Top 10 Emerging Markets to Watch in 2014

Chinese financial crisis just one on watch list for

WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired – Dec 26. 2013) – Frontier Strategy Group (FSG) has just released a new whitepaper 10 Emerging Market Events to Watch in 2014 highlighting the critical emerging market events that senior executives need to prepare for in the new year.

For executives operating in emerging markets, business performance has become increasingly linked to macroeconomic events such as protests, political unrest, and currency volatility. In 2013, many companies felt the impact of these events on their profitability, as these destabilizing events impeded their ability to hit targets across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and emerging Europe. Based on FSG’s analysis, 2014 will be more volatile for the multinational operating landscape in emerging markets.

In this whitepaper, FSG identifies the ten most potentially disruptive events to business performance in the coming year. The findings are based on a proprietary analysis mapping each to a framework that identifies each event’s likelihood, velocity, and impact. Each event includes a series of corresponding developments that executives should monitor across the year to track how the events are evolving. Events in the Top 10 list range from energy price corrections, to a looming Chinese financial crisis. It is critical for executives managing any business in emerging markets to understand the potential impact these events can have on their business and plan accordingly.

... identifying the ten most potentially disruptive events to business performance in the coming year

“The rising tide that has lifted MNC performance across emerging markets has certainly receded in the past year, and we expect the waters to be much more choppy in the coming year,” said Richard Leggett, Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Strategy Group. “While no one has a crystal ball, we are working closely with our client executives at more than 200 MNCs to help them navigate this volatility and proactively identify the events that could significantly impact their business in 2014. We are helping them to prepare in advance to capture emerging opportunities.”

The whitepaper is free to download on the Frontier Strategy Group website.
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