• Advising Health Care Clients In A Post-Pandemic World
    Advising Health Care Clients In A Post-Pandemic World

    The pandemic highlighted some of the gaps and limitations with some income-protection coverage

    by Jeff Brunken

    With the COVID-19 vaccine available on a widespread basis now, Americans who are fully vaccinated are returning to a more normal day-to-day existence along CDC guidelines – which are continuing to become more relaxed. For healthcare professionals, the effects of the pandemic may last longer.
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  • Making Benefits More Beneficial
    Making Benefits More Beneficial

    With an impaired financial wellness, employees are looking to their benefits as a crucial resource

    by Sharon Scanlon

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of daily life, yet a positive trend has emerged: Americans are more actively engaged in their finances.
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  • Advising The Anywhere Office
    Advising The Anywhere Office

    Factoring employee benefits into the future remote workforce

    by Doug Ramsthel

    After transitioning most of their workforces to operate remotely for the past year, businesses now face the decision of if and when to have employees return to offices. Before jumping full bore into an ongoing remote workforce situation, there are critical factors to be considered when it comes to employee benefits.
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  • SECURE ACT 2.0: Legislative And Regulatory Priorities
    SECURE ACT 2.0: Legislative And Regulatory Priorities

    With bi-partisan backing growing, lawmakers look to iron out the details

    by Roberta Hess

    Retirement security is one issue that nearly everyone in Congress can agree on. When it comes to bipartisan retirement legislation, there is a good chance we will see the passage of the SECURE Act 2.0 before the end of 2021.
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  • Why Stable Value Funds Are Key To Your Client’s Investment Portfolio
    Why Stable Value Funds Are Key To Your Client’s Investment Portfolio

    Stability and guarantees make them an essential component of a diversified 401(k) portfolio

    by Kent Bartell

    We all know that a balanced investment portfolio includes equities, bonds and cash equivalents. However, stable value funds, a good alternative to cash equivalents, are often overlooked. With advantages for a plan participant’s overall investment choices and contributions to their income generation strategy, stable value funds boast both long-term stability and guaranteed returns, which in…
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  • Winning The Minds Of Millennials
    Winning The Minds Of Millennials

    They’ve shaken off the ‘slacker’ stereotype and have suddenly gotten serious about financial planning

    by Craig Hawley

    As your Boomer clients are retiring at an increasing pace, Millennials have now surpassed Boomers as the largest living generational cohort. Millennials are a significant force in our economy—driving change and leading new trends. They’re the most educated generation of Americans thus far and their numbers dominate the workforce, according to a 2019 study from…
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  • A Conversation With Mike Hunstad
    A Conversation With Mike Hunstad

    ESG: Investors Awakened

    by P.E. Kelley

    It is hard to look at any event that occurred during 2020 without it being wholly subsumed by the sheer gravity of the year itself. Still, much did happen while we engaged that other shared experience. For Sustainable Investing, 2020 may in fact prove to be a turning point… when the ESG phenomenon became mainstream.
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  • Rebuilding The Voluntary Benefits Package
    Rebuilding The Voluntary Benefits Package

    The new benefits landscape demands a whole new sales strategy

    by John Thornton

    Even before the pandemic, voluntary benefit sales were increasing at a steady pace. BenefitsPro’s U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report showed that new business annualized premium for voluntary sales increased in 2019 to $8.832 billion; a 4.5% increase over 2018 sales. The COVID-19 pandemic served to further drive interest and sales in voluntary products as more individuals…
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  • Voluntary Healthcare Solutions For A Post-Covid Hourly Workforce
    Voluntary Healthcare Solutions For A Post-Covid Hourly Workforce

    As industry slowly ramps back up, many employers are rethinking their entire workforce strategy

    By Eric Silverman

    While unemployment among all groups of workers increased sharply in the COVID-19 recession, part-time workers are amongst the hardest hit. And although the U.S. economy is slowly coming back to life, the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic is far from over.
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  • Advising Absence Management & Consultation
    Advising Absence Management & Consultation

    Making benefits packages grow fonder with income protection

    by Bob Ruff

    From missing work to missing friends and family, workers across the globe have spent the last year dealing with the pandemic’s health and social ramifications. Though the U.S. thankfully is on a positive path forward with broader vaccination availability, Americans are still rightfully wondering how they can best protect their finances from similar potential issues…
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  • On / Off The Job
    On / Off The Job

    Effective strategies to help simplify the management of employee leave

    by Jennifer Hader

    Traditionally, HR departments have led the management of employee leave and paid leave policies, however, the onset of the pandemic changed all that. In addition to employers quickly pivoting to remote work, a significant number found themselves having to address their employees’ need to take extended leave due to COVID-19 –either because they were ill…
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  • Up In The Clouds
    Up In The Clouds

    How AI will improve the insurance industry

    by Paul Ford

    The history of insurance dates back to the ancient world and was used by merchants to limit the loss of goods being transported across treacherous waters. Around 600 B.C. the Greeks and Romans formed the first recorded life and health insurance policies which were managed by benevolent societies to care for the families of deceased…
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  • The New Approaches To Identifying, Underwriting and Managing Risk
    The New Approaches To Identifying, Underwriting and Managing Risk

    How data and cloud systems can simplify insurance processes

    by Jason T. Andrew

    In the past year, there has been more discussion about digital transformation in the life, accident, and health insurance industry than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic made digital capabilities more crucial and the market far more fast-paced than in prior years.
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