• Getting Through To Your Clients
    Getting Through To Your Clients

    In times of uncertainty, relationships matter

    by Paige Fowler

    To say times are uncertain seems an understatement. But if my 17-plus years as a financial advisor have taught me anything, it’s this: When the world seems out of control, my clients look to me to help steady the ship in a sea of change.
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  • Forget Everything You Think You Know About Crypto
    Forget Everything You Think You Know About Crypto

    (It’s mostly wrong anyway)

    by Dorian Duffy & P.E. Kelley

    This year’s Bitcoin 2022 Convention gathered in Miami Beach in early April with 35,000 registered attendees. The conference presented a roster of innovators, including Pay-Pay co-founder Peter Thiel, Crypto-friendly senator Cynthia Loomis and new crypto-entrepreneur Serena Williams to name a few.
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  • Changing Tides
    Changing Tides

    How evolving consumer needs are reshaping life insurance

    by Matt Berman

    Two years living with COVID-19, we continue to observe a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and an increasing demand for instant, frictionless products and services – a trend that’s likely to persist well beyond the pandemic.
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  • Individualized: It Makes a Difference

    Individualized: It Makes a Difference

    Sorting through the filters of gender and generation

    by Julie Genjac

    Financial professionals, are you struggling to find ways to connect with your clients? My team at Hartford Funds and I recently conducted a study that examines how investors of different genders and generations want to receive financial advice and marketing materials.
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  • The Relevancy Race
    The Relevancy Race

    How will the industry survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world?

    by Karl Canty and Dr. Upendra Belhe

    What a difference a few years make. Since 2020, the insurance industry, which has historically enjoyed unfaltering predictability, has been turned on its head.
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  • Protection Based Planning
    Protection Based Planning

    Are you prepared to advise your clients to delay retirement?

    by Andy Moore, CFP®

    Since January 1st of 2022, the financial markets have experienced significant equity and bond market corrections, resulting in the exposure of significant pain points across traditional financial planning and investment management.
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  • A Conversation With Chris Huemmer
    A Conversation With Chris Huemmer

    Getting Real

    As investors grapple with an historic low interest climate, reverberations from stifling Covid-19 protocols and newly emerging economic volatility, prospects for asset growth are, to say the least, a little hazy. One area of growing interest is the prospects for real assets, defined as real estate, infrastructure and natural resources.
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  • Proactive Recruitment
    Proactive Recruitment

    Building a Network of Goodwill Ambassadors

    by Serano Kelley

    As a manager, you face a multitude of challenges that makes bringing new blood to your firm more difficult than it has ever been. While searching through sometimes thousands of names of advisors for ones who are the right fit for your firm, and vice versa, you’re likely finding the old cold-calling approach to recruiting…
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  • The New Variables Of Pre-Retirement
    The New Variables Of Pre-Retirement

    Six ‘what-ifs’ to help your clients make smooth transitions

    by Anthony Delauney, CFP® BFA®, ChFC®, CRPC®, RICP®

    What’s the most common concern your clients have when planning their transition into retirement? The question sounds simple, but one surprise I’ve discovered after working with families over the past two decades is that the answer often changes as people approach their retirements.
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  • Refreshing The Art Prospecting
    Refreshing The Art Prospecting

    A fundamental approach to mastering the client appointment process

    by Joe Ross

    A fundamental approach to mastering the client appointment process by Joe Ross Mr. Ross is VP of Sales Productivity and Business Development, Life Insurance and A&H, AIG Life & Retirement. Visit www.aig.com During the past two years, we have all experienced how the pandemic has changed the face of the customer experience. Protecting health and…
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  • Making Your Online World Safe
    Making Your Online World Safe

    How would a cyber-attack affect your practice?

    by Adi Garg

    Advisors operating their own wealth management firms want to provide the best possible service for their clients. Now, more than ever, this necessitates protecting clients’ data.
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  • Advising The New Demographics
    Advising The New Demographics

    How women are taking action to prepare for brighter financial futures

    by Ann Bair

    Throughout my time working in financial services, I have grown to appreciate the tremendous value advisors and financial professionals bring to retirement savers. For women, many of whom will face tougher challenges when planning for retirement, the guidance of a financial professional may be even more vital.
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  • The Big Crypto Pump & Dump Scheme
    The Big Crypto Pump & Dump Scheme

    Before investing in digital assets, understand that scammers are also making huge profits from them

    by Adam Carlton

    It’s easy to get excited about investing in cryptocurrency. Social media is flooded with stories about ordinary people who became millionaires because they bought a coin early and “rode the rocket.” And there are plenty of posts promoting new altcoins that cost pennies now but are “poised to be the next Bitcoin”.
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