• The Cohesive Company
    The Cohesive Company

    To succeed as a leader, share the big picture

    by Walt Grassl

    Mike worked for a medium-sized business and went to work every day happy to have a job. But he wasn’t too enthused about his work environment. Employee morale was so-so because most long-time employees were merely going through the motions.
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  • Reform’s Giant Shift
    Reform’s Giant Shift

    For many investors, tax season is really just getting started

    by Craig Hawley

    April 17th is behind us and 2017 tax returns have been filed. But in the wake of the recent passage of the most dramatic tax reform package in nearly three decades, tax season is just getting started. It’s important to understand the new regulations, because these provisions will lead to substantial changes for tax planning…
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  • A Clear Focus On The African American Market
    A Clear Focus On The African American Market

    One company’s journey toward a holistic diversity and inclusion strategy

    by Allison Green and Kristen Phillips

    In the rapidly changing financial services industry, we have a vibrant multicultural marketplace. The key to remaining relevant is the ability to proactively respond authentically and reflect that environment by being just as multidimensional.
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  • Millennials, Money & The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’
    Millennials, Money & The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’

    Perhaps more than any other generation, they need – and want – your financial guidance

    by Paul Kelash

    As the youngest adult generation, millennials have been subjected to more than their share of generational stereotyping. In their approach to money management, they are often portrayed as impulsive, short-sighted and prone to unwise spending.
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  • Attract And Retain
    Attract And Retain

    How to use benefits to help clients stand out in today’s job market

    by Stephanie Shields

    With health insurance and out-of-pocket costs on the rise, demand for voluntary insurance benefits is up. In fact, 81 percent of employees see a need for voluntary benefits, and 90 percent at least somewhat consider voluntary insurance part of a comprehensive benefits program.
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  • Self-funding: Helping Clients Save Money and Manage Financial Risk
    Self-funding: Helping Clients Save Money and Manage Financial Risk

    How advisors can shorten the knowledge gap- and accelerate the conversion process

    by Brad Nieland

    More employers in the medium- and small-group sector are considering self-funding as a way to better manage financial risk, healthcare costs and workforce health.
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  • The Far Reach Of Protection
    The Far Reach Of Protection

    Ways life insurance closes the retirement income gap

    by Ray Caucci

    As our average life expectancy grows and healthcare costs skyrocket, Americans should take some time to revisit their income needs in retirement.
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  • Targeting The Business Owner’s Max-Tax
    Targeting The Business Owner’s Max-Tax

    Are you sure you are doing everything you can to save your clients taxes?

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    All too often, I hear that a client’s objective is to save taxes.  It’s easy to save taxes.  Just give all of your income and assets to charities.  You save income taxes and estate taxes. The goal is never to just “save taxes”. 
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  • Retirement Recalculations
    Retirement Recalculations

    U.S. Tax Overhaul and Its Impact on Retirement Planning

    by Rick Kollauf

    With President Donald Trump officially signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act before the end of 2017, the U.S. got its biggest tax overhaul in more than thirty years. The new tax law brings with it a plethora of changes for investors of all sizes across the United States.
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  • The Relativity of Risk
    The Relativity of Risk

    Retirees and pre-retirees express concerns about market losses but may be taking too much risk with their retirement savings

    by Tina Wilson

    A person’s view of what’s risky is a highly relative thing. For instance, jumping off a mountain with nothing but a wingsuit to fly upon the wind may seem perfectly safe to some people. Granted, it’s a minority, but there are people who literally throw caution to the wind.
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  • Process To Profit
    Process To Profit

    Business process management and automation for financial institutions

    by Mark Holenstein

    The term “Business Process Management” has been adopted to identify the discipline of operations management. It uses for various methods to discover, model, analyze, improve and automate business processes.
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  • Leverage IUL in Executive Bonus Arrangements
    Leverage IUL in Executive Bonus Arrangements

    Help small business owners recruit and retain key employees

    by Jeff Barker

    Help small business owners recruit and retain key employees by Jeff Barker Mr. Barker serves as Senior Vice President, Brokerage Distribution and Independent Wholesaling, Life Insurance, AIG Financial Distributors (AIGFD). He can be reached at [email protected] Small business owners may need help recruiting and retaining valuable employees. An executive bonus arrangement using an index universal life…
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  • US Execs Aren’t Ready For New EU Data Protection Laws
    US Execs Aren’t Ready For New EU Data Protection Laws

    … Here’s why this could be a risk

    by MIa Papanicolaou

    On May 25 2018 the European Union’s (EU) data protection regulation, known as GDPR, is going into effect. While many businesses in the EU have been readying themselves for this regulation change, US businesses that provide services in the EU may not be as prepared.
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