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Unreasonable Group Launches the ‘Unreasonable Collective’

Innovative Co-Investment Club Democratizing Access to Investment Opportunities in High Growth, High Impact Technology Ventures

(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unreasonable Group today announces the launch of Unreasonable Collective, a unique invitation only member club for sophisticated and accredited investors interested in investing in high growth ventures operating at the intersection of impact and technology. Membership to the club will provide opportunities to co-invest alongside top institutional groups, via managed syndicates, generating societal and environmental impact as well as exceptional returns.

The Collective’s innovative growth financing structure builds on the emergence of two crucially important trends in impact investing: redesigning an investor base to build inclusivity in the capital ecosystem and encouraging collaboration between funders to amplify impact and accelerate venture growth. As such, the Collective membership recruitment strategy will ensure that at least 50% of its members are women, people of color and from the LGBTQ+ community; and leveraging pioneering co-investment models through its syndicated approach, it will co-invest with many of the world’s leading venture capital and growth equity firms, in Unreasonable ventures.

The Collective’s highly curated global venture portfolio spans a wide range of sectors including; Mobility & Transportation, Agriculture, Clean Energy, Alternative Protein, Digital Health, Education Technology and Industrial Automation. Members will also benefit from pooled capital designed to deliver competitive terms.

Finding ‘The Next Unicorns’

“Our belief is that the next unicorns will be high growth, high impact companies that will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve environmental and societal problems in a profitable and scalable way. However, the capital markets model, especially in the later stage financing landscape, tends to be in the hands of non-diverse money managers. This needs to change not only to equalize the playing field for an inclusive financing landscape, but also for ventures who are actively looking for a diverse investor base that can bring smart capital, fresh perspectives, ground-up insights, expertise, and network access in domestic and international markets,” said Pratibha Vuppuluri, Head of Investments, Unreasonable Group.

Our belief is that the next unicorns will be high growth, high impact companies that will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve environmental and societal problems in a profitable and scalable way...

Unreasonable Collective will be syndicating investments into qualifying companies that are part of Unreasonable Group’s global Fellowship and have gone through its growth stage venture acceleration programs such as Unreasonable Impact, Unreasonable FUTURE, Project Literacy Lab, and Unreasonable Goals. These programs are built to drive resources to entrepreneurs leveraging market forces to solve pressing social and environmental challenges.

With the power, breadth, and diversity of its mission-oriented ecosystem behind it, The Collective will be able to source and identify the most cutting-edge and promising investment opportunities at the vanguard of the impact investing sector, and drive exceptional social and financial returns for its investors.

Creating & Capitalizing

“Solving the world’s most pressing challenges is not only a moral imperative but also a unique financial opportunity,” said Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO, Unreasonable Group. “Through Unreasonable Group we have supported the growth of the more than 200 entrepreneurs in the Fellowship, giving us an intimate insight into their operations and impact. We are excited to leverage the long-standing relationships with Unreasonable Fellows and our broader global community, to create exciting investment opportunities for Collective members, and to continue partnering and supporting these pioneering entrepreneurs. The Collective’s deal flow represents global technological innovations poised to disrupt a wide range of industries and we are keen to open this opportunity more widely.”

In addition to unique access to co-invest in innovative rapid growth companies, Unreasonable Collective will provide a variety of networking and learning opportunities. Members will receive access to multiple engagement opportunities per month, focused around curated relationships with peers in the community and sharing cutting-edge insights, trends, and innovations. Sessions will include panel discussions, curated introductions, deep dive workshops, fireside chats, member to member coaching sessions masterclasses, private investor gatherings and other unique formats that have been developed by Unreasonable Group to activate relationships, ideation and knowledge-sharing.