Time to Build: How Employee Benefits Infrastructure Can Rise To Meet New Challenges

Do we need a new deal for employee benefits?

The status quo will continue to challenge the American worker unless we harness the latest technologies to change the industry, according to a new report from Nayya.

NEW YORK, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nayya, the data-driven adviser and leading provider of personalized employee benefits guidance, has published a report challenging the humdrum assertions made by many ecosystem players. The company, founded in 2019, already serves millions of employees, as well as many of the leading employers, consultants, PEOs, payroll companies, carriers, benefit administrators, and retirement providers across the United States.

Nayya’s research showcases how offering more benefits is not solving the problem. Confusion and dissatisfaction with benefits are rising while the cost of living, healthcare costs, and inadequate retirement savings exert ever more pressure on employees. Traditional benefits education practices to drive benefits engagement continue to fall short of their promise, with point solution engagement in the single digits and as many as 60% of individuals selecting a more expensive health plan than they need.* Constant benefit administrator reports tout personalization and simplification. Why have these entities not solved the core challenges facing employees over the last 20 years?

Nayya’s report, titled “Time to Build: How Employee Benefits Infrastructure Can Rise to Meet New Challenges,” comes at a time when nearly 50% of all Americans are concerned that a major health event would drive them into bankruptcy. Simultaneously, many of these same people are struggling with underutilizing their benefits.

The standard industry approach is to throw more and more information at employees attempting to drive higher benefits engagement. And yet employee satisfaction with benefits reached an all-time low in 2023. Benefits education is often communicated in generic, long-form, and jargon-filled language. The entire employee benefits ecosystem has been constructed without a “last mile” adviser for the employee.

Nayya’s latest report offers a guide to understanding how the twin challenges of rising costs and low benefits engagement are causing employee benefits to fall short of expectations. In addition, it provides a first step for employers and consultants to take in delivering real value to employees.

A new approach to employee benefits starts with holistic benefits guidance. In this new world, benefits pathways are tailored to the individual. These are based on health data, wealth insights, and tuned to personal preferences. The result is an employee benefits system that proactively delivers value in the moments that matter.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • Double Clicking into the Rising Costs and Impact to the Individual: An overview of the current state of the economy and associated challenges facing employees, including why employers are in such a crucial position to help their teams navigate these times
  • The Role of Benefits in Financial Preparedness: The significance of a cohesive benefits strategy in helping employees understand how to maximize the value of the resources available to them and bolster confidence in their protection
  • Driving Impact Through Digital-First Experiences: Strategies for providing intuitive and effective benefits guidance that improve employee satisfaction and financial outcomes
  • Harnessing Technology for Holistic Guidance: The importance of leveraging data-driven solutions to enable a scaled approach to optimizing benefits delivery

Commenting on the release of the report, Catherine Spence, VP of Marketing & Member Impact at Nayya, said, “There comes a point where you have to cast aside systems that aren’t serving consumers. We realize that incumbent players delivering benefits guidance have proven unsuccessful. As an industry, we have the opportunity to make holistic, data-driven, benefits guidance the new standard of excellence. Nayya is committed to continually providing research-based insights alongside our partners, so that we can collectively shift our focus to benefits that proactively, programmatically, and prescriptively deliver impact to employees. People deserve better support.”

“Time to Build: How Employee Benefits Infrastructure Can Rise to Meet New Challenges” is now available for download on




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