• 5 Ways to Enhance Life Insurance Client Service
    5 Ways to Enhance Life Insurance Client Service

    Opportunities abound as 2019 approaches

    by Mark Peterson

    As 2018 draws to a close, one thing we can count on in the new year is that U.S. consumers will still have a lengthy list of needs for protection and longevity planning. Following are five ways to enhance life insurance client service in 2019. Some of the strategies are explained in more detail than…
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  • Channeling Clients Into Opportunity
    Channeling Clients Into Opportunity

    Transforming the contact center to meet changing customer expectations

    by Kevin Paulson and Tina Hammeke

    A well-functioning and efficient contact center can go a long way in boosting customer experience, loyalty and satisfaction, all leading to a competitive edge. For several years, life insurance organizations have recognized the need to optimize their customer experience to meet increasing customer demands if they want to stay competitive.
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  • Creating an RMD Strategy
    Creating an RMD Strategy

    How financial professionals can help clients navigate RMD payments and taxes

    by Kelly LaVigne

    As a financial professional, you’ve likely spent much of your career helping clients navigate their assets, with a focus on accumulation to help them reach their goals, whether it is a new house, their children’s education, or the big one: retirement.
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  • You Are Now Your Clients’ GPS
    You Are Now Your Clients’ GPS

    Why retirees will likely NOT run out of money

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    Human nature promotes survival. If you are running and see a canyon in front of you, you slow down and stop. You re-assess your route. The basic assumption that retirees will continue to spend at the same rate as their funds diminish is in conflict with this survival instinct.
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  • Social Security Restricted Application – Still Alive and Well in 2019
    Social Security Restricted Application – Still Alive and Well in 2019

    Strategy is ‘almost gone, but clinging to the edge’

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA, NSSA

    As you start your 2019 planning, keep in mind that one Social Security claiming strategy is still available for some clients: the Restricted Application. This “almost-gone-but-clinging-to-the-edge” claiming strategy is alive and well. And, the income benefits can be substantial.
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  • Why Are Perceptions of Financial Wellness Often At Odds With Reality?
    Why Are Perceptions of Financial Wellness Often At Odds With Reality?

    Nearly a third of Americans believe they’re doing better – or worse – than they actually are

    by Salene Hitchcock-Gear

    If you could sneak a peek at every American’s finances—pay stubs, bank statements, retirement accounts, insurance coverage—what would you see? Perhaps the better question is—what don’t they see?
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  • For Benefits, Getting It Wrong Should Not Be An Option
    For Benefits, Getting It Wrong Should Not Be An Option

    Are your employees selecting the right health plan?

    by Chad Wilkins

    When employees do not understand their health plan options and the factors that influence health plan selection, they could end up making a costly mistake. Selecting the “wrong plan” may cause employees to pay more without getting more coverage or benefits in return.
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  • The Triple Play Premium Financing Strategy
    The Triple Play Premium Financing Strategy

    Helping up and coming clients meet their life insurance needs

    by Christopher J. Monroe

    Premium financing has historically been a strategy that high-net worth individuals use to help pay their life insurance premiums when they had a large premium need, but preferred not to access capital or reduce cash flow for the premiums. High-net worth individuals often need to secure life insurance coverage with death benefits exceeding tens of…
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  • Breaking Through The Benefits Noise
    Breaking Through The Benefits Noise

    How to help employees overcome information overload

    by Meredith Ryan-Reid

    Annual enrollment season is in full swing. Employers have spent months preparing their benefits offerings, and yet, employees are still overwhelmed by the process of selecting their benefits for the following year. What can employers do to break through the noise?
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  • Voluntary Disruption
    Voluntary Disruption

    Eliminating redundancies, avoiding over-spends and heading off commission-grabs

    by Eric Silverman

    Last time, I discussed how the most influential disrupter to the enhanced benefits industry must be the willingness of the broker community at large, to adjust, adapt, and embrace our ever-changing market. How brokers must position themselves as either an innovator who drives the change or an adopter who follows those innovators and helps to…
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  • The Generational Influence On Workforce Dynamics
    The Generational Influence On Workforce Dynamics

    Understanding employee demographics can help employers balance the short-and-long-term needs of their workforce

    by Patrick Rowan

    Many plan sponsors find it difficult to balance their immediate budget and workforce challenges with their long-term desire to ensure their employees are ready for retirement.
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  • SAGE Scholars College Tuition Rewards
    SAGE Scholars College Tuition Rewards

    Helping to make private college education more affordable

    by Scott McKeever

    Years ago, parents and students were able to fund a college education through a combination of grants, scholarships, savings, and student loans.  However, times have changed, tuition rates have skyrocketed, and grants and loans have not always kept up with the cost of college expenses. 
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  • Start Making Sense
    Start Making Sense

    Your industry provides a full menu of financial investments, but which one is right for your clients?

    By Bryan Bibbo

    You complete your continuing education requirements, go to industry events, and do research on different investment vehicles for your clients, but you probably wondering, “Does it make sense for my client?” 
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