• Bridging Accumulation To Income
    Bridging Accumulation To Income

    The vital role advisors play in preparing their clients

    by Kelly LaVigne, JD

    When thinking about retirement today, many Americans are focused on their accumulation strategy, and worrying about if they will have enough to retire. Certainly saving for retirement is no small feat. But once they have reached their accumulation goals, clients may not be thinking about what comes next.
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  • From Cell Phone To Cell Block
    From Cell Phone To Cell Block

    The perils of social media posting around the world

    by Emanuele Scansani

    Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and transmit information to the world-at-large. However, with this increased visibility, travelers should be mindful of the risks involved in using social media, especially in a world where Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter spread information instantly and are, in some case, even monitored by government…
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  • Next-Gen Retirement
    Next-Gen Retirement

    Setting Millennials up for future success

    by Jamie Ohl

    A lot has been written about Baby Boomers and retirement — and for good reason. Their generation is facing a retirement crisis and as an industry, we are working to help them retire with dignity and financial security.
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  • Go Ahead: Have The Conversation
    Go Ahead: Have The Conversation

    When it comes to discussing finances with loved ones, there is room for improvement

    by Kristen Phillips

    Consumers who dread having financial conversations with loved ones are not alone. According to Lincoln Financial Group’s 2019 Financial Conversations study, 47% of Americans struggle to talk about long-term financial planning with loved ones—even though the majority (94%) understand the importance of these conversations.
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  • Taking The Pulse Of Retirement Income
    Taking The Pulse Of Retirement Income

    An advisor’s guide to protecting clients’ financial futures

by Craig Hawley

    In the next decade, the last Baby Boomers will reach retirement age—meaning that roughly 20% of all residents in the United States will be 65 or older by 2030, according to a US Census report. This is a pivotal moment for our country’s population, especially when we consider the fact that just 13% were aged…
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  • The Age Of Weightless Work & Intangible Capital
    The Age Of Weightless Work & Intangible Capital

    The modern firm is evolving… investors must evolve with it

    by David Klausner

    The individual company is an integral part of the global economy. But unlike the “invisible hand” and “animal spirits” that define modern economics, companies are in constant flux. Ever since humans moved beyond simple barter and began to experiment with more complex business transactions, the firm has been evolving.
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  • A Conversation With Melinda Mecca
    A Conversation With Melinda Mecca

    Model Portfolios

    by P.E. Kelley

    What’s driving interest can be summarized by our own FlexShares ETFs Race to Scalability survey of advisors, which was designed to gauge financial advisors’ attitudes regarding the use of third-party investment management solutions.
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  • Worrying In Order
    Worrying In Order

    With all marketing, the devil is in the details… but try to tackle them one at a time

    by Matthew Bryan

    Running any profitable small business is an equation of money and time. How can you save money and reduce administrative burdens, while continuing to deliver an exceptional client experience? It can be overwhelming to determine the right mix of investments to maintain the right balance.
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  • Grouping Up
    Grouping Up

    Three innovative solutions to reduce group plan costs and improve outcomes

    by Mark Manquen, CPA, MST

    Group health plans have been used for decades by employers to provide viable healthcare coverage for their employees and as a valuable fringe benefit to attract and retain talent.
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  • Planning a Retirement Income Strategy
    Planning a Retirement Income Strategy

    How well do your clients really understand the process?

    by Sosseh Malkhassian

    Although two-thirds of workers are actively saving for retirement, only 4 in 10 have tried to calculate what they’ll need, and very few have a financial plan for retirement. People know they need to save, but they’re unaware of the importance of creating a retirement income strategy. It’s a critical area of retirement education that…
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  • Managing Obligations
    Managing Obligations

    5 Truths, 5 Years Later About Pension Risk Transfer

    by Andrew Wilkinson

    According to Milliman, the number of pension plans offering defined benefits in the United States plummeted by about 73% from 1986 to 2016, and in a recent column on the topic USA Today bluntly opined that American businesses think of pensions as “swiftly becoming a thing of the past.”
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  • Can It Be Done? Yes, It Can
    Can It Be Done? Yes, It Can

    Helping Boomers plan for retirement and care for aging loved ones

    by Scott Goldberg

    According to the U.S. Census, by 2035 older generations are likely to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. This projection raises the question, if needed, who will care for this aging population? Of course, many middle-income Boomers are already living this reality, as they are now the primary caretakers of aging parents…
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  • The Race To Zero & The Rise Of Client Uncertainty
    The Race To Zero & The Rise Of Client Uncertainty

    Top five takeaways for RIAs and fee-based advisors

    by Craig Hawley

    Looking back, 2019 has been another year where uncertainty was on the rise and mixed signals prevailed. Markets hit record highs and interest rates were slashed to new lows—but confidence wavered as volatility persisted with a vengeance. Lawmakers at home and abroad continued to dominate the headlines, impacting portfolios and raising concerns of advisors and…
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