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Word & Brown Releases 'WBQuote Lite' Quoting App

A ‘first of its kind’ mobile small group quoting engine

ORANGE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Word & Brown General Agency announced today the release of its WBQuote Lite mobile small group quoting engine, which allows brokers to quote and make adjustments to quotes on their phone, when they are out of the office.

With this first-of-its-kind, truly mobile solution, brokers can easily respond to an employer’s request for an updated quote, which could result from a change to their effective date or an update to their employee roster. With WBQuote Lite, a broker can modify a group’s census, change an employee’s health plan, or update an employer’s contribution, and re-run the quote whether in or out of the office.

Make Real Time Adjustments

“We are very excited to introduce WBQuote Lite to our brokers, and we look forward to welcoming new brokers who want to take advantage of the market’s only true mobile small group quote,” said Word & Brown President Jessica Word. “WBQuote Lite gives brokers the power to make adjustments to a quote or presentation when they are with a client or on the go, which will absolutely save brokers’ time.”

a faster way to build a quote, whether a broker is working on a laptop, tablet, or phone...

Word & Brown’s mobile quoting technology is a faster way to build a quote, whether a broker is working on a laptop, tablet, or phone. It is perfect for quoting on the go and making adjustments on the fly. In addition, brokers can customize their quotes by including a logo and selecting colors that represent their brand. They can also export quotes in PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint formats. And, as always, WBQuote Lite offers the same 100% accurate guarantee Word & Brown brokers have come to expect – something that sets the general agency apart from others in the small group marketplace.

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