Should We Be Worried About Inflation?

Several very good primers were recently written on how to think about inflation in the coming months. But as the reaction to monthly price inflation numbers that ever tick above a 2% annualized rate continues to be disproportionately angst-ridden, another one may be useful.

Inflation Impact On Sovereigns Depends On Real Interest Rates

Inflation trends and associated risks around interest rates and exchange rates may have direct sovereign credit implications, says Fitch Ratings.

2 In 5 Americans Say Online Shopping Has Busted Their Budget

Shopping online from the comfort of your home can be easy and convenient, but it also leads to increased spending if you’re not careful.

Individual Annuity Providers Still Challenged By Low Interest Rates

Limiting the levers insurers can pull without worsening their company risk profiles Report on the outlook for the U.S. individual annuity industry provided by AM Best. OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite COVID-19’s operational and sales impacts on the U.S. individual annuity industry, the bigger issue for writers remains the low interest rate environment, according to a new […]

Don’t Look Now, But We Are Surrounded By Scams

Marketers and scam artists manufacture lies to get you to part company with your hard-earned cash.

Share of Wallet & Household “Reach” Grows At Leading Financial Firms; Key Trust Metric Declines

Leading financial services firms increased reach[1] into U.S. households and grew share of wallet, reversing a 2019 dip. This growth occurred even as trust and other key success metrics dropped at the national level, driven by steep declines among the most affluent customers, in a new research report by Hearts & Wallets.

Business Executives’ Optimism About U.S. Economy Hits Three-Year High

Business executives are predicting the economy will roar back in the coming year, with revenue and profit growth expectations not seen since 2018, according to the second-quarter AICPA Economic Outlook Survey.

Reimagining Work In The New Digital-First Workplace

The Future Forum, a consortium launched by Slack Technologies, Inc., to help companies reimagine work in the new digital-first workplace, is releasing a new global study that unpacks how 15 months of pandemic work has shifted employee expectations.

Insurance Executives Believe Companies’ Digital Transformation Efforts Will Continue As Pandemic Fades

New research by LIMRA and McKinsey & Co. finds 8 in 10 insurance executives believe their companies’ efforts to adopt digital solutions accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most (9 in 10) agree that consumer expectations will demand these efforts continue post-pandemic.

Hedge Funds Remain An Option For Some Insurers

In 2020, the life/annuity and property/casualty insurance segments increased their exposures to hedge funds, leading to an overall 6% increase in insurance industry investments, according to the latest AM Best report.