• Understanding And Underwriting Marijuana
    Understanding And Underwriting Marijuana

    Use As markets open across the country, and usage grows exponentially, the industry begins to codify the underwriting process

    by Gary Baker

    Want to hear a little-known fact? George Washington, the 1st President of the United States, grew marijuana on his farm! He may have used it to deal with his toothaches. Here’s another: When medical marijuana dispensaries first opened in Colorado they outnumbered Starbucks three to one!
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  • Can We Make Life Insurance More Relevant?
    Can We Make Life Insurance More Relevant?

    How the industry holds the power to cover more customers

    by JJ Carroll

    Leveraging existing technology and employing better consumer engagement — we as an industry have readily usable tools at our disposable, but can we do more to reach people who are not buying insurance today? Bottom line, there are small changes we can make that can really move the needle on life insurance.
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  • Retirement: Will It Look The Way We Thought It Would?
    Retirement: Will It Look The Way We Thought It Would?

    Leveraging life insurance and annuities for longevity

    by Eric Henderson

    Planning for living in retirement requires balancing risks, understanding trade-offs, and choosing a path that has enough flexibility to adjust as circumstances change. There are multiple types of investment options to consider in a retirement strategy, along with their corresponding tax aspects.
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  • Young Advisors and Baby Boomers – Like Oil and Water?
    Young Advisors and Baby Boomers – Like Oil and Water?

    10 Ideas for working more successfully with Boomer clients

    by Marcia Mantell, RMA, NSSA

    It seems as if there is a mile-wide set of differences between young financial advisors and the Baby Boomer generation. Every young financial advisor understands that to build a profitable, sustainable business, you go where the opportunity is: Baby Boomers.
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  • Planning Through The Ages
    Planning Through The Ages

    How different generations are approaching financial planning today; Millennials show the most optimism about their finances

    by Kelly LaVigne

    We all know that generational attitudes among Americans differ on many levels. But one thing most Americans can agree on is that they generally feel good about their financial situation as we start 2019. Fewer Americans are troubled about financial issues such as stagnant wages and job security than they were last year...
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  • Longevity, Life Expectancy & The Long Run
    Longevity, Life Expectancy & The Long Run

    What financial planners need to know to really help their clients

    by Tania Slade, CFP, CFA

    We are living longer today... and that’s good news. We are fortunate to be living longer, too. However, there is an implied challenge inherent to longevity, and we have to now consider the emotional and financial costs, as well as the societal impacts of aging.
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  • Are Thoughts of Early Retirement Today’s ‘Irrational Exuberance’?
    Are Thoughts of Early Retirement Today’s ‘Irrational Exuberance’?

    While more Americans expect to retire before age 60, few have actually done the financial calculation

    by E. Thomas Foster Jr

    As the stock market continued to rise in value during the 1990s, investors continued their stock-buying binge despite warnings that the market was due for a correction.  A high-ranking Federal Reserve official described investors’ optimism about the prospects for stock valuations as “irrational exuberance,” prompting an immediate market selloff.
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  • A Conversation With Craig Hawley
    A Conversation With Craig Hawley

    Advising The Affluent

    by P.E. Kelley

    Nationwide Advisory Solutions’ 2018 Advisor Authority study surveyed more than 1,700 RIAs, fee-based advisors and individual investors. It’s recent special report on “Winning the High Net Worth: Unlock Greater Growth Serving More Affluent Investors” zeroed in on the unique attributes and needs of the High Net Worth (HNW) – with investable financial assets ranging from…
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  • Voluntary Disruption
    Voluntary Disruption

    It’s the advisor that must learn to adjust, adapt and accept an industry that is changing daily

    by Eric Silverman

    To “disrupt,” according to dictionary.com, is a verb used to express “disorder or turmoil,” while to cause “disruption,” is a noun that in business means to bring “radical change in an industry [or] business strategy.” Let’s continue disrupting the enhanced benefits space, or as many of you still refer to it as, the industry known…
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  • Pushing Back On The Hack
    Pushing Back On The Hack

    The 8 cyber-security tools your business needs today

    by Helena Wilcox

    As hackers become smarter and businesses rely more and more on the cloud and technology to share and store personal and sensitive information, we’ve seen an increase in security breaches in businesses across the country. In fact, the Identity Theft Resource Center found that breaches are up 25 percent this year.
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  • Tech and Timing: Key Aspects for Optimizing Insurance Marketing
    Tech and Timing: Key Aspects for Optimizing Insurance Marketing

    Today’s strategy focuses on timing, demographics & channel

    by David Reid

    Navigating the insurance industry is unique, and this is especially true for marketing. Rather than a strong sales approach, successful marketing in the insurance industry focuses on educational marketing. Key factors to consider when marketing are timing, demographics, and channel of messaging.
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  • A Conversation With Laurinda Ferreira
    A Conversation With Laurinda Ferreira

    Failure not an option

    by PE Kelley

    The essential value-proposition for success in financial services has always been deceptively simple. From debit-agents working their neighborhoods, families and friends to today’s retirement planners constructing complex income-strategies, the only job requirement, at the outset at least, was a desire to succeed.
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  • Advising The Involuntary Philanthropist
    Advising The Involuntary Philanthropist

    What’s the best asset to give to charity?

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP®, AEP®

    Are you currently an INVOLUNTARY philanthropist? Over-paying your taxes? Would you like to be a VOLUNTARY philanthropist instead, and at the same time help yourself financially, help your heirs, and help local charities?
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