• Feeling The Beat
    Feeling The Beat

    Is it time for a heart-to-heart about heart health?

    by Wendy Herndon

    How often do we stop to appreciate the little things in life that are simply good for the heart, such as laughter or time with friends and family?
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  • Sharpening Your Focus On The Bottom Line
    Sharpening Your Focus On The Bottom Line

    7 Tips to Remain Current and Relevant to Your Clients

    by Erin Ardleigh

    Agents and brokers that primarily sell life insurance are in a tough spot. Their compensation is at odds with their desire to service their clients. High first-year compensation and low renewals mean that most agents’ business model is to focus on closing sales as quickly as possible.
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  • Advising The Advisors
    Advising The Advisors

    Like the cobbler’s kids with no shoes, are you tending to your own business planning?

    by Ryan Grau and Kevin Stockton

    As a financial services professional you undoubtedly do a great job of taking care of your clients – otherwise you wouldn’t be in practice! “Taking care of your clients” means, among other things, helping them to plan for and prepare for the future.
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  • A Conversation With Melinda Mecca
    A Conversation With Melinda Mecca

    Model Portfolios

    by P.E. Kelley

    What’s driving interest can be summarized by our own FlexShares ETFs Race to Scalability survey of advisors, which was designed to gauge financial advisors’ attitudes regarding the use of third-party investment management solutions.
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  • True Confessions
    True Confessions

    Americans admit their relationship with money could be better

    by Nela Richardson

    Everyone has a litany of reasons to prioritize their finances – save more, spend less, pay down debt, check in on investments more often – but many Americans believe that their relationship with money could be improved.
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  • Advising Newly Minted Gigs, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs
    Advising Newly Minted Gigs, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

    How do you help the client that just quit his job to start his own business?

    by Dennis Ho

    Today’s gig economy is marked by legions of people starting their own businesses or embarking on freelance careers, freed from corporate shackles (voluntarily or not), but also unprotected by the “company” safety net.
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  • The Critical Need For Critical Illness Coverage
    The Critical Need For Critical Illness Coverage

    How to help your clients save employees’ lives and livelihoods

    by Pam Jenkins

    While coronavirus grabs the headlines, thousands of Americans are falling victim to much more deadly illnesses. Cardiovascular disease — heart attacks, strokes and the like — has been the leading killer of people in the U.S. for decades. And more than 600,000 will die from cancer this year.
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  • Planning & The Evolution of Voluntary Benefits
    Planning & The Evolution of Voluntary Benefits

    4 Myths that your business clients need to forget

    Employers expect a lot from their benefit offerings. They’re essential to attracting job seekers, keeping current employees happy and even preserving productivity. But what if their benefit strategy isn’t keeping pace with employee priorities?
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  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…
    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

    How divorce can dismantle an otherwise sound retirement plan

    by Joseph A. Giannone

    Many American couples plan for a comfortable retirement spent pursuing their dreams, but what they don’t anticipate is the enormous financial impact of breaking up. Suddenly families need two homes and two household budgets. Nest eggs, split in two, need to be rebuilt, a task that grow more and more difficult for investors nearing or…
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  • Small Business Is A Big Deal
    Small Business Is A Big Deal

    How to succeed in the small employer market with solutions it needs

    by John Stibal

    If you want your benefits business to get bigger, maybe you should be thinking smaller — as in small businesses. The fact is nearly all — 99.7% — of U.S. firms with paid employees are small businesses. There are more than 30 million of these potential clients in the U.S.
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  • Creating Value as an Advisor
    Creating Value as an Advisor

    Navigating your client’s opportunities and risk

    by Stuart Jones, CFP®, LUTCF and Rudy Rodriguez

    People will always ask a financial advisor, in some form or another, “What is the best way to create and preserve wealth?” This translates to their fear of not having enough money or losing their money over time. It happens to be the number one concern expressed by clients when planning for retirement and their…
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  • Measuring Insurers’s Data Revolution
    Measuring Insurers’s Data Revolution

    How to conquer the constraints of legacy IT systems in the insurance sector

    by Giuliano Altamura

    Consumer interaction with insurance providers is evolving rapidly and this is no less true in the health and life insurance sector. With the insurance industry representing 2.7% of GDP in the US, there is unprecedented pressure on carriers, brokers and agents alike to up their game if they want to stay in the running in…
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  • The Hierarchy Of Income Planning
    The Hierarchy Of Income Planning

    Patience, and knowing the rules, is often the most successful strategy

    by Gregory Fortier, CFA

    Quickly google “creating wealth” and you are bombarded by search results of get rich quick schemes, stories about self-made millionaires, and the expected self-help books for sale.
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