Virtual Summit: Schedule for Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

Word’s First Virtual Summit for Financial Advisors and Life Insurance Agents

Event to be Held Online November 7th – 11th, 2016

Denver, CO., Nov 10, 2016 – The world’s first virtual summit for financial professionals, retirement planners and life insurance advisors will be held online from November 7-11, 2016.

Because the summit is virtual, participants can attend from the comfort of their own homes or offices without added travel, lodging, or scheduling concerns—all that’s required is a device with an internet connection.

For a limited time, free tickets are being offered via the summit website. The tickets, valued at $1,997, will give participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend masterclasses with some of the world’s best advisors, coaches and thought leaders as they share their secrets for building a better business and a bigger life.

Cutting Edge Thought Leadership

“With so many new opportunities coming out to help financial advisors, retirement planners, and life insurance agents, we want to bring the leading and most cutting edge thought leadership from the front lines that are working today all in one place,” said Jeremiah Desmarais, executive producer of the event.

Over the course of 6 days, participants will have access to over 40 lectures and interviews with dynamic speakers such as baseball hall of famer and best-selling author Dave Winfield, Bob Burg of the international best-selling book “Go-Giver”, Former Editor of Mashable and Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 Ben Parr, and many more.

Topics will range from thinking strategically about growth, to becoming an authority in the industry, to generating quality leads and closing more sales. “This is not going to be a pitch fest aimed at getting participants to buy into various programs,” Desmarais stresses, “it’s a real learning opportunity with the best advisors and business coaches in the world which advisors can enjoy from their laptop, smart phone or tablet.”

Desmarais is an industry leader who has won more than 23 awards and recognitions and helped over 100,000 insurance and financial advisors in 51 countries generate over 2 million leads leading to over $300 million in commissions.

He is co-hosting the Summit with Brian Appleton, creator of the Insurance Agent Summit and co-author of the best-selling Customer Service is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You Apart from Your Competition. The two have used their expertise to vet the best and brightest in the financial advising, retirement planning, and insurance industries and bring them together in one place.

Thursday November 10th

New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Levin – How to use ‘Ghostwritten’ Books to Land 7 Figure Clients, Without Writing A Word

Michael Levin has written, co-written or ghostwritten more than 300 books, of which 12 are national best sellers, two have appeared on 60 Minutes. Michael has published with Simon & Schuster, Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Putnam/Berkley, and many other houses.

In this training you will learn:

  • The Power Dynamic Shift that happens when you become an author.
  • How to become a ‘Best Earning Author’, not just a ‘Best Selling Author’.
  • Ninja hack to crowdsourcing your book cover (even if you haven’t written a word).
  • The proven 5 -step Book structure method for financial advisors.
  • The dirty little secret of publishing that nobody tells you – Simple, low cost tools to help you ‘speak’ your first book in no time flat.

Dr. Jack Singer – 3 Actionable Steps to Develop the Mindset of a Champion Financial Advisor

Dr. Jack Singer is a licensed psychologist with more than 33 years of experience helping professional, Olympic, and World Champion athletes develop the mindset that ultimately leads them to persevere and overcome adversity to release their potential and become that champion.

In this training you will learn:

  • Why “Mindset” is as important as the “Skillset” for a financial advisor.
  • The shortcut for Programming the Advisor’s Mindset How to lock in an Optimistic Expectation, whatever the obstacles you face.
  • The 7 steps for Igniting Mental toughness skills.

Curtis V. Cloke – Cracking The Retirement Income Code

It’s a real learning opportunity with the best advisors and business coaches in the world which advisors can enjoy from their laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Curtis V. Cloke is an award-winning international speaker, educator and writer as an industry recognized retirement income expert. He is an active life planner with over 29 years of experience serving his clients around the US from his Burlington, Iowa office.

In this training you will learn:

  • What is going on with the DOL and what you need to know about how to implement retirement income in a post DOL world.
  • What is different today about retirement than 20 years ago.
  • What the top five fears and risks are for consumers.
  • What products advisors can use to mitigate retirement risks.

Jeff Rose – How to Get to 500,000 Visitors a Month and 40 Qualified Leads a Day With Blogging

Jeff Rose is the founder and CEO of the investment advisory firm Alliance Wealth Management. In addition he is the creator of, a blog he has grown to over 14 Million Visitors, 500,000 Visitors a Month and 40 leads a month. Currently he writes for Forbes, US News & World Report, Investopedia and AOL’s DailyFinance and has been featured on major sites, such as Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, USA Today and Fox Business. He has also recently been named to CNBC’s Digital Financial Advisor Council.

In this training you will learn:

  • How he grew his blog to over 14 Million viewers while living in a town of 6,500 people.
  • How a $2 Million client found him on Google because of blogging.
  • His #1 strategy for growing your blog quickly, cutting out 5 years of his mistakes.
  • His conversion strategy that got a client after 4 years from visiting the website and a $3 Million client from a webinars.

Jeff Root – The Proven Formula For Taking Advisors From ZERO To Daily Leads In 12 Month or Less

Jeff Root is author of “The Digital Life Insurance Agent” and shows agents how to build their life insurance business online and sell over the phone. Over the last year, Jeff has generated over 20,000 inbound life insurance inquiries for his internet based agency and teaches other agents how to prospect online using the same strategies. He is the owner of Rootfin LLC.

In this training you will learn:

  • Marketing funnel that can take anyone from nothing to predictable leads in 12 months or less.
  • Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an extremely powerful tool for creating up to 15 leads or more a day.
  • How he converts more leads than any other life insurance website out there because of simplicity.
  • Why he looks at product selection differently than anyone else and why you can make more money with lower compensation products.

Top Producer Jason Wenk – How to Sell Annuities and Retirement Planning 100% Over The Phone And Internet

Jason Wenk started in a one man office meeting people face to face and developed a system to meet with people 100% over the phone and internet. Today is firm has 41 employees and manages over $2M in assets. Jason is a researcher, and investment systems developer and the author of “Smarter than Wall Street.”

In this training you will learn:

  • How To Generate A Constant Flow Of Leads That You Never Have To Meet With.
  • The Step-By-Step Method To Sharing Quality Content.
  • The Word-For-Word Script To Get People To Hire You To Advise Them.
  • How To Get Prospects To Become Active Participants In The Process.

Award Winning Producer John Nichols – How to Scale From A 1 Person Shop To A $60 Million Dollar Operation

John F. Nichols, MSM, CLU built a one man operation into a $60M a year business and is a nationally recognized disability benefits consultant, the creator of disability products and administration systems and an expert witness in disability proceedings. He was the 124th National President for the year 2013-2014. He is in the top 20 of lifetime contributors for NAIFA’s IFAPAC.

In this training you will learn:

  • The First Position You Need To Outsource To Get Leverage on Yourself.
  • How to Create an Empowered Environment to Achieve Daily Victories.
  • The Three Keys to Building a Large, Sustainable Business.
  • How to Use Positioning So You Move From Salesperson to Rainmaker.


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  1. eileen morgan says:

    would this just apply to financial advisors or would it apply to selling in general to the financial services market, ie training for FINRA exams.

    • Kristin Marshall says:

      Eileen, the summit is geared towards Financial advisors in general. If you’re looking for help in selling to Advisors, the principals can be tailored with a bit of creativity.

  2. Kristin Marshall says:

    HI Lorenzo, you can get some free videos on how to do that at – one of the sponsors of the summit. Just opt in, and get instant access. Hope this helps! 😉

  3. Lorenzo Earnest says:

    I would like to learn more on how to build my insurance business online.