The Authentic Role an Insurer Can Play as ‘Personal-Risk Manager’

A chronic epidemic of “non-communicable diseases” (NCDs) is sweeping the world in growing proportions.  NCDs include things like diabetes and heart disease, which are not “caught” but instead are created by factors that have a lot to do with diet and lifestyle. The fact that people’s choices are contributing to their own ill health makes the explosion in NCDs alarming – and yet likely the greatest opportunity for life and health insurers (and reinsurers!)

John Hancock Leaves Traditional Life Insurance Model Behind to Incentivize Longer, Healthier Lives

Starting today, in a departure from the traditional life insurance business model, all John Hancock life insurance policies will come with Vitality – a behavior change platform that rewards customers for the everyday steps they take to live longer, healthier lives.

MetLife Investment Management Originates Record $7.0 Billion in Private Placement Debt

MetLife Investment Management (“MIM”), MetLife, Inc.’s (NYSE: MET) institutional asset management platform, announced today it originated a record $7.0 billion in private placement debt for the first half of 2018, a 45% increase over the same six-month period in 2017. This included $2.3 billion of investments originated on behalf of unaffiliated/third-party clients.

Western & Southern Reaches Deal with Nestlé S.A. to Acquire Gerber Life

Western & Southern Financial Group has reached an agreement with Nestlé S.A. to acquire Gerber Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Nestlé, for an aggregate purchase price of $1.55 billion, the two parent companies announced today.

Amazon’s Moves Signal Digital Opportunity for All Insurers

India is a market that is ready to capture all that Digital Insurance 2.0 has to offer, as we note in our report, Digital Insurance 2.0: Reshaping India’s Insurance Sector. It has a demographic position that is perfect for insurance penetration and growth and a government that is pushing technology solutions to alleviate economic and social pressures.

Support Programs and Human Interaction Help Bring Employees Back to Work Faster After Disability Leave

Employees with health conditions are inevitable in the workplace. But in its Employee Disability Leave study, Standard Insurance Company (The Standard) found that, despite this common occurrence, the way many employers handle their employees’ health conditions can negatively affect productivity, time out of office and overall employee experience.

LIMRA and The Institutes RiskBlock Announce First Blockchain Use Case for Life Insurance and Annuity Sector

LIMRA and The Institutes’ RiskBlock™ Alliance have announced the first blockchain use case for the insurance consortia’s newly formed life and annuity sector.

Conversation Marketing Hacks: 8 Ways to ‘Speak Human’ and Change the Game

Nobody starts out automatically caring about your products or services. They care about how you can make a difference in their lives. No matter the context, all relationships begin with a “handshake moment,” whether literally or figuratively—those first few introductory moments that reveal a great deal about the character of the person standing before you.

Philanthropy: The Deep Corporate Roots of Charitable Giving

Entrepreneurs donate more to charity on average than non-business owners, according to a study released today by Fidelity Charitable, an independent public charity and the nation’s second-largest grantmaker.

For Employers: How To Successfully De-Risk and Transfer Pension Obligations

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (MassMutual), with more than 70 years of pension management experience, has published a white paper to help guide and inform employers about how to successfully de-risk and potentially transfer defined benefit (DB) pension obligations.