• Stepping Up And Stepping In
    Stepping Up And Stepping In

    Building financial well-being for today’s caregivers

    by Larry Hazzard

    It’s no secret that the need for caregivers in the United States is dramatically increasing. As this need grows, however, there is a chronic shortage of professional caregivers to fill the gap. Further, even when professional services are available, cost can be prohibitive.
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  • With Gen-Next…Just Make The Call
    With Gen-Next…Just Make The Call

    Meaningful engagement requires outreach, listening and understanding

    by Julia Bartak

    One of the biggest growth opportunities financial advisors have involves engaging the next generation of investors. Compared to previous generations, this group tends to be largely untapped, and younger investors likely have a great deal of upside earning potential and many years to realize and achieve their financial goals.
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  • Unlocking Capital And Opportunity…With Art
    Unlocking Capital And Opportunity…With Art

    The power of democratized access to alternative investments

    by Tamer Ozmen

    As the financial landscape continues to evolve, alternative investments are emerging as a compelling and more attainable investment strategy for both high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and family offices serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals. This growth is fueled by a combination of factors, including managers’ increased focus on offering alternative asset strategies, lowered barriers to entry, and favorable economic…
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  • Adopting Generative AI
    Adopting Generative AI

    A new MDRT study uncovers how advisors perceive and embrace these new technologies

    by MDRT

    The digitalization of the financial services profession is continuously advancing, as advisors adapt to current trends, find new ways to streamline their practice and forge deeper connections with clients. Following the public debut of ChatGPT, professionals everywhere have tapped into the capabilities of generative AI. To gauge financial advisors’ awareness, use of and trust in…
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  • Harnessing The Power Of ChatGPT
    Harnessing The Power Of ChatGPT

    9 Ways advisors can supercharge their marketing

    by Tiffany Markarian

    In an environment where scale and efficiency are crucial for financial advisors to operate profitability, quality organic marketing strategies often take a back seat. As a result, many advisors resort to random lead generation strategies in search of a game-changing solution. Unfortunately, this often leads to operational confusion, passive marketing, lackluster content, and unfulfilled returns…
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  • How AI Is Transforming Your Industry
    How AI Is Transforming Your Industry

    Once slow to adapt, now advancing rapidly

    by John Thornton

    While the insurance industry has been slower than other industries to adopt new technologies, it is collectively getting behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies like Machine Learning (ML) to improve operations. AI is transforming processes ranging from risk assessment and underwriting, fraud detection, and risk mitigation, to claims processing and customer service.
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  • A Conversation With Glen Franklin
    A Conversation With Glen Franklin

    If I could live to be 100…

    by P.E. Kelley

    An associate of mine, a tax planning attorney, when asked about the emergence of today’s longevity-risk, is fond of saying ‘you do not want to run out of money before you run out of breath.’ And yet, this may be one of the deepest fears your clients have when contemplating their own mortality.
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  • Secrets Of Visionary Thinkers
    Secrets Of Visionary Thinkers

    How to ensure new ideas get real consideration

    by Susan Robertson

    When you think of famous visionary leaders, you often think that they have something, know something, or do something that the rest of us don't have, don't know or can't do. The truth is, they don't. The only thing they have is an intuitive understanding of how to open their minds and consider new ideas.
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  • Financial Security For All
    Financial Security For All

    Advisor strategies in the rise of the regulatory state

    by Marc Cadin

    In the face of a staggering $12 trillion protection gap and the daunting reality that tens of millions of Americans have minimal to no retirement savings, we need policymakers and regulators to come alongside financial security professionals.
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  • Revisiting The Utility Of Whole Life
    Revisiting The Utility Of Whole Life

    How First Command coaches financial security for military families

    by John Osarczuk

    For military families, frequent moves, extended deployments, and the dangers inherent to military service require diligent planning — financially and otherwise. With a lifestyle that includes significant uncertainty, whole life insurance offers military families some important guarantees during a lifetime, which makes it a core element of their financial security strategy.
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  • The Art Of The Exit Strategy
    The Art Of The Exit Strategy

    Whether buying or selling, you need an accurate roadmap for risk, opportunity

    by Philip Alberstat

    The business world is constantly in flux as companies of all types and sizes across a variety of global industries are discovered, bought, sold, acquired, absorbed, or lost. When building a business, a solid exit strategy is one facet often glossed over, regardless of how important it is to the overall business plan.
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  • Strategic College Funding
    Strategic College Funding

    The 529 Plan is just the beginning

    by Leo Chubinishvili, CFP

    Congratulations on the birth of your child (or grandchild). Now, what can you do to help pay the staggering cost of college? With some private schools now costing in excess of $80,000 a year – just think what they will cost 18 years from now – planning needs to be done sooner rather than later.
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  • A New Age Of Adaptive Advisors
    A New Age Of Adaptive Advisors

    Industry diversity, especially for women, calls for mentorship and sponsorship as a pathway to growth

    by Sandy McCarthy

    More women are now in charge of their own and their household’s finances than 20 to 30 years ago, signaling a shift in the current landscape of financial services. Women now make up a larger portion of the U.S. population, women are working in record numbers and women have a significantly higher life expectancy than…
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