• A Consolidating Landscape
    A Consolidating Landscape

    Five trends in 2018 for insurance mergers & acquisitions

    by Mary Anne Durall

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the insurance space are not simply buy-and-sell arrangements. They are often very complex deals that present a long list of challenges
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  • Advising Today’s Business Clients
    Advising Today’s Business Clients

     Should My Business Be An S-Corp or a C-Corp?

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    I think the answer to that question may be, “YES!” Consider having both. I think that the operating company should be an S-Corp, have the real estate owned outside of the business as an LLC, and find a legitimate business reason to also establish a C-Corp, with a fiscal year other than calendar year.
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  • Wired For Service
    Wired For Service

    Tech’s growing role in retirement income planning

    by Ken Lotocki

    Income planning for life after retirement is perhaps the most important and complex service in a financial advisor’s repertoire. Without the right financial technology, the process from start to finish is enough to make your head spin.
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  • A World View of Benefits Planning
    A World View of Benefits Planning

    Challenges and opportunities in the global benefits space

    by James Reid

    From large scale multinationals to small-medium enterprises, employers around the world are witnessing benefit trends which are having a lasting impact on retention and business growth. While these trends are being shaped by changes to the global socio-economic climate, they do position benefit providers to help employers navigate the future in a way that drives…
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  • The New Timeline of Risk Projection
    The New Timeline of Risk Projection

    The impact of longevity on underwriting and mortality standards

    by Phil Bruen

    Insurance has always been about the law of large numbers. Old assumptions have gone out the window as lifespans have lengthened, however. U.S. life expectancy at birth increased from 70 years of age in 1960 to 79 in 2015, and for a person who reaches age 65, U.S. life expectancy is now about 84.
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  • Who Pays For Aging?
    Who Pays For Aging?

    On the long road to retirement, getting there often overshadows enjoying it

    by Neil Sprackling

    “Society seems to have put more effort into helping people reach old age than in helping them enjoy it.” Frank Howard Clark’s observation may be tongue-in-cheek, but it points to a serious issue.
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  • A Conversation With Axel Merk
    A Conversation With Axel Merk

    Bitcoin: Cryptic Currency?

    by P.E. Kelley

    What is Crypto-Currency? It may depend on whom you ask. The Securities & Exchange Commission considers it a security. The Internal Revenue Service accounts for it as property. And the Treasury says it’s a currency. And they may all be correct, which is perhaps the crucial takeaway, at least if you are considering investing money…
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  • For Benefits, Word Choice Can Prove Paramount
    For Benefits, Word Choice Can Prove Paramount

    How “Ancillary” and “Voluntary” may be hurting your enhanced benefit sales

    by Eric Silverman

    I just closed my first 50 life case and couldn’t wait for the employee group meeting. Visions of 80% employee participation were letting my mind cash checks that inevitably my mouth hadn’t yet written. While presenting I proceeded to, innocently enough, refer to the majority of their employees as “tow truck drivers.”
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  • Brave New Benefits World
    Brave New Benefits World

    Finding your place in the benefits-tech landscape

    by Kirk Cooper

    As a broker, you’re expected to be an expert in insurance products, not IT. But like virtually every industry, the insurance business is being transformed at breakneck speed by advances in digital technology.
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  • US Execs Aren’t Ready For New EU Data Protection Laws
    US Execs Aren’t Ready For New EU Data Protection Laws

    … Here’s why this could be a risk

    by MIa Papanicolaou

    On May 25 2018 the European Union’s (EU) data protection regulation, known as GDPR, is going into effect. While many businesses in the EU have been readying themselves for this regulation change, US businesses that provide services in the EU may not be as prepared.
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Five Steps in Helping Elderly Parents with Finances…
Five Steps in Helping Elderly Parents with Finances…

    …Before it’s too late

    by Samantha Stein

    Helping elderly parents with finances is a nightmare for adult children. Taking over your parents’ finances can be extremely successful. But there’s a way to handle this situation like a pro. How?
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  • Selling Stronger Supplements
    Selling Stronger Supplements

    Don’t look now, but there’s a very healthy market for Hospital Indemnity out there

    By Brian Vestergaard

    When you think of hospital indemnity insurance, what comes to mind? That question probably generates a good range of responses, but traditionally, advisors don’t often consider hospital indemnity as one of their more popular products
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  • Financial Well-Being Begins With Protection
    Financial Well-Being Begins With Protection

    Regardless of demographics, we all share the same stresses and anxieties

    by Caroline Feeney

    Working parents know that priorities change when you have children. For me, having a family forever changed my perspective on what financial security means.
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