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Voya Launches New Client Texting Capability for Advisors

Providing a greater opportunity for advisors to run their business more effectively

Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA), announced today that its retail broker-dealer and registered investment adviser Voya Financial Advisors, Inc., has launched a new service allowing advisors to enhance client communications through the firms new advisor texting capabilities.

With a targeted focus on offering advisors the latest industry-leading tools, services and resources, Voya Financial Advisors (VFA) has been evolving its network in the past year while making significant investments in new resources and technology enhancements.

“Investing in the most current and relevant digital offerings provides a greater opportunity for our advisors to run their business more effectively,” said Tom Halloran, president of Voya Financial Advisors. “Having the right guidance, support and services allows our advisors to focus their time building greater relationships and helping their clients get ready to retire better.”

As part of the firm’s ongoing focus on enhancing the digital experience to its network of more than 2,000 advisors, VFA is teaming up with an industry leading social media and content provider to support the launch of its new texting capability. The new service will provide an opportunity for advisors to communicate with clients more efficiently and effectively.

Reflecting the way we communicate daily

25 percent of participants communicate with their advisor via text

A recent survey1 by Salesforce found that 25 percent of participants communicate with their advisor via text.

“Interactions between our advisors and their clients should be easy and reflect the way they communicate every day. The ability to check in quickly, re-schedule meetings, or even provide notice of market movements are communications that are important for clients to know as they happen,” noted Ed Pollis, Head of Practice Management and Retirement Readiness for Voya Financial Advisors. “We’re thrilled to offer this new capability to our advisors and allow them to interact with their clients in a fast, easy and compliant manner.”

In addition to the ease of doing business the service offers advisors, it also provides a compliance-approved way to communicate. Each conversation, message and document is automatically archived and recorded to properly comply with financial regulations as it relates to electronic communications.

Voya Financial Advisors is a top-tier independent broker-dealer and registered investment adviser focused on helping advance the retirement readiness and financial security needs of Americans. For more information, visit www.voyafa.com.




1 Salesforce “2017 Connected Investor Report,” July 2017.