• Fit To Be Fixed…
    Fit To Be Fixed…

    How do you fit the indexed annuity into your clients’ income strategy?

    by Wayne Hechanova

    We see the headlines and speculation every day. Can the bull market continue or are we about to experience a market collapse? How much longer can interest rates remain low? With all of this uncertainty, clients, particularly those stung by the 2008 market downturn, are at a financial planning crossroads.
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  • Planning In The Millennial Mindset
    Planning In The Millennial Mindset

    Uncovering truths about Millennial 401(k) investors and how to help them succeed

    by Nathan Voris

    Millennials, America’s largest generation, are playing an outsized role in our nation’s workforce as the oldest among them approach their late thirties.
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  • Move the Needle: Targeting the Emerging High Net Worth
    Move the Needle: Targeting the Emerging High Net Worth

    How today’s advisors are incorporating ‘holistic planning’ into the advisory discussion

    by Craig Hawley

    Year-over-year, RIAs and fee-based advisors rate the pursuit of profitability as their single most important practice management issue – and the push for new clients remains the top driver.
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  • Income Across the Generations
    Income Across the Generations

    Millennials and their grandparents share a common experience: Coming of age during a deep financial crisis

    By Tania Slade

    As we move through different stages in our lives, we prioritize different financial goals and allocate our resources accordingly. A recent BMO Wealth Management report based on a survey of more than 1,000 Americans, “Generational Perspectives: How Millennials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers Save and Invest,” reveals the similarities and differences between each generation’s attitudes and…
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  • America’s Growing Financial Diversity
    America’s Growing Financial Diversity

    Planning for when there will be no single racial or ethnic majority

    by Tom Foster

    The face of America is changing rapidly as its population grows ever more diverse, a trend that has significant implications for financial advisors and how they connect with their clients.
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  • A Conversation With: Kate Healy
    A Conversation With: Kate Healy

    Talent Search

    by P.E. Kelley

    The RIA industry is coming up short in its effort to attract next-generation talent, as older recruitment models struggle to relate to today’s younger prospects. Part of the challenge is our growing diversity across all societal demographics.
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  • Growth and Guaranteed income
    Growth and Guaranteed income

    How a sound retirement income strategy should drive the planning process

    by Wendy McCullough

    Many American workers today are feeling anxious about retirement and may not be taking the right steps to help prepare for a financially secure future. According to one national study, just 41 percent have tried to figure out how much money they will need in retirement and only 38 percent have estimated how much income…
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  • With 529 Plans, There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye
    With 529 Plans, There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

    Top 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on 529s

    by Aaron Skloff, AIF, CFA, MBA

    Q:  What are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about 529 higher education savings plans? The Problem – Misunderstanding 529s... The Solution – Understanding 529s
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  • Term To Perm… Without Backsliding
    Term To Perm… Without Backsliding

    Some simple planning strategies for your clients’ not-so-simple situations

    by Chris Kite

    When it comes to the components of a good planning strategy, we’re all familiar with one basic decision: the question of whether you should get term or permanent (perm) life insurance.
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  • Champions of the Voluntary Sale
    Champions of the Voluntary Sale

    Is there a competition where everyone wins?

    by Matthew Owenby

    As sports fans know, a competition often ends with a winner holding a medal. When it comes to voluntary insurance, however, there are three ultimate winners: benefits advisors as well as the employers and employees they serve.
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