• What’s In Store For ’24
    What’s In Store For ’24

    New year brings new market challenges

    by Todd Jablonski

    It was only a year ago that many investors were beginning to batten down the hatches. Expectations for slowing equity fundamentals, limited interest rate risk, and additional strains on speculative credit in 2023 prompted them to go underweight on equities and overweight on fixed income.
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  • Risk Dialogues
    Risk Dialogues

    The pursuit of healthiness and why life expectancy gains matter

    With over three decades of experience in the Life & Health insurance industry, I’ve learned that we cannot be complacent in assuming that life expectancy will always be on the up. Steadily improving longevity through advances in healthcare, technology and lifestyle choices has been a gift of the 20th century. The gains have been hard-won……
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  • A Conversation With Benny Goodman
    A Conversation With Benny Goodman

    The new scope of financial literacy

    by P.E. Kelley

    I asked a financial advisor recently to explain how she conveys the urgency of a life insurance or annuity purchase to her clients, and she responded immediately by saying ‘I simply ask them what year they expect to die, so I can begin planning for them accordingly.’ Notwithstanding her stab at stand-up comedy, her point…
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  • The Ups And Downs Of Income Planning
    The Ups And Downs Of Income Planning

    Fundamental strategies for what your your clients may face in 2024

    by Steve Scanlon

    While financial guidance may have been relatively straightforward in the years of steady returns and rock bottom interest rates, market volatility has become our new normal—and 2024 is no exception. Many young financial advisors are scrambling to provide sound advice amid rising interest rates and rollercoaster markets—headwinds they may not have had to navigate thus…
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  • Survival Of The (Fiscally) Fittest
    Survival Of The (Fiscally) Fittest

    How will the life-insurance industry survive?

    by Bob Gaydos

    For those who work in life insurance, it’s no secret that the industry has faced major challenges the last few decades. In many ways, life insurance has simply lost a lot of its appeal both for consumers as well as those working in the field.
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  • Making Income Last
    Making Income Last

    How investors look to mitigate growth, protection and the daunting trek into old age

    by Eric J. Thomes

    As the country as a whole grows older, it makes sense that the demand for retirement services has grown. A century ago, just one in 20 people in the U.S. were 65 or older. Now, about one in six people in the U.S. are age 65 or older, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. That’s…
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  • Aging Into Uncertainty
    Aging Into Uncertainty

    How will we navigate the looming long-term care crisis ?

    by Melissa Bova

    As we confront the realities of an aging population, studies show that, on average, Americans turning 65 today have an almost 70% chance of needing some form of long-term care during their remaining years. This staggering statistic, coupled with Medicaid spending already surpassing $750 billion, highlights the profound challenge the United States must address.  
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  • Advising The New Workplace
    Advising The New Workplace

    How employers and employees embrace an evolving reality

    by Kristina Welke

    How employers and employees embrace an evolving reality by Kristina Welke Ms. Welke is the Head of Product for New York Life Group Benefit Solutions (NYL GBS) where she oversees the development of products, capabilities, and experiences that drive differentiation for employers of all sizes. Visit www.newyorklife.com/. As we stand at the intersection of rapid…
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  • Benefits & Recruitment
    Benefits & Recruitment

    How a competitive workplace portfolio wins in the battle for top talent

    by Jimmy Reid

    Due to rising prices and unsteady markets, research shows Americans are facing several financial challenges, including saving enough for emergencies, paying off student loan debt or managing mounting medical expenses. Additionally, retirement contributions are down, and many people are finding it difficult to save more. The good news is consumers are ready to take action…
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  • Anticipating Economic Uncertainty
    Anticipating Economic Uncertainty

    Strategies for business resilience in a recessionary climate

    by Jay Jung

    Few developments are as unsettling for business leaders as a recession, as the economic slowdown that occurs both before and during one typically leads to lower sales and declining revenues. As a result, the adjustments that businesses make to stay solvent can slow growth and innovation, and when recessions linger, business failures are common.
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  • Beyond The Finance Of Life Insurance
    Beyond The Finance Of Life Insurance

    After the death benefit, beneficiaries need so much more

    by Ron Gura

    When a loved one passes away, families have a rush of emotions and responsibilities thrust upon them. An emotionally tumultuous moment becomes even more overwhelming due to the number of tasks and decisions that follow. These responsibilities range from funeral arrangements to legal matters, financial considerations to wider estate management, alongside countless other small tasks…
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  • What Will Insurance Look Like In 20 Years?
    What Will Insurance Look Like In 20 Years?

    How big data and AI will alter the course of the life insurance and benefits market

    by Bob Gaydos

    Today, the insurance industry stands on the precipice of a new era, one that will be defined by highly personalized insurance plans. As professionals deeply entrenched in this industry, we must confront what this change will mean… both for ourselves and our clients.
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  • Planning In Between
    Planning In Between

    A retirement recipe for the sandwich generation

    by Mike Downing

    Since the term “Sandwich Generation” was coined in 1981 to describe the crunch caregivers face tending to the needs of their relatives both older and younger, the number of Americans meeting this definition has rapidly grown. In fact, the Pew Research Center estimates that nearly 60 million Americans are currently sharing their homes with their…
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