• Advising High Net Worth Clients… and Their Social Security
    Advising High Net Worth Clients… and Their Social Security

    Four strategies to consider 

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA, NSSA

    Does Social Security matter to high net worth clients and executives who can expect significant retirement income from considerable resources?  You bet it does!
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  • For Financial Services: Change is a Constant
    For Financial Services: Change is a Constant

    Key traits and three trends that drive success

    by Craig Hawley

    Change is a constant in our fast-moving industry. And you can win by recognizing that the very same trends that are driving this change are not your obstacles—they are your allies. Case in point: This past September marked the ten-year anniversary of the biggest financial crisis to hit markets since the Great Depression.
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  • A Conversation with Chris Dyrhaug
    A Conversation with Chris Dyrhaug

    What’s In A Name?

    by P.E. Kelley

    The financial services industry has always focused careful and concentrated attention on how it communicates to its consumers, while purposefully managing how its message is ultimately perceived. The connection between any industry and its constituency today, however, is seeing by a blurring of these lines, where the delivery of its message and products is being…
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  • Becoming Aging-Friendly
    Becoming Aging-Friendly

    How to enhance employee benefits in a talent-competition labor market

    by Catherine Collinson

    Today’s unemployment rate in the United States is the lowest that it has been in almost 50 years. While this is a sign of a strong economy and bodes well for job-seekers, employers may be facing headwinds in their recruiting efforts.
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  • For Your Corporate Clients: Advise Strategic Balance
    For Your Corporate Clients: Advise Strategic Balance

    Three common mistakes business owners make

    by Carey Yukich

    When working with business owners, the financial adviser’s fundamental and vital role is to provide guidance in risk management while facilitating a viable strategic plan and encouraging the client to seek balance in their business, personal and financial lives.
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  • Mash-Up Maximizes Millennial Enrollment
    Mash-Up Maximizes Millennial Enrollment

    Combine high-tech and high-touch to drive strong benefits participation

    by Steven Johnson

    Do an online search for “millennial images” and see what pops up. When I tried it recently, the first dozen photos that appeared all showed a group of people each using or holding a digital device. (OK, in the interest of total honesty, one showed them holding drinks and one was simply a nametag reading…
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  • The New Benefits Equation
    The New Benefits Equation

    The key to retention is a competitive benefits package

    by Stephanie Shields

    Competition for top talent appears to be a growing concern for businesses across the nation. Not only is it difficult to hire new talent, but existing employees may also be lured away by other businesses. Adding insult to injury, hiring a replacement can cost employers an estimated 33 percent of the previous worker’s annual salary.
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  • Start Making Sense
    Start Making Sense

    Your industry provides a full menu of financial investments, but which one is right for your clients?

    By Bryan Bibbo

    You complete your continuing education requirements, go to industry events, and do research on different investment vehicles for your clients, but you probably wondering, “Does it make sense for my client?” 
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  • Voluntary Disruption
    Voluntary Disruption

    Eliminating redundancies, avoiding over-spends and heading off commission-grabs

    by Eric Silverman

    Last time, I discussed how the most influential disrupter to the enhanced benefits industry must be the willingness of the broker community at large, to adjust, adapt, and embrace our ever-changing market. How brokers must position themselves as either an innovator who drives the change or an adopter who follows those innovators and helps to…
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  • The Generational Influence On Workforce Dynamics
    The Generational Influence On Workforce Dynamics

    Understanding employee demographics can help employers balance the short-and-long-term needs of their workforce

    by Patrick Rowan

    Many plan sponsors find it difficult to balance their immediate budget and workforce challenges with their long-term desire to ensure their employees are ready for retirement.
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  • Breaking Through The Benefits Noise
    Breaking Through The Benefits Noise

    How to help employees overcome information overload

    by Meredith Ryan-Reid

    nnual enrollment season is in full swing. Employers have spent months preparing their benefits offerings, and yet, employees are still overwhelmed by the process of selecting their benefits for the following year. What can employers do to break through the noise?
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  • SAGE Scholars College Tuition Rewards
    SAGE Scholars College Tuition Rewards

    Helping to make private college education more affordable

    by Scott McKeever

    Years ago, parents and students were able to fund a college education through a combination of grants, scholarships, savings, and student loans.  However, times have changed, tuition rates have skyrocketed, and grants and loans have not always kept up with the cost of college expenses. 
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  • Life, Reimagined
    Life, Reimagined

    Shouldn’t your life insurance company want you to live a long and healthy life?

    by Brooks Tingle

    It’s time for the life insurance industry to look in the mirror. In this age of smart technology and changing consumer expectations, it’s clear that we are seeing a dramatic shift in the way Americans are living their lives.
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