Web videos help clients understand the financial impact of long life

Geriatrician explains longevity in human terms

St. Paul, MN, April 3, 2012 “Dr. George Battis, a teaching geriatrician and VP and chief medical director, Securian Financial Group, explains in a video series the effects of longevity and aging and the importance of planning for income that will last throughout several decades or retirement.

Battis, who teaches geriatrics to medical students and nurses, discusses in simple terms the trends behind longer life expectancy in the US. Animated graphics illustrate current longevity rates among women, men and couples; factors that affect individual longevity, such as genetics, illnesses and lifestyle choices that can help prolong good health; and the financial impact of living longer.

“I’m here to shed some light on longevity, so you can understand some of the positive steps you can take now to maximize the quality of life as you
age,” Battis says in the video. “We’ve seen in the study of geriatrics that the key to aging well is staying engaged physically, socially and mentally.”

The video series is easily accessible on Securian’s Retirement GPS page by clicking on the ‘Counting the Years’ icon. They can be viewed in sections or as one ten minute video.

The five sections include:

  • Introduction: Bob Senkler, chairman and CEO, Securian Financial Group,  Inc.
  • How long can you expect to live?
  • Factors affecting life span and quality of life
  • Making the most of retirement years
  • Financial concerns about living longer

The video series helps advisors lead clients through retirement income planning process by making them aware of how long their retirement could
last. More information leads to better decisions and some financial peace of mind in retirement.

Also on the Retirement GPS page, advisors and clients find useful information about the stages of retirement, financial issues retirees and
pre-retirees are likely to encounter, and a guide that helps with the planning process.

The longevity video series and Retirement GPS campaign were created by Securian to support advisors in their efforts to provide appropriate
support and guidance to their clients. Visit the Securian website to find out more about support Securian provides advisors.

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