• Retirees Come Face To Face With Longevity
    Retirees Come Face To Face With Longevity

    Retiree confidence in critical aspects of retirement security declines, while workers’ overall confidence creeps up

    This year’s Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) finds only a third of retirees very confident in their ability to live comfortably throughout retirement (32 percent). While this is comparable to last year, retiree confidence in having enough money to cover basic expenses and medical expenses has dropped...
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  • NY AG Schneiderman Launches Inquiry Into CryptoCurrency ‘Exchanges’
    NY AG Schneiderman Launches Inquiry Into CryptoCurrency ‘Exchanges’

    Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative Seeks to Improve Transparency and Accountability of Major Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms to Protect Virtual Currency Investors

    Today, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman launched the Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative, a fact-finding inquiry into the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade virtual or “crypto” currencies like bitcoin and ether.
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  • Asset Decumulation or Asset Preservation?
    Asset Decumulation or Asset Preservation?

    What Guides Retirement Spending

    One of the assumptions underlying many models used to measure retirement income adequacy is that retirees will spend down their accumulated assets to fund their retirement needs. While this may make sense in theory, do people actually behave like this?
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  • Who Let The Bulls Out?
    Who Let The Bulls Out?

    E*TRADE Study Reveals Bullish Sentiment Has Fallen to Two-Year Low

    E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced results from the most recent wave of StreetWise, the E*TRADE quarterly tracking study of experienced investors. Results indicate a significant decline in positive investor sentiment.
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  • How I Own My Gold
    How I Own My Gold

    'Fiat Currency' or 'Barbaric Relic', gold has been used a currency for decades

    by Axel Merk

    Those who own gold often argue how to best own it. I encourage anyone holding gold to assess the pros and cons of different choices of gold ownership to make an educated rather than emotional decision. Let me explain.
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  • Single Retirees Feel More Vulnerable to Longevity Risk
    Single Retirees Feel More Vulnerable to Longevity Risk

    Annuity ownership leads to greater confidence in retirement outcomes

    New LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute (LIMRA SRI) research finds single retirees - particularly single women retirees - feel less secure about their financial security in retirement and are more concerned about outliving their savings than those who are married or have partners.
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  • Understanding “Income Purpose” Investing
    Understanding “Income Purpose” Investing

    How do you develop reasonable expectations?

    by Steve Selengut

    After 45 years of investing, I've come to the conclusion that the equity (or growth purpose) market is a far easier medium for investors to understand than the far safer, and generally less volatile, income purpose securities market. As counter intuitive as this sounds, experience supports the premise.
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  • Economic Saber-Rattling Rattles Investors
    Economic Saber-Rattling Rattles Investors

    Welcome back to correction-territory; Volatility returns, though economy still strong

    Domestic stocks lost ground last week as trade war concerns continued to rattle investors. With these declines, the Dow officially moved back into correction territory. For the week, the S&P 500 lost 1.43%, the Dow dipped 0.95%, and the NASDAQ dropped 2.11%. International stocks in the MSCI EAFE managed a 0.38% increase.
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  • Perspectives on Financial Systems, SIFI and ‘Too Big To Fail’
    Perspectives on Financial Systems, SIFI and ‘Too Big To Fail’

    Measuring the impact of the repeal of Dodd-Frank on the Insurance Industry

    Shortly after being sworn into office, President Donald J. Trump set in motion a change that will likely alter regulation for the entire U.S. insurance industry. Trump signed an executive order two weeks into his term instructing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to undo large parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was signed into law in…
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  • Retirement, Longevity & Money
    Retirement, Longevity & Money

    Lincoln Financial Offers Americans tips to address the unexpected, and ensure retirement income is there when needed

    In conjunction with National Retirement Planning Week (April 9-13), Lincoln Financial Group shares three steps to help Americans plan for their retirement and help meet their retirement income goals.
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