• The New Power Of Planning
    The New Power Of Planning

    How the pandemic altered client perspectives… and advisor strategies

    by Howard Sharfman

    The unprecedented impact of the pandemic has caused many people to reassess their planning, economics, family, health, wills and trusts. Financial advisors, tax professionals, and trust and estate attorneys have been busier than ever, while the insurance industry has seen record sales as people more thoughtfully consider their mortality and what they want their legacy…
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  • The Power Of Resilience
    The Power Of Resilience

    Investors are eager to put the chaos of 2022 behind them

    In late 2022, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced some of the biggest inflation adjustments made in history, which will increase income tax brackets and more than 60 tax provisions. One benefit of these changes is the increase in federal estate and gift tax exclusion amounts you can give away tax-free both on an annual…
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  • Measuring Whole-Person Health
    Measuring Whole-Person Health

    The new dimensions and new vitality of well-being

    by Christopher DeRosa

    The pandemic, without a doubt, elevated the importance of health and well-being like never before. The fragility of our physical health crystalized. Stress, burnout, and loneliness were amplified. Mental health issues were exacerbated. Beyond this, the impacts of social determinants of health – such as education, income, location, and access to health care – became…
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  • Non-Qualified Plans: A Powerful Tool For Recruitment and Retention
    Non-Qualified Plans: A Powerful Tool For Recruitment and Retention

    Managing the ‘new mobility’ of key employees

    by Nate Schelhaas

    Labor has been incredibly mobile this year, as employees have changed jobs or career paths in search of better pay, benefits, and growth opportunities. Recruiting and retaining key talent is important to the stability and growth of any business.
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  • Finance’s Wrong Turns
    Finance’s Wrong Turns

    A new framework for financial markets, asset management, and social science

    Dr. Richard Michaud, President, and CEO of New Frontier Advisors LLC announced today the publication of his latest research on theory and practice in investment management: Finance’s Wrong Turns: A New Framework for Financial Markets, Asset Management, and Social Science, published by Palgrave Macmillan.
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  • The Finance Of Longevity
    The Finance Of Longevity

    Refocusing your clients’ financial goals for a new retirement timeline

    by Adam Politzer

    The volatility of the current economic environment paired with the struggles seen with historical retirement approaches have led financial professionals to rethink strategies for helping clients manage longevity risk.
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  • The Financial Cost Of Longevity For Women
    The Financial Cost Of Longevity For Women

    Planning for medical and long-term care costs as clients age

    by Sheila Jelinek & Robert Eaton, FSA, MAAA

    There are plenty of jokes about why women outlive men. Regardless of the reason, here is the reality: In the United States, females typically live longer than their male counterparts, and that longevity has increased over the decades. In 1930, life expectancy at birth was only 58 for men and 62 for women, and the…
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  • Navigating Decumulation In An Uneasy Market
    Navigating Decumulation In An Uneasy Market

    How to manage risk while strategically drawing down client assets

    by Heather Kelly

    Preparing for retirement has perhaps never been more complex. We have gone from a bull run in the market and historically low interest rates to deep worries about persistent inflation, extreme volatility, and a bear market in just the last couple of years.
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  • Is Volatility Here To Stay?
    Is Volatility Here To Stay?

    New ETF strategies add real-assets as a hedge for uncertainty

    by Chris Huemmer

    If recent market movements have taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected in the coming months. With inflation and interest rates at levels not seen since the 1980s, and both stocks and bonds being challenged, the future is anything but predictable.
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  • A Conversation With James Katz
    A Conversation With James Katz

    ESG: Investors Are Human Too

    by P.E. Kelley

    As more investors begin to embrace and seek to understand, and ultimately invest in, emerging ‘environmental, social and governance’ portfolios (ESG), the industry has mobilized to deliver these opportunities in a way that makes sense to its clients. But that’s where things often get a little hazy, because socially responsible investors, who usually come to…
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