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What’s The Deal With Retirement Planning For Women?

Retirement questions answered in newly released Second Edition by Plymouth-based Author and Retirement Guru Marcia Mantell

PLYMOUTH, MA — The numbers are startling. Nearly 50 percent of women ages 55 to 66 have no personal retirement savings, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In the recently released What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women – Second Edition (Rethink Press), Marcia Mantell, nationally-known speaker, author, retirement planning guru and Baby Boomer, shares her pearls of wisdom along with a baker’s dozen questions that women need to consider prior to leaving that paycheck behind.

Mantell has spent 30 years talking to women about retirement and how and why they should plan for the future.

“While most women are looking forward to retirement, I have found that they don’t always have a plan for what happens when that paycheck stops. Those who truly felt ready to retire have one thing in common – they have been planning and saving for their retirement for many years,” explained Mantell.

What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women Second Edition is an easy-to-digest and entertaining retirement planning book that offers up all the “ingredients” women will need to confidently plan for their retirement.

In her book, Mantell provides tips and resources including:

  • Defining your retirement years and what you want them to look like
  • Using your skills to manage your retirement
  • Addressing new ideas for living well in your eighties and nineties
  • Navigating Social Security and Medicare

Mantell is the author of two other retirement planning books, the recently released Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan discussion guide and What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women (Rethink Press). In all of her books, Mantell shares her expertise of retirement, Social Security and Medicare matters in an easy-to-digest, culinary-related, creative way.

Mantell explained, “So many women nearing retirement who I’ve talked with are truly unprepared for life in retirement. My goal in the new edition of What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women is for women to confidently be able to answer the question of ‘Will I really have enough money to last through my retirement’ well before they actually leave their job behind.”




What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women Second Edition (Rethink Press) retails for $16.99 and is available for purchase at Amazon.com books and Barnesandnoble.com.
About Marcia Mantell
For over 30 years, Marcia Mantell has helped the country’s foremost financial services firms and advisors increase their knowledge of complex retirement concepts and regulations. She has a remarkable ability to translate those concepts into everyday language. With a deep knowledge of Social Security and Medicare, she works with advisors and their clients to make a successful transition into retirement. Mantell was named an IA25 Honoree by ThinkAdvisor in 2021—one of the “advisors, experts and leaders in financial services who are pushing the industry forward.”
Mantell is also a renowned speaker who has spent the past 20+ years presenting retirement topics in a highly-engaging style to Baby Boomer and financial advisor audiences across the country.
Mantell is the author of What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women (Rethink Press), What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women (Rethink Press) and her latest book, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan discussion guide. Mantell imparts her wisdom of all things retirement with the Baby Boomer generation, particularly Boomer and GenX women, in her books as well as in her popular blog, BoomerRetirementBriefs.com.
Mantell owns and operates Mantell Retirement Consulting, Inc. a retirement education and marketing communications firm based in Plymouth, MA. She builds and conducts innovative retirement income planning workshops and programs for advisors and their clients and for employers who want to help their employees be better prepared for retirement.
For additional background on Mantell and her work with Mantell Retirement Consulting, visit https://mantellretirementconsulting.com.