• The Democratization Of Investing
    The Democratization Of Investing

    How technology has opened opportunities in the mass-market

    by Andrew Guillette

    In the not-so-distant past, financial advisors had very little motivation or ability to serve investors under a certain wealth threshold. Younger and less wealthy members of society simply did not have enough disposable income to overcome the cost barriers to participate in the investment markets, and the financial services industry could not efficiently offer products…
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  • Being Retirement Ready
    Being Retirement Ready

    How the emerging notion of financial wellness is gaining greater traction

    by Sharon Scanlon

    The past two years have changed how businesses, the economy and society operates — no one was left unaffected by the pandemic. It’s no surprise that as the market fluctuated and unemployment grew, Americans began taking a closer look at their finances and questioning their financial readiness in an emergency situation.
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  • Diminished Returns

    Diminished Returns

    Addressing the risk that inflation can have on retirement income

    by Kelly LaVigne

    Inflation has been dominating the headlines for the past few months, with the consumer price index hitting 6.8 percent in November – the highest rate since 1982. While many of us are living with those rising prices day to day – from higher costs at the gas pump to increased costs for holiday gifts –…
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  • When Helping Clients Prepare For Retirement…
    When Helping Clients Prepare For Retirement…

    Give them what they need and what they want

    by Jean Statler and Tamiko Toland

    The second installment of the Alliance for Lifetime Income and CANNEX’s Protected Retirement Income and Planning Study, which examines the retirement planning approaches of both consumers and financial professionals nationwide, offers valuable—and sometimes surprising—insights the latter should be using to better serve clients.
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  • The Dilemma Of Gray Divorce
    The Dilemma Of Gray Divorce

    Even well-constructed income plans can unravel in a heartbeat

    by Lili Vasileff

    Getting divorced later in life is an increasingly common phenomenon, but it comes with added challenges. Loved ones are often shocked when a couple divorces later in life. The individuals involved are usually more concerned about how they will catch up with retirement savings and become independent after many years of marriage.
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  • Stuckflation Frustration

    Stuckflation Frustration

    Going forward, inflation will look more like the last decade than the past year

    by Jim McDonald

    For just about all of the past decade, low inflation has persisted, suppressing bond yields and supporting stock valuations. We have called this trend Stuckflation, which long frustrated central banks struggling to reach their inflation targets of about 2%.
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  • The Growing Impact Of Our National Debt
    The Growing Impact Of Our National Debt

    Why it matters for our investments, our health and our way of life

    The amount of debt we hold as a nation is increasing exponentially. As an investment manager and former CIO for major banking institutions as well as public pensions systems, I view this as an issue that is significantly under-appreciated. We were on a difficult path before COVID-19, but the past 18 months have created issues…
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  • A Conversation with Lee Freitag
    A Conversation with Lee Freitag

    The New Challenges Of Accumulation

    by P.E. Kelley

    Longevity has thrown a monkey-wrench into many of our reliable assumptions about building adequate and sustainable retirement income for our clients. The prospect of outliving ones assets, running out of money before running out of breath, has become a frightening possibility for many.
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  • Financial Planning With Purpose
    Financial Planning With Purpose

    How Covid may have altered the advisor-client dynamic

    by Matt Schulte, CFP®

    Personalized recommendations available 24/7. A complete view of my financial picture. Thoughtful discussions framed around my financial wellness. Today's clients expect tailored, responsive, and comprehensive advice from their advisor.
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  • The Future Of Life Insurance
    The Future Of Life Insurance

    Four dynamics that will alter the trajectory of your industry

    by Bill Unrue

    To say that 2021 has continued to be a transformational year is an understatement. We have seen entire industries recreated, forcing the nature of product distribution to change that under different circumstances would have taken years. There is almost no sector of our economy that hasn’t been permanently altered over the past two years.
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  • Drive, Data & Digitalization
    Drive, Data & Digitalization

    New challenges, new commitments highlight an ambitious path forward for advisors

    by Randy Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF

    After almost 40 years in the financial services profession, I’m incredibly honored to have become the 2022 President of MDRT, the premier association of financial services and insurance professionals. So many incredible men and women have held this role in the past century, and I look forward to adding my own contribution to that legacy.
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  • Benefit Strategies To Support Women In The Workplace
    Benefit Strategies To Support Women In The Workplace

    The new realities of retention and support

    by Kim Rudeen

    After decades of progress, the women’s labor force participation rate dipped to its lowest point in more than 30 years. In fact, more than 2.3 million women have exited the workforce since February 2020.1 The pandemic holds most of the blame, with many women having to make tough decisions between continuing with their careers or handling…
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  • Leadership & The Motion Of Emotion
    Leadership & The Motion Of Emotion

    What really makes people tick?

    by Paul Karasik

    At the core, the most fundamental need of any leader is to induce others to follow and execute the mission and vision of the enterprise. Therefore, any discussion of effective leadership must begin with an investigation into human behavior and answer the question of “What makes people tick?”
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