• Imagine The Future Of Illustrations
    Imagine The Future Of Illustrations

    What The Beatles might teach us about actuarial science

    by Chris W Kite

    Updated Indexed Universal Life (IUL) illustration regulations are upon us! A long and winding road for regulators and carriers. Will illustrations get even longer? Similar to what John Lennon sings in Across the Universe, words and numbers are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
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  • Rethinking File Transfers – Encryption, Cybersecurity, & User Friendliness

    Rethinking File Transfers – Encryption, Cybersecurity, & User Friendliness

    As FINRA and the SEC establish new IT mandates, security is more critical than ever

    by Steven J. Roy

    COVID-19 spotlighted how disjointed file-to-file transfer systems could be, especially with everyone working on different systems and many investment and insurance agencies lacking needed IT support. Within the finance sector, security is critical and FINRA and the SEC both mandate that firms develop and maintain procedures to ensure data security for internal and external communications.
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  • Managing Benefits Leakage
    Managing Benefits Leakage

    How advisors can help employers discover a hidden opportunity for saving money

    by Doug Devlin

    With 2021 upon us, a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief to exit all that 2020 served up. But, you already know employers face an uncertain year ahead, on top of the added challenge of finding cost savings any way they can. The real puzzle — and one that you are very…
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  • The Cost Of Waiting To Buy An Annuity
    The Cost Of Waiting To Buy An Annuity

    Watching for interest rates to increase could cost retirees guaranteed income over time

    by John Williams

    During times of economic uncertainty, it’s common for people to be concerned about their retirement, and how options like deferred annuities can fit in. After a record year for low interest rates, there may be indecision about purchasing a fixed annuity now, or waiting until rates increase. Even in a low interest-rate environment, an annuity…
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  • Planning Against Retirement-Income Reductions
    Planning Against Retirement-Income Reductions

    How trigger-based financial products can protect against previously uninsurable risk

    by David Duley

    A few years back, while flying from Atlanta to Seattle, I overheard an elderly couple in the row behind me talking about how concerned they were about their retirement and what would they do if their Social Security benefits were reduced. That was the moment that changed my professional life.
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  • Making Sense To Millennials In The Workforce
    Making Sense To Millennials In The Workforce

    How benefits can become more beneficial

    by Sharon Scanlon

    Over the years, most American households have reported struggling with at least one aspect of their financial health. But, in the midst of the evolving environment surrounding COVID-19 and its impacts, 91% of full-time U.S. employees are currently concerned about some aspect of financial wellness.
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  • Planning A Strategy For ‘Optimizing Economic Outcomes’
    Planning A Strategy For ‘Optimizing Economic Outcomes’

    Insurance has a way to go before it reaches the maturity of the investment industry

    by Michael Gordon

    While the concept of insurance has been around for millennia, and while the life and annuity industry is indeed a behemoth, it is still somewhat immature in terms of reaching its full potential, a point which is best understood by comparison with the investment industry.
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  • A Conversation With Ann Marie Etergino
    A Conversation With Ann Marie Etergino

    ESG And The New Viability

    by P.E. Kelley

    How does the concept of sustainability translate into profitability for companies that embrace it? Does being green cultivate a new pathway toward market performance? While there is plenty of debate on the subject, portfolios containing companies that score high on environmental, social and governance issues have actually performed quite well. Moreover, they exhibit a curious…
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  • Weathering Retirement’s Perfect Storm
    Weathering Retirement’s Perfect Storm

    Having enough to make it through is today’s singular planning challenge

    by Eric Stevenson

    Investment behaviors have been changed by the pandemic, and this will persist in the post-COVID-19 world. In 2020, Americans’ confidence in their ability to achieve a secure retirement was shaken when the stock market plummeted from record highs to its steepest decline since Black Monday. Ongoing volatility has kept investors on edge even after the…
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  • A Fresh Look At The Fixed Indexed Annuity Portfolio
    A Fresh Look At The Fixed Indexed Annuity Portfolio

    When your clients ask for ‘predictable, reliable income’, there are some attractive options

    by Brian Mann

    Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) have had explosive growth over the past decade and can be a valuable tool within a holistic financial plan. Despite years of having an infamous reputation, financial professionals and even many consumers have come to realize that FIAs help address several significant retirement planning concerns. From providing guaranteed income to protecting…
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  • Mapping A New Road To Retirement
    Mapping A New Road To Retirement

    What 2020 has taught us about workers, retirees and building a better portfolio

    by Sri Reddy

    2020 feels like an unending crisis. The unexpected twists and turns have affected how many of us manage our day-to-day lives. In communities around the world, families are struggling. And despite equity markets showing an uptick, the struggles and challenges for main street businesses are still very real. Systemic imbalances between people who are faltering…
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  • Redrawing The Life Insurance Roadmap
    Redrawing The Life Insurance Roadmap

    How Covid-19 helped John Hancock reimagine the scope of its Vitality initiative, transforming the shared-value business model

    by Brooks Tingle

    The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring attention to how tenuous personal health and finances can be. It has prompted more people to think about their own mortality and whether their families are prepared if something should happen to them.
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  • Planning Against The Inflation Risk
    Planning Against The Inflation Risk

    Three steps to help your clients shoot for the stars… but keep their feet on solid ground

    by Aimee Johnson

    As financial professionals, helping our clients prepare for a fun and rewarding retirement is often the best part of our job. Hearing about their dreams and developing a strategy that can potentially make those dreams a reality is no-doubt a rewarding experience – whether that means planning for something grandiose like traveling the world or…
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