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The Fintech Fueling Europe's Digital Currency Revolution

Perfinal’s role in Europe’s first Live CBDC project

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Europe has recently witnessed the launch of its first live Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project launched by The Central Bank of Hungary, with Perfinal taking center stage as the fintech backbone of this monumental transition. This remarkable initiative places Perfinal at the forefront of a digital currency revolution, as the financial world grapples with blending traditional mechanisms with new-age digital innovations.

At the helm of Perfinal’s involvement is Mate Brezovszki, a seasoned finance expert whose career is a mosaic of top-tier achievements. From institutional banking at renowned international banks in London to pioneering decentralized finance solutions, Mate’s journey reflects a rare blend of traditional finance acumen and a foresight into the future of digital currencies. His instrumental role in ushering crypto into the regulated arena highlights his vision for the future of finance.

Mate Brezovszki articulates the current financial zeitgeist, saying, “We are living in the era of a monetary metamorphosis. The number of money-like asset issuers is evolving and expanding. One shared priority emerges amidst this evolution: the safe and transparent management of client holdings. Where this transparency and safety don’t exist, they must be addressed.”

Era Of Monetary Metamorphosis

Perfinal has ingeniously engineered its technology keeping these pivotal principles in mind. By embracing the latest regulatory standards while preserving adaptability, Perfinal ensures its tech is versatile enough to cater to diverse financial use-cases. This duality in design and vision is precisely what impressed the Central Bank of Hungary to commission Perfinal for the CBDC project.

Anikó Szombati, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at the Central Bank of Hungary, expressed the institution’s transformative approach, asserting, “… a central bank not only has to cooperate with FinTechs, but also, feel and act like FinTechs, exploring and serving client needs with the help of agility and technology. Perfinal’s role in this achievement was vital, and we are looking forward to future collaborations.”

As the financial landscape evolves at breakneck speed, Perfinal firmly positions itself at the vanguard, aligning with institutions eager to pioneer the next wave of financial innovations. The future promises more convergences of traditional and digital finance, and Perfinal stands ready to lead this exciting confluence.