• Debunking Advisor Myths
    Debunking Advisor Myths

    Are business owners even aware of the services you provide?

    by Nate Schelhaas

    Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) might think working with a financial professional would feel a bit like going to a stereotypical used car salesmen – that is, your unique needs and business goals are not the primary focus of the individual assisting you.
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  • Strength In Unity
    Strength In Unity

    Understanding California’s SB 263

    by Melissa Bova

    When it comes to financial security for all, having a united voice is a big deal. Just look at what happened with SB 263 in California.
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  • The Durable Annuity Asset
    The Durable Annuity Asset

    Still paving the way to a smooth retirement

    by Heidi Vanderkloot

    When helping clients increase the potential of their portfolio for generating income during retirement, financial professionals  may want to consider incorporate contingencies to the potential risks from increased longevity, lower equity returns, higher inflation and a volatile market.
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  • GenAI In Banking & Financial Services
    GenAI In Banking & Financial Services

    What was an emerging transformation is already underway…

    by Elena Christopher

    The banking and financial services industry stands on the cusp of a transformative era, propelled by the advent of generative AI (GenAI). GenAI is not merely an evolutionary step in technology; it is a revolutionary force capable of redefining industry standards, operational efficiencies, and customer experiences with the power to redefine how financial institutions operate,…
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  • Staying Whole & Healthy In Retirement
    Staying Whole & Healthy In Retirement

    Six reasons to build healthcare costs into the process

    by Ron Mastrogiovanni

    Over the last decade, retirement healthcare planning has become a recognized specialization in the financial planning industry. Here are six key reasons why accounting for healthcare in retirement plans needs to be a priority for all advisors – not just specialists.
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  • Rethinking Distribution Strategy
    Rethinking Distribution Strategy

    Simple hacks, outsized impacts

    by Jim Barbee

    Benjamin Franklin famously warned us that death and taxes were the two certainties of life. However, even a person of his prescience could not envision the complexity of the current U.S. tax code or its propensity for change.
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  • The Gen Z Journey
    The Gen Z Journey

    How to prepare the biggest, youngest workforce for the future

    by Angela Trefethen

    There are a number of commonly known facts about Gen Zers. They’re digital natives, which means they grew up with the internet. They command unprecedented access to information. And they’re joining the workforce during a time of daunting inflation and a competitive job market.
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  • Aging In Place: The New American Dream
    Aging In Place: The New American Dream

    Retirement and the long-term care nightmare

    by: Larry Nisenson

    Aging in place is the new American dream. The older generations have spoken, with more than three-quarters (77%) of adults 50 and older saying they want to stay in their homes as they age. However, successfully living at home requires careful consideration and forethought, particularly as it relates to financial preparedness.
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  • A Conversation With Ron Barrett
    A Conversation With Ron Barrett

    New Timelines

    by P.E. Kelley

    Among the myriad disruptions of our shared Covid experience, many investors, including those who had thought they were ready to ease into retirement, began to reassess the viability of their income plans. Suddenly, what had seemed secure began to appear less so, as many questioned if they would simply need more assets to get them…
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  • Mapping State Agendas In 2024 
    Mapping State Agendas In 2024 

    Legislatures and regulators are tackling a host of new initiatives

    by Melissa Bova

    At Finseca, our mission is in our name, FINancial SECurity for All. Our members work to pave the path to financial security for millions of individuals and families through holistic financial planning.
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  • Utilizing Real Estate In Retirement Portfolios
    Utilizing Real Estate In Retirement Portfolios

    The emerging potential of asset-diversity

    by David Wieland

    At one time, building the right portfolio for retirement meant paying attention to liquid assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s and cash equivalents. While these are still essential parts of retirement portfolios today, more investors are focusing on alternative investments – like real estate – to help improve portfolio diversification and better manage risk.
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  • Claiming Social Security At 62
    Claiming Social Security At 62

    A dual dilemma for dependent wives

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA®

    In an interesting conversation with a high earner husband, he questioned why he should wait to claim Social Security until his Full Retirement Age (FRA) or later.
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  • Stepping Into Retirement Without Fear
    Stepping Into Retirement Without Fear

    Strategies for not running out of money 

    by Wm. Scott Page

    For today's retirees, a different fear eclipses traditional anxieties: the fear of running out of money.
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