• Life Insurance: The Unsung Hero
    Life Insurance: The Unsung Hero

    Eight ways it can strengthen your clients’ financial plans

    by Matthew Purington

    Life insurance is the foundation of any sturdy financial plan. Before you can help your customers start tackling other goals, you should assure their loved ones are protected against the devastating costs associated with a sudden death.
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  • The Disability Dialogue
    The Disability Dialogue

    Clients of all generations should understand the importance of income protection

    by Jill Frohardt

    How often do you evaluate the generational makeup of your client base? Depending on your tenure in the industry or what niche clientele you have, you could be working with clients that span a few decades.
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  • Client Access & Outreach In The Digital Age
    Client Access & Outreach In The Digital Age

    How the concept of 24/7 customer-service is morphing into instantaneous interaction

    By Bob Scheppegrell and Scott Roth

    Life insurance carriers are finding their customers are starting to expect immediate and personalized service experiences based on their interactions with companies like Uber and Amazon. For carriers in the life insurance space, these new expectations could be viewed as a challenge, as this industry has historically had complex, lengthy, paper-driven processes and limited service…
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  • Social Security: Starting The Conversation
    Social Security: Starting The Conversation

    Advisors can build trust and relationships with their clients

    by Ron Ransom

    There is a great opportunity for financial advisors to help consumers understand the Social Security program and, by doing so, build trust and relationships. However, only 37 percent of advisors are very confident in their ability to help their clients optimize their Social Security income in retirement.
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  • Voluntary Disruption
    Voluntary Disruption

    Bringing the benefits portfolio out to the cutting-edge

    by Eric Silverman

    "Disruptor” is such a loaded word, isn’t it? But it is a precise description of healthcare industry thought leaders like David Contorno of Lake Norman Benefits in Mooresville, NC, Mark Gaunya of Borislow Insurance in Boston, MA, and Andy Neary of The Olson Group in Omaha, NE.
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  • Using Social Security Statements as a Decision-Making Tool
    Using Social Security Statements as a Decision-Making Tool

    Why clients should make the distinction between when to retire vs. when to claim

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA, NSSA

    Clients often make the mistake of thinking about their Social Security benefit as income replacement that starts the day after they leave their job to enter retirement. The fact is clients need to make two different and distinct decisions.
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  • The Authentic Role an Insurer Can Play as ‘Personal-Risk Manager’
    The Authentic Role an Insurer Can Play as ‘Personal-Risk Manager’

    Re-thinking how we underwrite, engage and cover life insurance

    by JJ Carroll

    A chronic epidemic of “non-communicable diseases” (NCDs) is sweeping the world in growing proportions.  NCDs include things like diabetes and heart disease, which are not “caught” but instead are created by factors that have a lot to do with diet and lifestyle. The fact that people’s choices are contributing to their own ill health makes the…
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  • Cancer Treatment and Survival Come With Heavy Costs
    Cancer Treatment and Survival Come With Heavy Costs

    Helping employees prepare for the unexpected with cancer insurance

    by Wendy Herndon

    Many people have been impacted by cancer in some way, either directly or indirectly. Fortunately, research breakthroughs over the past few decades have improved cancer screenings and treatments, resulting in higher survival rates. In fact, the National Cancer Institute estimates the number of people living beyond a cancer diagnosis will reach almost 19 million by…
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  • Wired At Work
    Wired At Work

    Bring your own device schemes should set alarm bells ringing

    by Norman Shaw

    The ‘bring your own device’ trend has become an increasingly popular one over the last few years. A survey by ISACA suggests that 54% of employees have a personal device they use for work. Employees enjoy the freedom the BYOD scheme offers, and company balance sheets look healthier for the minimized hardware spend.
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  • Annuities In Ascension
    Annuities In Ascension

    Spooked by volatility and less than stellar forecasts, clients return to safety

    by Chris Conklin

    Are annuities poised for a revival? That’s exactly what LIMRA is predicting, as it expects all annuity sales to increase 5 to 10 percent year over year in 2018, and improve up to 5 percent in 2019.
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  • The Human Element of Artificial Intelligence
    The Human Element of Artificial Intelligence

    Understanding the DNA of the advisor/investor relationship

    by Craig Hawley

    Once the domain of large institutions with deep pockets, Artificial Intelligence was a secret weapon to gain an edge over markets and gain insights into consumer behavior. More recently, RIAs and fee-based advisors are adopting AI to transform every aspect of their practice from the front-end to the back office.
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  • The Desirement Mortgage
    The Desirement Mortgage

    How to save for retirement by treating it like home ownership

    by Charlie Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF

    For many people, retirement planning is a subject that invokes guilt, shame, and regret. Yes, $60,000 is the median retirement savings amount, which is supposed to last for 20+ years. But even worse, almost half of US families have no retirement savings at all.
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  • Navigating Market Volatility
    Navigating Market Volatility

    Financial professionals can provide reassurance and guidance to clients amid recent market conditions

    by Kelly LaVigne

    Market volatility has returned in a big way in 2018. The most often cited measure of volatility, the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), has averaged 16.27 so far this year, compared to 11.85 for all of 2017. This turbulence has become the new norm for financial professionals and investors alike and the impact has been notable.
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