• Solvency And Sustainability Of Social Security
    Solvency And Sustainability Of Social Security

    The trust funds are projected to be depleted by 2035 - and the clock is ticking

    by Amy Kemp, MAAA, ASA, EA

    Social Security is being discussed by various candidates campaigning for political offices. Recent campaign trail statements and primary victory speeches have included comments regarding Social Security and the funding of the program. With the November elections nearing, it will be important for Americans to consider the facts and candidates’ positions on Social Security reform proposals…
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  • Medicare Madness: Options for Paying Your Share of Costs
    Medicare Madness: Options for Paying Your Share of Costs

    Clients can choose a Medigap Supplemental Plan or Medicare Advantage

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA®

    It’s always a surprise when clients learn Medicare’s not free. And shocked when they find out Medicare doesn’t cover 100% of costs. “When did this happen?” and “This is an outrage!” are frequent responses when learning they have a share of costs to pick up out of their own pockets.
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  • New Perspectives On Income Adequacy
    New Perspectives On Income Adequacy

    Managing longevity risk with structured products

    by Jason Barsema

    Financial anxiety is a bigger concern than ever with a sharply rising cost of living and volatile financial markets. Retirees, in particular, feel the pinch. Historically-low bond yields and savings account rates make earning an adequate income from an investment portfolio much more challenging. The good news is that financial advisors today can use technology…
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  • Today’s Private Placement BOLI/COLI Solutions
    Today’s Private Placement BOLI/COLI Solutions

    Now is the time for a closer look

    by Vince Jenkins

    The market for Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) is large and growing, with more than 85% of the 50 largest US banks and 75% of Fortune 1000 companies using these products to help fund employee benefits programs. That said, many in force policies – especially those sold 10 or…
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  • Sign Of The Financial Times
    Sign Of The Financial Times

    More investors are choosing annuities for income, asset protection

    by Josh Rolph

    I am a wholesaler with a leading retirement services company that consistently ranks as a top national seller of annuities. When asked how I earn my living, there have been times when making this simple statement induced a blank stare and ushered in a quick change of subject. I am pleased to report this doesn’t…
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  • In The Game Of Life (Insurance) One Size Does Not Fit All
    In The Game Of Life (Insurance) One Size Does Not Fit All

    The new era of ‘bionic advisors’

    by Farron Blanc

    The United States life insurance market is unique. While other countries have three to five national champions that own 70% of the market share, the U.S. has hundreds of life insurance carriers sharing the risk. This makes the consumer advice that insurance producers provide especially important, given the current inflationary environment.
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  • The Unsuspecting Life Insurance Customer: Generation Z
    The Unsuspecting Life Insurance Customer: Generation Z

    Don’t look now, but change to the status-quo is being pulled in multiple directions

    by Jennifer Torneden

    When you’re young, it is easy to feel like you don’t have to start planning for the future. But as GenZ graduates and steps into the real world, many don’t know that the best guidepost is the sooner the better when buying life insurance.
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  • Insurtech Growing Pains
    Insurtech Growing Pains

    Instead of bypassing advisors, they should be empowering them!

    by Ryan Toner

    I’ve used the same insurance agent since college for my auto insurance. Every couple of years, he calls and announces: ‘We’re switching carriers; I’m sending you paperwork!’ I trust him, and the enrollment process is seamless for me. Consumers expect the same level of service and ease when it comes to all of their insurance…
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  • The Unintended Consequences Of Student Debt
    The Unintended Consequences Of Student Debt

    New perspectives on a growing national crisis

    by Scott Winstead

    It's no secret that student debt is a huge problem in the United States. It's estimated that there is nearly $1.75 trillion in outstanding student loan debt among 44 million borrowers. And the average borrower owes $28.950.
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  • Recruitment Today
    Recruitment Today

    Know the three “C’s” of ‘attract & retain’

    by Alex Reffett

    In the financial advisory world, the battle for a younger, more diverse, and skilled talent pool is heating up every day. The many challenges of the pandemic have undoubtedly been transformational to the industry, so embracing and expanding on these changes is crucial to recruiting and retaining top level employees.
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  • Adding Real Value To The Benefits Portfolio
    Adding Real Value To The Benefits Portfolio

    How Fintech is providing new cost-efficient solutions for plan sponsors

    by John Thornton

    Skyrocketing healthcare costs continue to plague plan sponsors. The ongoing dialogue in Washington about implementing cost-saving measures has done little to stem the tide of too many unnecessary physician and Emergency Department visits or out-of-control specialty drug costs.
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  • How Do You Manage The Great Resignation?
    How Do You Manage The Great Resignation?

    Helping employers attract and retain with next-gen benefits

    by Keith Algozzine

    Now more than ever, businesses both large and small, are working tirelessly to prevent talent from escaping to seek alternative work, joining a competitor, or simply choosing to leave the workforce altogether. Additionally, the efforts to lure prospective employees and for employers to present themselves as attractive places of work have risen to a fever…
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  • Forgotten Benefits
    Forgotten Benefits

    Why reminding employees about the supplemental portfolio can boost your sales

    by Matt Ennis

    “I think so.” That is a common response when employees are asked whether or not they have supplemental insurance benefits. Typically, October through December is the enrollment period. So, by the time May rolls round, employees often do not remember what they bought…or didn’t, but perhaps should have.
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