Insuring Against The Ravages Of Time… and Retirement

Making money is one challenge, keeping it is another – and there is no denying that the older you are, the harder it is to recover from a financial set-back. This is especially true after retirement age, when even the best-planned retirements can be ravaged by unexpected financial events.

10 Commandments For The Inspirational Leader

There are so many theories in leadership ranging from vision to self-awareness to service. The simplest way to develop your leadership skills is to have a work ethic mixed with a solid foundation of core values.

Empower Retirement Launches Custom Managed Account Service with Advisors

Empower Retirement today announced a new means of delivering customized advisory services to workers saving for retirement through close collaboration with the skills and expertise of financial advisors.

Transamerica Announces Agreement With LTCG to Administer Its LTCi Book

Transamerica announces today that it has entered into an agreement with LTCG, an independent third party administrator, to transfer the administration and claims management of its long term care insurance business line.

Still Growing: More Than Half of IRAs With Owners Ages 60 and Older Had Growing Balances

More than half of the individual retirement accounts (IRAs) owned by those near or in retirement (ages 60 or older) saw balance increases over a three-year period, according to new research by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

Golf and Investing: Back to Basics

Is it luck or skill that gets us to the goals and objectives we set for ourselves— gimmicks and software programs or practice and understanding? How many golfers are still using the putter they started with decades ago at a nine-hole cow pasture?

Customers Are Ready For An Insurance Makeover…

Listening to the customer has never been more essential to sustainable growth than today. Today’s customers care about how they are served. They care about where they are served, when they are served, how they are served and who is serving them.

MetLife Investment Management Originates Record $14.7 Billion in Private Debt in 2018

MetLife Investment Management (MIM), MetLife, Inc.’s (NYSE: MET) institutional asset management business, originated $14.7 billion in private debt in 2018 across its corporate private placements and infrastructure platforms, a record amount for MIM.

Social Security Planning Challenges For Divorce

From its beginnings in the days of President Franklin Roosevelt, Social Security has held fast that spouses and ex-spouses have a claiming right to retirement benefits.

TIAA Launches National Higher Ed Financial Education Initiative

Leading financial services provider TIAA today announced the launch of TIAA FinSights, a national financial education initiative designed to give college students the skills to attain lifelong financial success.