Independent Advisors Expect Continued Growth Over The Next Five Years And Most See It Coming From New-To-Firm Clients

Continued growth lies ahead for the independent advice industry according to registered investment advisors (RIAs) surveyed in Schwab Advisor Services’ latest Independent Advisor Outlook Study (IAOS). Nearly all firms (93%) expect growth will continue over the next five years, with a projected uptick of 17% in terms of the average net new assets expected per year over this time.

Businesses Are Doubling Down On Automation To Balance Against The Global Labor Shortage

A survey commissioned by UiPath, Inc. (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, found that 62% of executives at large U.S. companies are struggling with the current labor shortage. As a result, 78% of them are likely to invest or increase their investment in automation to manage through the impact of higher-than-normal turnover rates.

Eight Questions Business Owners Should Ask In 2022

For business owners, the past couple of years have been incredibly stressful and chaotic. If you’re like many, you’ve been on autopilot and in survival mode. In fact, you’ve been so busy trying to keep the doors open that you haven’t had a moment to pause and ask yourself, Does what we’re doing make sense for the way the marketplace is now?

Insurance Distribution: The Shape of Things to Come

LIMRA’s 2022 Distribution Conference for Financial Services will be held March 1 – 3, in Miami, Florida. This year’s conference, “The Shape of Things to Come,” will focus on the forces shaping insurance distribution and how distribution professionals can manage the transition.

The Democratization Of Investing

In the not-so-distant past, financial advisors had very little motivation or ability to serve investors under a certain wealth threshold. Younger and less wealthy members of society simply did not have enough disposable income to overcome the cost barriers to participate in the investment markets, and the financial services industry could not efficiently offer products and services to meet their needs effectively.

Cyber Perils Outrank Covid-19 & Broken Supply Chains As Top Global Business Risk

Cyber perils are the biggest concern for companies globally in 2022, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer. The threat of ransomware attacks, data breaches or major IT outages worries companies even more than business and supply chain disruption, natural disasters or the Covid-19 pandemic, all of which have heavily affected firms in the past year.

How Life Insurers Are Handling Pandemic Developments

Best’s Review looks at how the unexpected increase in pandemic-related deaths for working-age people has affected life insurers and how the industry is responding. Life insurers may look to investment gains and business diversification across segments to help balance the potential impending costs. Best’s has published its outlook for the industry in “Life Insurers Not Free of COVID-19 Yet, as Virus Impacts Younger Populations.”

Staring Down The Barrel Of ESG Activism

Cision and Investor Update released a whitepaper, Staring Down the Barrel of ESG Activism. The paper, written by Andrew Archer, Head of ESG Advisory at Investor Update reflects the scope, ambition and urgency with which some of the most influential players’ in the ESG industry address activism.

Fidelity Investments Adds $146 Billion In Assets To Workplace Benefits Platform In 2021

Fidelity Investments®, one of the country’s leading workplace benefits providers[i], announced today significant growth across its integrated benefits platform. During 2021, Fidelity helped 1,900 businesses across the U.S. add more than 2,100 products to their benefits platform, representing $146 billion in assets.

Being Retirement Ready

The past two years have changed how businesses, the economy and society operates — no one was left unaffected by the pandemic. It’s no surprise that as the market fluctuated and unemployment grew, Americans began taking a closer look at their finances and questioning their financial readiness in an emergency situation.