• Retirement For Three
    Retirement For Three

    How children with special needs can impact the income plan

    As a parent of an adult child with disabilities and as an advisor who does comprehensive planning working with special needs families, retirement planning is very different. Typically, I refer to it as retirement for three.
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  • What’s Next For Financial Professionals?
    What’s Next For Financial Professionals?

    Making a new case for industry designations

    by Julie G. Kelly, CFP®, CRPC™

    Established financial professionals often ask, what’s next? Those looking to enhance their careers, grow their practices or deepen their client connections can look no further than professional certifications.
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  • Planning Gen-X And Boomer Wealth
    Planning Gen-X And Boomer Wealth

    A new focus on balance, growth & a space for ‘what-ifs’

    by Ralph Ferraro

    Across the financial services industry, professionals are entrusted with guiding clients through various life stages, especially during times of economic uncertainty.
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  • Shifting Demographics
    Shifting Demographics

    How advisors should ‘meet women where they are’

    by Ann Bair

    I’ve learned that planning for the future can be challenging for even the most financially savvy investors, especially when they’re facing ongoing threats from volatile markets and inflation. For women investors, that challenge can be even more significant.
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  • The Financial Empowerment Of Women
    The Financial Empowerment Of Women

    A new advisory blueprint

    by Jacqueline Reeves, AIFA®, PPC®

    As financial advisors navigate the evolving landscape of wealth management, the growing influence and economic power of women in the financial sector stands out as a significant trend. With women set to become the primary holders of wealth in the coming years, the role of financial advisors in catering to this demographic has never been…
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  • A Conversation With Timothy Clark
    A Conversation With Timothy Clark

    The New Equations Of Sponsorship

    by P.E. Kelley

    The number of private employers providing pensions has dropped from 35% to 15%, signaling a generational shift in how we prepare for retirement…and how we pay for it. The equation between employers looking to offer a meaningful vehicle for growing retirement income, and employees who need more of a safety net than ever before, includes…
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  • What’s Driving The 457(b) Boom?
    What’s Driving The 457(b) Boom?

    Guaranteed pension plans don’t have the appeal they once did

    by Fred Makonnen

    Assets held in 457(b) tax-advantaged retirement plans in the U.S. market are currently valued at over $430 billion, and emerging market forces could drive that figure even higher.
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  • The Challenge Of Health Care Inflation
    The Challenge Of Health Care Inflation

    Moving beyond management toward cost-containment

    Management: A process of dealing with. Containment: Keeping something harmful under control. Only a handful of employer-sponsored plans have “contained” health costs. Instead, most plan sponsors and participants have been taken for a ride along inflation’s bumpy path. In response to inflation, plan sponsor’s adjusted employee contributions in one of three ways, resulting in rate…
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  • Debunking Advisor Myths
    Debunking Advisor Myths

    Are business owners even aware of the services you provide?

    by Nate Schelhaas

    Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) might think working with a financial professional would feel a bit like going to a stereotypical used car salesmen – that is, your unique needs and business goals are not the primary focus of the individual assisting you.
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  • Strength In Unity
    Strength In Unity

    Understanding California’s SB 263

    by Melissa Bova

    When it comes to financial security for all, having a united voice is a big deal. Just look at what happened with SB 263 in California.
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