• ETFs & Model Portfolios: A Powerful Combination
    ETFs & Model Portfolios: A Powerful Combination

    Satisfying your clients’ need for income, ESG and low volatility

    by Nadia Papagiannis

    They say money talks. So, what is money saying these days? Ringing out loud and clear is that investors and their financial advisors are choosing ETFs. ETFs saw record net inflows in 2020, close to $500 billion, and 11% more than the year before according to Morningstar, which at the same time reported large net…
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  • The Millennial Market: Coming Into Sharper Focus
    The Millennial Market: Coming Into Sharper Focus

    2020 was a catalyst for this generation’s new attitude toward life insurance

    by Lisa Greenwald

    Life drastically changed for Americans in 2020, with the global COVID-19 pandemic causing individuals and families to reevaluate personal and professional plans and think critically about their financial standing. Concerns for our own health and safety and for the well-being of family members and friends continue to affect countless aspects of daily life, but they’ve…
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  • Planning & The New Demographics Of Gender
    Planning & The New Demographics Of Gender

    Opportunities for a knowledgeable women's market

    by Hilary Fiorella

    Women constitute a major – and largely untapped – market for financial advice, and their appeal as clients, along with their need for advising services, is likely to grow rapidly over the next few decades. The proportion of women in the workforce is higher than it was for older generations, and young women are more…
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  • Rebuilding Financial Resilience
    Rebuilding Financial Resilience

    How to help your clients reset their retirement course… during COVID and beyond

    by Ken Cella

    As COVID-19 has upended lives, it has highlighted the need for financial resilience – the ability to withstand or quickly recover from difficult situations. In my previous role as a financial advisor, I always tried to help my clients build their resiliency - and I saw that, for many, establishing that resiliency can be tough.…
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  • A Conversation With Abigail Ingalls
    A Conversation With Abigail Ingalls

    Gender lens investing

    Gender lens investing 
We have invited a guest editor to conduct this month’s Profile. Breckenridge Capital Advisors’ chief marketing officer Dominica Ribeiro interviewed the firm’s senior research analyst, Abigail Ingalls, on the emerging subject of gender-lens investing. Investing with a gender lens seeks to earn positive financial returns while advancing gender equality. Gender lens investing…
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  • Asset Allocation – The New Playbook
    Asset Allocation – The New Playbook

    The classic 60/40 allocation may be a thing of the past… So now what?

    by Ben Pahl

    Interest rates reached their highest point in modern history in 1981 when the annual average mortgage interest rate was 16.63%. Savings and CD rates were equally high and the average yield of a 10-year treasury was 13.92%. In 1990, the average mortgage interest rate was 10.13%, falling to 6.94% by 1998. The 2000s saw mortgage…
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  • Re-Enforcing Financial Wellness For Employees
    Re-Enforcing Financial Wellness For Employees

    Providing long-term support when the short-term makes it complicated

    by Dan Keady

    The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the American corporate landscape. In addition to navigating financial and operational challenges brought on by the novel virus, employers are also now working to provide enhanced support and resources to their employees. In fact, a majority of employers say they feel a high degree of responsibility for their employees’ financial…
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  • Shifting Brackets
    Shifting Brackets

    Four tax-efficient strategies for retirement planning

    by Steve Resch

    Understanding the potential tax implications on long-term investments is one of the most important considerations that financial advisors must be able to help their clients with when planning for retirement. Now, with tax rates at their lowest levels in modern history, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions advisors are fielding is…
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  • Annuity Adoption Challenges In 401(k) Plans
    Annuity Adoption Challenges In 401(k) Plans

    Why do so fews retirement plans offer lifetime income solutions?

    by Burke Johnson

    Why do so fews retirement plans offer lifetime income solutions? by Burke Johnson Mr. Johnson is Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer for LT Trust. Visit www.lttrust.com/. Annuity……one mention of that word elicits a wide range of opinions such as guaranteed income, rip off, safety net, or “Suze Orman said annuities are bad.” The…
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  • Annuities & Taxes
    Annuities & Taxes

    While they are designed to provide a steady income stream during retirement, their tax benefits are desirable too

    by John Williams

    Tax season is often a time when people more seriously consider their future financial plans. Reviewing how their money was spent and saved from the previous year can lead one to consider new options for the future. Add to that the financial uncertainties created by the ongoing pandemic, and many are taking into account income…
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  • Advising Forward
    Advising Forward

    Four ways to restore client confidence and grow your practice in 2021

    by Sri Reddy

    The past year brought no shortage of worries for many Americans—including social and political unrest and the global pandemic. Adding to these external stresses, many faced a major hit to their financial lives, too. According to our recent Principal® Retirement Security survey, 64% of workers say COVID-19 had at least some impact on current savings…
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  • New Rules For Approaching Prospects & Clients
    New Rules For Approaching Prospects & Clients

    Salesy, jargon-laden approaches no longer translate directly into sales

    by Tiffany A. Markarian

    Looking back on this past year, it is clear the pandemic has left people fatigued, stressed, and frustrated. The ongoing disruption and losses have caused people to reflect on so many things.
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  • Justifying Death & Taxes
    Justifying Death & Taxes

    A 2020 spike in life insurance sales shines a new light on reaching customers virtually

    by Patrick Flood

    Ben Franklin, founding father of the U.S. insurance industry, among other things, in a 1789 letter popularized an aphorism that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. And while the past 232 years saw both the independence of the colonies and a significant public opinion shift on the morality of insuring one’s life,…
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