• Chronic Conditions Increase Health Care Spending Amongst Seniors
    Chronic Conditions Increase Health Care Spending Amongst Seniors

    How Medicare can help

    by Dave Rich

    Much like everything else, health care costs are on the rise every year. This is especially true for seniors in retirement who are facing increasing chronic conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. According to the CDC, chronic conditions account for 90% of the nation’s health care spending. For the average American senior, these…
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  • The Simplicity Of Term Life Insurance
    The Simplicity Of Term Life Insurance

    The financial protection you should be talking about

    by Jennifer Torneden

    Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while… well, you know the rest. As life constantly changes and shifts with new jobs, new babies, new homes, marriages, divorces, pandemics, recessions and more, term life insurance is a financial strategy that can help you weather both the storms and…
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  • Five Strategies For Remote Business Growth
    Five Strategies For Remote Business Growth

    How working from home can create opportunities to improve your business

    by Tiffany Markarian

    Being in a remote environment does not have to impair your ability to revitalize your business or growth strategy. In fact, working from home may be your ideal opportunity to do some behind the scenes work on your business. Below are the top five growth strategies you can execute in a remote environment to advance…
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  • Recruitment’s Curious Conundrum
    Recruitment’s Curious Conundrum

    Identifying the “hot-button motivators” of potential recruits

    by Sarano Kelley

    In this article, we’ll explore how to identify key characteristics and motivating factors of the recruiting candidates prior to and during the interviewing process to ensure you address their decision-making hot spots and to determine if they are a good fit for your firm.
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  • Raising The Bar
    Raising The Bar

    A personalized approach to delivering first-class client experiences

    by Jesse Abercrombie

    In a world where hotels and credit card companies offering consumers enticing rewards and concierge-level service is no longer reserved for the wealthy, our clients have higher expectations than ever — including of their financial advisors.
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  • Reimagining Support For Financial Professionals
    Reimagining Support For Financial Professionals

    How Lincoln Financial is guiding advisors on the journey from accumulation to distribution

    by John Dimonda

    I often get asked why financial professionals are so important and a story that I often share is that of two climbers, Sir Edmund Hilary, a New Zealand climber and George Mallory, an English mountaineer. Sir Edmund Hilary is credited for being the first mountaineer to successfully climb Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the…
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  • Advisor Exit Strategies
    Advisor Exit Strategies

    While helping your clients with their retirement plans, they might be wondering about yours

    by Alex Reffett

    It’s said that if you fail to plan, you better plan to fail. As financial professionals that should come as no surprise. But what is a surprise is the fact that so many advisors have not started planning—let alone thought about—their own retirement.
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  • The Real Value Of Good Advice
    The Real Value Of Good Advice

    What crypto might teach us about the “middle man”

    by Tamiko Toland

    Everybody hates the “middle man,” right? After all, he just stands in the center of a transaction without providing value and we would all be better off—and keep more money in our pockets—if he just disappeared.
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  • A New Look At Productivity And Employee Well Being
    A New Look At Productivity And Employee Well Being

    Being back in the office isn’t the same as it once was

    by Shareen Luze

    As many employees transition back to in-office work, it’s definitely not business as usual.
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  • A Conversation With Chris Huemmer
    A Conversation With Chris Huemmer

    Getting Real

    As investors grapple with an historic low interest climate, reverberations from stifling Covid-19 protocols and newly emerging economic volatility, prospects for asset growth are, to say the least, a little hazy. One area of growing interest is the prospects for real assets, defined as real estate, infrastructure and natural resources.
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  • Making Your Online World Safe
    Making Your Online World Safe

    How would a cyber-attack affect your practice?

    by Adi Garg

    Advisors operating their own wealth management firms want to provide the best possible service for their clients. Now, more than ever, this necessitates protecting clients’ data.
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  • Refreshing The Art Prospecting
    Refreshing The Art Prospecting

    A fundamental approach to mastering the client appointment process

    by Joe Ross

    During the past two years, we have all experienced how the pandemic has changed the face of the customer experience. Protecting health and well-being remained the number one priority and companies had to be increasingly innovative in order to remain connected to their customer base.
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  • The New Variables Of Pre-Retirement
    The New Variables Of Pre-Retirement

    Six ‘what-ifs’ to help your clients make smooth transitions

    by Anthony Delauney, CFP® BFA®, ChFC®, CRPC®, RICP®

    What’s the most common concern your clients have when planning their transition into retirement? The question sounds simple, but one surprise I’ve discovered after working with families over the past two decades is that the answer often changes as people approach their retirements.
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