• Building A Diversified Income Strategy
    Building A Diversified Income Strategy

    Today’s retirement options don’t have to be so confusing

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    It’s no wonder that most clients are confused as they approach the income distribution phase of their financial plan (which used to be called “retirement”). Think of a series of 3(x) by 3(y) by 3(z) cubes each one representing all of the various investments that this client might own
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  • Building Reliable Retirement Income
    Building Reliable Retirement Income

    Is there a safe haven in an uncertain world

    by Craig Hawley

    Nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day, but only one-fourth (25%) think they are prepared for retirement—or believe that their savings will last through retirement, according to a 2018 whitepaper published by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI). In fact, Nationwide Advisory Solutions’ Advisor Authority study of roughly 1,600 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), fee-based advisors and individual investors…
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  • A Conversation With Aimee Johnson
    A Conversation With Aimee Johnson

    Women, Money & Power

    by P. E. Kelley

    The idea of the ‘empowerment of women’ would seem by now embedded in our culture, having germinated in protest in the 1960’s and becoming gradually codified into the consciousness of society, and ultimately into the fabric of the lives of so many. But how engrained is it? Just how confident are women today in the…
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  • Bashers, Haters And Agitators
    Bashers, Haters And Agitators

    Are annuities really a good thing at retirement?

    by Mike Janky

    I just finished reading another incredibly biased article bashing annuities and how they are going to ruin 401(k)’s. Having nearly 30 years in the industry on both the investment and insurance side of the fence, I would like to discuss what I feel are the true benefits of annuities and how they can actually save…
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  • Finding Hidden Potential with Middle Market Pre-Retirees
    Finding Hidden Potential with Middle Market Pre-Retirees

    7 insights to position your practice for change

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA

    In many parts of the financial advisory business, fishing for millionaires is a central strategy. And sure, the higher the asset base of each client, the higher the income potential for the advisory firm and each financial advisor. In reality, however, there are a limited number of millionaires.
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  • MCIM and The Velocity of Money
    MCIM and The Velocity of Money

    The more frequent the profits, the stronger the growth

    by Steve Selengut

    Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) was developed in the 1970s, at a time when individual equities were the most popular game in town. There were no «self directed» IRAs or 401ks and trusteed pension and profit sharing plans ruled the corporate benefits roost.
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  • No Surrender
    No Surrender

    Tapping into the resource-generating power of Life Settlements

    by Michael Freedman

    It’s no secret that the costs of living in retirement are rising. Healthcare costs are creating financial hardships and crises that can devastate older Americans and their families. While seniors look for resources in retirement, one untapped – and often unknown – tool for seniors is to sell their life insurance policies, known as a…
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  • From Savings Shortfalls To Retirement Income Success
    From Savings Shortfalls To Retirement Income Success

    For many employees, the first step is overcoming their own biases toward saving and investing

    by Robert Baumgarten

    Since retirement planning is such a critical life process for workers, advisors have a special responsibility to ensure their clients are offering the right tools and advice to help employees put themselves in the best position to retire.
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  • The Evolution And Revolution Of Data
    The Evolution And Revolution Of Data

    Take heed of AI: It is about to transform your industry (if it hasn't already)

    Anyone who knows the insurance industry knows that data has always played an incredibly important role. Practically since the birth of Lloyd’s of London in 1686, busy actuaries have used whatever information was available to model risk and predict likely sources of loss.
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  • Childhood Cancer
    Childhood Cancer

    Supporting families in their time of need

    by Wendy Herndon

    The thought of just one child being diagnosed with cancer instinctively makes us want to do something to help. Consider the example set by Sadie Keller, an 11-year-old Texas girl who, after surviving leukemia herself, was inspired to launch a foundation to help other children going through cancer treatment. Her efforts led to the distribution…
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  • The Middle Class is Growing Anxious…
    The Middle Class is Growing Anxious…

    Here’s how advisors can help them

    by Robert Comfort

    No one can argue that we’ve been enjoying the fruits of a superstar economy for quite some time now. In the ten years since the end of the Great Recession, the labor market has consistently knocked it out of the park, consumer confidence has been solid, and small business loan applications are at a post-2008…
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  • Enter The Robos
    Enter The Robos

    An Overview of Digital Advice

    By Alex Crisafi

    When digital investing was first introduced, it was seen as an industry disruptor. Talks of fee compression, the commoditization of professional asset management, and disruption of the investment advice industry ran rampant.
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  • Advisors Can Point Employees Toward Financial Flexibility…
    Advisors Can Point Employees Toward Financial Flexibility…

    …through voluntary benefits

    by Elizabeth Halkos

    They may not realize it, but achieving financial flexibility is more reachable for most employees than the traditional “American Dream.” Gone are the days where most American workers longed for ‘really good life’ – the beautiful home with the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids, the golden retriever, the awesome SUV in the driveway, a…
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