• How About Low Profile Selling?
    How About Low Profile Selling?

    The best salespeople avoid data-dumps, verborrhea and pushing too hard

    by Tom Hopkins

    What are your pre­dominant thoughts during your first contact with a prospective client? Are you thinking about closing the sale? Are you thinking about how you look – maybe the mustard stain on your cuff? Or, are you thinking that this could be the start of a beautiful relationship?
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  • Is Tax Reform Fueling The Settlements Market?
    Is Tax Reform Fueling The Settlements Market?

    How your clients will benefit from the recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    by Shane McGonnell

    The 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act that recently passed was based on tax reform advocated by congressional Republicans and the Trump administration. Major elements include reducing the tax rates for businesses and individuals and simplifying personal taxes by increasing the standard deduction and family tax credits.
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  • Leverage Life Insurance When Planning for Longevity
    Leverage Life Insurance When Planning for Longevity

    Living benefit riders offer utility to address needs as clients age

    by Rod Rishel

    Football’s Big Game played this month to an estimated audience of 111.3 million. Nearly twice as many people watched the Great American Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. Meanwhile, only about 20 percent of American workers have tried to figure out how much they’ll need for retirement and only 10 percent have established a formal…
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  • As The World Ages…
    As The World Ages…

    Changing demographics further support the need for personal responsibility with retirement income planning

    by Renee Schaaf

    The world is not getting any younger as people globally are living longer. Meanwhile, birth rates are declining and fewer younger workers are entering the workforce. Families and cultures that once relied on younger generations to take care of older generations no longer have this luxury.
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  • Death, Taxes…and Divorce?
    Death, Taxes…and Divorce?

    How the new tax changes will impact planning for divorcing couples

    by Lili Vasileff

    It is difficult to assess the impact of tax law changes will have on folks who divorce in the near future. Clearly, the spectrum of tax law changes for individuals ranges from tax brackets, deductions, and tax credits to tax shelters.
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  • Learning from Each Other
    Learning from Each Other

    How understanding inter-generational trends can help you make deeper connections with your clients

    by Paul Kelash

    We’re all familiar with this adage, but following its wisdom has always been easier said than done. Unfortunately, this has been an issue with Americans and their finances for generations, putting many in a precarious situation that could have been avoided had they heeded valuable lessons from the past.
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  • A Conversation With Craig Hawley
    A Conversation With Craig Hawley

    Gen-X: Moving The Needle

    by P.E. Kelley

    Being in their prime earning years and next in line for inheritance, Gen X is a vital segment for advisors to target in order to enhance profitability and set their firms up for future success.’ So said Craig Hawley, head of Jefferson National / Nationwide’s advisory solutions business, referencing conclusions from his company’s third annual ‘Advisor…
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  • Engineering Financial Wellness Through Loyalty, Insight & Structured Education
    Engineering Financial Wellness Through Loyalty, Insight & Structured Education

    Why employee engagement should be your focus in 2018

    by Randy Stram

    MetLife released in January its list of top trends to watch in 2018, based on the 15th Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study (EBTS) and other industry indicators. What is most eye-opening about the trends this year is the overarching theme of employee engagement. And, it’s more than just a common thread. It comes through in neon…
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  • The Sharing Economy: Who Can You Trust?
    The Sharing Economy: Who Can You Trust?

    Navigating personal identity & managing risk

    by David Thomas

    The sharing economy represents a new kind of marketplace, one serviced by peer-to-peer interactions coordinated by powerful digital platforms that efficiently match needs with abilities. In this new economy, access to goods and services trumps ownership and user-experience ranks almost as highly as the product itself. Sometimes higher.
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  • Term To Perm… Without Backsliding
    Term To Perm… Without Backsliding

    Some simple planning strategies for your clients’ not-so-simple situations

    by Chris Kite

    When it comes to the components of a good planning strategy, we’re all familiar with one basic decision: the question of whether you should get term or permanent (perm) life insurance.
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  • With 529 Plans, There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye
    With 529 Plans, There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

    Top 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on 529s

    by Aaron Skloff, AIF, CFA, MBA

    Q:  What are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about 529 higher education savings plans? The Problem – Misunderstanding 529s... The Solution – Understanding 529s
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  • Growth and Guaranteed income
    Growth and Guaranteed income

    How a sound retirement income strategy should drive the planning process

    by Wendy McCullough

    Many American workers today are feeling anxious about retirement and may not be taking the right steps to help prepare for a financially secure future. According to one national study, just 41 percent have tried to figure out how much money they will need in retirement and only 38 percent have estimated how much income…
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  • Fit To Be Fixed…
    Fit To Be Fixed…

    How do you fit the indexed annuity into your clients’ income strategy?

    by Wayne Hechanova

    We see the headlines and speculation every day. Can the bull market continue or are we about to experience a market collapse? How much longer can interest rates remain low? With all of this uncertainty, clients, particularly those stung by the 2008 market downturn, are at a financial planning crossroads.
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