• Bridging The Benefits Gap
    Bridging The Benefits Gap

    More than ever, educations is key as outlooks on risk & time horizons are changing

    by Ann Brisk

    As most open enrollment periods at U.S. companies wrap up, retirement plan advisors are shifting their focus toward benefits education going forward. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has altered or upended advisors’ outlook on risk, uncertainty, external factors, forecasting time horizons, and scenario modeling. Still, there are options to help advisors navigate benefits education over the…
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  • Helping Employees Navigate The Virtual Sale Process
    Helping Employees Navigate The Virtual Sale Process

    The fact that they are working differently shouldn’t prevent clients from making smart decisions

    by Eric Reisenwitz

    Open enrollment season is upon us. This year, annual enrollment will likely look very different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workforces are still operating remotely and those that have returned to the workplace are following strict social distancing protocols.
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  • Opening The Annuity Portfolio
    Opening The Annuity Portfolio

    How to help your clients choose the right products for them

    by Rich Lane

    In today's economic uncertainty, annuities can provide a more stable investment. But many clients may not understand how annuities differ and the benefits that each type offer. Advisors are in the position to help clients understand the key differences and benefits to guide their clients toward a decision based on their stage of life, their…
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  • Measuring The Impact Of Student-Debt on the Retirement-Savings Process
    Measuring The Impact Of Student-Debt on the Retirement-Savings Process

    Even in normal times, it can undermine personal financial planning

    By John Kozar and Doug Chittenden

    The economic implications of COVID-19 have been vast, shutting down businesses and forcing the highest unemployment rate in America since the Great Depression. While we’re just starting to fully understand how these disruptions will continue to impact our everyday lives, student loan debt continues to strain people of all ages. Today 1 in 4 Americans…
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  • Advising The Generational Divide
    Advising The Generational Divide

    How Millennials and Gen Xers are driving broader discussions with advisors

    By Kevin Hogan

    Younger generations have been tech-savvy for most of their lives, a fact that may lead some to believe they prefer to rely on technology for financial advice. That’s not, however, always the case.
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  • A Diverse Thought: Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good
    A Diverse Thought: Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good

Reimagining our playbook for growing and managing wealth

by George Nichols III

    Our nation is a melting pot of cultures and creeds – a diversity of thought and experience that shapes our uniqueness and hopes to posit our nation as an example of equitable opportunity.
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  • Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Early Retirees
    Integrating Social Security and Medicare for Early Retirees

    Three critical catches clients face when claiming Social Security early

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA®, NSSA®

    At first glance, it can seem strange that clients enroll in Medicare on Social Security’s website. Medicare has a robust website in its own right, chock-full of important information and expansive tools that clients need to estimate costs of the various parts of Medicare.
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  • A Conversation With Gina Birchall
    A Conversation With Gina Birchall

    Embracing Life

    by P. E. Kelley

    September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, the embodiment of a strategic effort by numerous industry constituencies to provide a sharper focus on the importance and immutable efficacy of our life insurance products.
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  • The Simplicity Of Dental and Vision Insurance
    The Simplicity Of Dental and Vision Insurance

    Keeping Molehills From Becoming Mountains

    by Bob Ruff

    It is the age-old advice of weary parents everywhere: Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. In most situations, refusing to sweat the small stuff helps people free themselves to focus on what matters most. But when it comes to health, the converse can be true: Taking care of the small things can help…
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  • Does Your Corporate Culture Get All A’s?
    Does Your Corporate Culture Get All A’s?

    The proactive process to shape the team culture you want

    by Jason V. Barger

    It’s an instant gratification world where people/employees/leaders want things to change immediately. They want progress to be a flip of a switch. They want the easy button. Every leader, team and organization wants to snap their fingers and magically arrive at their desired outcomes.
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  • The Finance Of Today’s Higher Education
    The Finance Of Today’s Higher Education

    Three tips to maximize college savings

    by Jill Erps

    On the heels of College Savings Month, September may seem like an odd time to start thinking about college savings. But back-to-school time is the wakeup call most parents need to get serious about planning for their child’s higher education.
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  • The Income Protection Mindset
    The Income Protection Mindset

    What healthcare professionals need to know

    by Jeff Brunken

    Most working adults would never consider going without a life insurance policy, but disability insurance is still an afterthought for many people. This is a sobering fact because a person is more likely to suffer a career-shattering disability than an untimely death. An actuarial study by the Social Security Administration found that one in four…
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  • Engaging Gen-Z
    Engaging Gen-Z

    Five strategies that focus on their health & wealth

    by Kevin Robertson

    Generation Z, or those born between 1996 and 2012, are joining the workforce at an increasing pace with more than 70 million young adults falling in this generation, and they are taking an active role in managing the intersection of benefits and their finances.
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