Advising The Advisors

As a financial services professional you undoubtedly do a great job of taking care of your clients – otherwise you wouldn’t be in practice! “Taking care of your clients” means, among other things, helping them to plan for and prepare for the future.

Investors Taking The ‘Slide In Stride’

-Janus Henderson (NYSE/ASX: JHG) today announced the results of a proprietary survey, which was completed by 1,004 U.S. adults on March 16-17, 2020, to gauge general reaction to the coronavirus and specific behaviors regarding their investments.

Measuring The Impact of COVID-19 on State Unemployment Levels

As the U.S. has embraced social distancing policies in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, many businesses have shut their doors either voluntarily or by government order. While some businesses have dealt with the crisis by having employees work from home, that option is not available to everyone.

Exercising The ‘Tao Of Influence’

Scary times are upon us. We’re staying indoors, watching the news 24/7, and we’re afraid. Everyone around us is afraid. That’s because fear is super-contagious. But Karen McGregor says we don’t have to allow pandemic-driven fear and anxiety to infect our lives.

Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised critical questions about the impact of public health responses on the economy. An important issue for policymakers is whether current interventions like social distancing have economic costs.

Are HSA Investors Born Or Made?

A new EBRI study has found only about 6 percent of accountholders invest their health savings accounts (HSAs), despite unique tax benefits extended to them. Those investors, the research finds, appear to be inherently prone to invest but can also be educated to invest.

Client Social-Distancing

A LIMRA survey of 550 advisors revealed how they are adapting to meet the needs of their clients as the country faces the safety and economic challenges as a result of coronavirus.

How To Prevent ‘Zoom-Bombing’ In Your Next Videoconference

As the U.S. COVID-19 health crisis continues, many businesses, organizations, and schools adapt to utilizing temporary telework arrangements. Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns video conference app users of recent ‘Zoom-Bombing’ where hijackers infiltrate the Zoom session. BBB offers the following information and tips to prevent video hijacking.

Feeling The Beat

How often do we stop to appreciate the little things in life that are simply good for the heart, such as laughter or time with friends and family?

What are the Odds of a Depression, Given the Current Circumstances?

Dr. Tenpao Lee, economist and economics professor at Niagara University (quoted recently in MSN Money and other publications), says if a depression hasn’t occurred by now, we’re probably looking at a recession that will last at least through the rest of this year.