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What Is The Possibility Of An Interest Rate Hike By The Fed?

Niagara University economist shares his thoughts

Dr. Tenpao Lee, Economist and Professor Emeritus at Niagara University in Western New York, made the following comments in anticipation of tomorrow’s interest rate hike by the Fed.

Is The Fed Likely To Raise Rates?

I think the Fed should not raise rates anymore, but it is likely that it will implement a 25-basis point hike.

What Is The Reasoning Behind Your Thinking?

The inflation since 2021 was caused by the aggregate supply factors, i.e. supply disruptions caused by the pandemic and supply shortages caused by the Ukraine war.

To make matters worse, the confrontation between China and the USA has added another layer of uncertainty to the economy from the supply side. With higher interest rates to lower aggregate demand, the Fed can contain inflation only from the demand side, not the supply side.

Therefore, higher interest rates will not be able to contain inflation effectively, as inflation is determined by the equilibrium of both supply and demand.

How Has The Banking Crisis Factored Into The Equation?

The ongoing banking crisis requires more liquidity to go along with lower interest rates. The Fed is, therefore, further challenged by conflicting goals and the need to prioritize its options.

To have a smooth transition from the current status quo to an optimal soft landing, the Fed should go back and forth on its policies by slowing down quantitative tightening and it should allow the economy to adjust accordingly.




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