W&S Financial Group Distributors Launches WSRetirementTalks.com

Income planning website presents videos with retirement author and expert Tom Hegna

CINCINNATI — Only 8% of adult Americans consider themselves very knowledgeable about financial products and investments, reports a recent Secure Retirement Institute® study.[1] Aiming to boost understanding of financial products designed for retirement funding, W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc., wholesale distributor of annuities and life insurance from member companies of Western & Southern Financial Group, has launched WSRetirementTalks.com.

Designed as a resource to help advance retirement planning conversations, WSRetirementTalks.com features a series of short videos presented by retirement planning author Tom Hegna.

“Our new ‘Retirement Talks’ program, which presents videos from Tom Hegna, will help consumers approach income planning from a practical perspective,” said Mark E. Caner, president of W&S Financial Group Distributors. “Tom’s straightforward language and entertaining stories have been very well received. To that end, consumers can access the videos on demand. Financial professionals can also use the videos to better engage clients as they consider strategies for enhancing income confidence in retirement.”

Topics addressed on WSRetirementTalks.com include:

• Retirement Happiness looks at conclusions from surveys and research supporting the role of guaranteed lifetime income in answering the question “What’s the key to retirement happiness?”

• Retirement Desert tells of a family that finds itself stranded after running out of gas while driving through the desert. Their reaction may be akin to that experienced when retirement funds run low.

• Insure Your Income addresses the fear older Americans have about running short of money in retirement. One financial product that can ensure income will continue for a lifetime is an annuity.

• Just In Case describes how some retirees, despite having ample resources, may be unhappy because they focus solely on wealth preservation. Concern about spending prompts them to forgo long-held goals, ones such as travel and recreation, and instead hoard assets “just in case.”

• Multigenerational Income presents the story of an older man who is unsure what he should do with his money in seeking to ensure a guaranteed income payout for multiple generations of his family.

• Guarantees for Your Retirement Portfolio makes the point that individuals use many types of products and investments attempting to build what they view as an “optimal” portfolio, but sometimes leave out an essential component: guaranteed lifetime income.

• Risk Sharing describes the so-termed “secret sauce” element of retirement income annuities, a key ingredient that sets them apart in their ability to help create payout options guaranteed to continue for a lifetime. “W&S Financial Group Distributors is an impressive company, as demonstrated by its long-standing commitment to helping Americans address their retirement income needs,” said Tom Hegna. “I’m excited to partner on these timely and important ‘Retirement Talks.’ I expect financial professionals and consumers alike will find these videos both accessible and compelling.”




1 A registered investment adviser.
2 A registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.
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