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Transamerica Bolsters Long Term Care Planning With Innovative Workplace Life Insurance Rider

An innovation designed to help address the long-term care needs of Americans approaching retirement

BALTIMORE, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Transamerica today unveiled its new Long Term Care Rider for the Transamerica Universal Life InsuranceSM, a strategic innovation designed to help address the long-term care needs of Americans approaching retirement. As the U.S. population ages and life expectancy hovers around 77 years, Transamerica’s Long Term Care Rider offers a flexible and forward-thinking solution to help secure financial well-being.

Transamerica Universal Life Insurance, already a popular choice with the highest participation rate among all of Transamerica’s insurance products, is now available with a new living benefit, the Long Term Care Rider. This rider facilitates early access to death benefits, providing policyholders with some financial relief when facing debilitating conditions, helping pay for licensed long term care expenses at home, in a facility, adult daycare, or a specialized treatment center. The policy offers traditional universal life insurance benefits, including cash value growth and simplified premiums, and is available without medical exam requirements.

John Stanley, senior managing director for Employee Benefits at Transamerica, states, “Our goal is to help employees plan for the future with confidence. The introduction of our Long Term Care Rider is a vital step towards empowering individuals to manage their long-term care needs proactively.”

The introduction of our Long Term Care Rider is a vital step towards empowering individuals to manage their long-term care needs proactively...

Commitment To Innovation

Transamerica’s suite of living benefit riders now includes the new Long Term Care Rider, which offers employers more flexibility to meet unique employee needs. Additionally, we offer the Chronic Condition Rider, Extension of Benefit Rider, and Benefits Restoration Rider to provide a robust safety net for those facing qualifying circumstances. The Chronic Condition Rider can be used to pay for any care, including family caregiving, when a qualifying event occurs, and the Extension of Benefit and Benefits Restoration riders which extend and restore the living benefit under qualifying circumstances, ensuring a more robust safety net.

Transamerica’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its approach to long term care, where it is an ally in educating and supporting a market increasingly aware of the importance of extended care planning.

For more information about how Transamerica Universal Life Insurance with the Long Term Care Rider can enhance a workplace benefits strategy, employers may contact their financial professionals.




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