason. Their generation is facing a retirement crisis and as an industry, we are working to help them retire with dignity and financial security.

Many Americans Have Nowhere to Turn for Trusted Personal Finance Guidance

When Americans need help with their finances, where do they turn? Recently the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) sought to find out who people turn to when they need financial guidance from someone they trust. In a one-question survey, 1,038 people across the US were asked, “When you have a financial question, who do you turn to for trusted financial guidance?”

In Search Of Diversification, Yield and Return

J.P. Morgan Asset Management today released its second annual Global Alternatives Outlook, providing a 12-18-month outlook across key alternative asset classes and highlighting the views of the CEOs, CIOs and strategists from the firm’s 15 distinct alternatives investment engines.

Recruit, Retain: Upskill & ReSkill

In a rapidly-changing business environment and competitive job market, businesses are looking to attract and retain talent to help them deliver on their mission, and workers are looking for a company that is values-based and values them. Workers are also seeking employers who will partner with them in preparing for their futures.

40% of Older Americans Rely Solely on Social Security for Retirement Income

Only a small percentage of older Americans, seven percent, receive income from Social Security, a defined benefit pension, and a defined contribution account. Retirement income from these three sources is widely considered to be the ideal situation to ensure retirement security, particularly for the middle class. Retirees with these three sources of income are far less likely to face poverty and economic hardship.

Institutional Investors Identify Aging Population as Top Trend Affecting Global Investment

When asked to select the most compelling trends driving global economies and the consequent investment landscape over the next 30 years, institutional investors overwhelmingly cited an aging population as the most significant trend with nearly eight in ten (78%) selecting the demographic shift, according to a new poll.