The Unintended Consequences Of Student Debt

It’s no secret that student debt is a huge problem in the United States. It’s estimated that there is nearly $1.75 trillion in outstanding student loan debt among 44 million borrowers. And the average borrower owes $28.950.

The Financially Unprotected Sex

It’s no surprise that women have had to deal with unprecedented volatility over the past few years. The (financially) unprotected sex by Wyshbox Life Insurance includes interviews and surveys of over 400 women and takes a deep dive into how much of a negative financial impact the pandemic, inflation and fears of a potential recession in the future has had on women of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

What’s Next For Tech?

For much of the past decade, stocks of technology-related companies drove the overall markets skyward. That long bull run ended painfully this year with a selloff that’s hit most stocks. But the tech sector has been among the worst performers.

Typical Homebuyer’s Mortgage Payment Up 15% Since Mid-August

Sellers should adjust their price to stay competitive as mortgage rates approach 7% According to a new report from Redfin, the technology-powered real estate brokerage, the typical homebuyer’s monthly mortgage payment has climbed $337 (15%) over the past six weeks to a new high of $2,547. View full report findings here. SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(NASDAQ: RDFN) —  […]

China’s Latest Connect Scheme Widens Exchange-Traded Funds’ Growth Potential

The launch of the long-awaited Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Connect scheme between mainland China and Hong Kong this year further adds to the variety of cross-border schemes available to investors in the two markets and is expected to boost the trading volume of mainland ETFs.

Gigged Out

The pandemic finally put to rest a myth about the Gig Economy that’s been peddled for more than a decade. Following quick on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis, a “new” labor paradigm took shape. Occasioned by record-breaking unemployment and unleashed by advances in smartphone technology, the Gig Economy gave workers new and streamlined ways to find and book work and monetize assets in place of or in addition to traditional employment.

In The Worksite: New Era, New Values

The past two years have brought a series of monumental events to the world. Leading the way was the COVID-19 pandemic, which profoundly affected how people worked and lived. Even though lockdowns have been lifted and most aspects of life are back to normal, for many, recovery isn’t complete.

Medicare Changes For 2023: What You Need To Know

Changes in out-of-pocket costs, new benefits and continued growth of Medicare Advantage plans are a few of the important trends to watch this fall, according to information released today by

The State Of U.S. Healthcare In 2022

Despite historically high levels of health insurance coverage, 46 percent of working-age adults skipped or delayed care because of cost in the past year, and 42 percent struggled to pay medical bills or were paying off medical debt, according to findings from the latest Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey.

Going Beyond Payments

Traditional banks cannot avoid adapting to the new requirements and desires of their customers if they want to stay relevant. The focus, therefore, should be on creating a compelling mobile wallet solution that cuts across all situations in life.