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Tools For Healthy Aging

Lisa M. Cini presents 10 latest tech tools for health, wellness, and comfort during healthy aging month

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recognized for retrofitting homes to fit personalized needs comfortably and stylishly, aging expert, Lisa M. Cini presents 10 latest technology ideas for health, wellness, and comfort during Healthy Aging Month this September.

“Seniors can move from fear to freedom as they age in place, transforming their households with all the tech, ideas, and advancements needed to live life to the fullest, independently, safely, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level.”

10 Tech Items include:

1.) Help up. A stand-Up Omni Tray is a convenient device that can be easily attached to your favorite couch or chair and provides a firm support handle to make getting up or sitting down easy. It also comes with a swivel-tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by.

2.) Cooking help. MOES Smart Talking Frypan allows you to check your stovetop’s temperature, and will alert you if the surface goes over 571°F. It’s compatible with gas, electric, induction, and glass smooth-top ovens, and is coated with Greblon C3+ non-stick coating.

3.) iHealth Blood pressure check. The iHealth View tests your blood pressure from the comfort of home. This device is completely wireless, and can be connected to the free iHealth app. It has been validated by the BHS for accuracy and is also FDA approved to be a medical-grade device.

4.) Hold yourself up. Bathrooms can pose a serious tripping hazard for seniors, especially when the floor is wet. The Grab Bar 2-in-1 Bath Set will make the bathroom safer and includes three of Grabcessories’ best bathroom safety products, which can all be simply mounted onto your bathroom wall. You can even use them in other areas of your home such as your kitchen for fall prevention.

5.) What’d ya say? Panasonic’s Amplified Phone System helps a loved one who may have a hard time hearing people over the phone. The Amplified Phone System’s volume can be made extra loud–around 50dB. Thanks to Panasonic’s tone control technology, the sound quality remains crisp and easy-to-understand no matter what volume it is played! Best of all, you can use the phone’s “slow talk control” to better understand fast talkers while conversing in real time and on the answering machine.

Seniors can move from fear to freedom as they age in place, transforming their households with all the tech, ideas, and advancements needed to live life to the fullest, independently, safely, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level...

6.) A light when you need it. The Willed Motion Activated Under Bed Light is a five-foot-long light that can be stowed away under the bed and will automatically turn on when the user steps out of bed. This is great for seniors with Alzheimer’s, as it makes them less likely to be disoriented (and potentially fall) if they get out of bed at night. This light can also be placed on door frames, under the cabinet, in the bathroom, or anywhere else you need a light. It’s easy to install–no tools necessary!

7.) Pet love. Taking care of a cat can be extremely therapeutic, but unfortunately, it isn’t always feasible for seniors with Alzheimer’s. If you have a family member who loves cats, but can’t take care of one due to dementia, consider getting them a Joy for All Companion Cat. These state-of-the-art mechanical companions look and feel just like a real cat! They respond to petting, hugging, and motion, and even simulate purring with Hasbro’s “VibraPurr” technology.

8.) The Reminder Rosie clock is a handy device that can store up to 25 personalized reminders, and it can be controlled entirely through voice commands!

9.) Getting around. For many seniors and people with disabilities, a walker is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, many traditional walkers are big, clunky, and difficult to fit in small spaces. The Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker solves that problem! These state-of-the-art walkers can be quickly folded up, making them four times smaller than your standard walker. They can support up to 400 pounds and can be easily adjusted to suit your height.

10.) Reaching the top. Rev-A-Shelf helps seniors reach higher shelves and avoid standing on a chair which can be dangerous. Rev-A-Shelf can drop down the contents of a shelf, making it much easier to access the hard-to-reach areas. It stays completely stable the entire time, so there’s no risk of glassware falling off.

“The latest cutting-edge technology can increase quality of life and reduce risk for aging adults,” adds Cini.




Interior designer and aging expert Lisa M. Cini is the award-winning President / CEO of Mosaic Design Studio and author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive; The Future is Here: Senior Living Re-imagined, and Hive, The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living: How Our Family Makes it Work. Lisa Cini has transformed the Columbus Woodland Manor Mansion into the Werner House, a Futuristic Technology Lab/Showplace Airbnb for guests to experience the latest in-home living, showcasing technology that safely enables aging in place and independent living at home.