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The Continued Evolution of 'Virtual Money'

Dot Money, a New Virtual Currency Promising a New Age of Financial Prosperity

PENSACOLA, FL–(Marketwired – Apr 8, 2015) – The Global Currency Reserve (the "GCR") announced today that it is working in cooperation with various individuals, businesses, governments and banks around the world to introduce a new and revolutionary tool called "Dot Money" based on the 2014 book "Dot Money" that will begin the next step in the evolution of economics.

Dot Money is the next generation of virtual and community currency that leverages technology similar to BitCoin with major enhancements designed to solve some of the most pressing problems that have faced society throughout recorded history. Dot Money will be administered by the GCR, and is specifically designed to help stabilize the global economy, protect individuals and countries against the devaluation of their currencies, lower national budget deficits, reduce taxation, eradicate fraud, and help end poverty.

Just like money…

Dot Money will be able to be used around the world like money, with or without the Internet, and has many more features than existing money or virtual currencies. Pre-registration for the new currency itself is free at www.DotMoney.Cash and a short version of the introductory videos can be viewed online at www.DotMoney.TV/short.

With Dot Money the Global Currency Reserve intends to use its unique technology and business plan to end poverty and unlock the true potential of the human race. It aims to do so by providing every user of Dot Money a monthly living stipend, equivalent to a minimum of $1,200 USD per month with a purchasing power equivalent to December 1, 2014 that may used by the recipient for food, rent or any other lawful purpose, beginning on or before the year 2025 with no strings attached, without taxing anyone and without redistributing wealth.

Receipt of the money will be voluntary, and people will need to apply and prove that they are real people, and agree to other terms, such as non-violent and lawful use, in order to obtain the monthly payments. In the shorter term, to stimulate acceptance, the GCR plans to pay the sales taxes for certain transactions that are conducted using Dot Money.

But not like Bitcoin…

Unlike BitCoin, which has drawn the ire of law enforcement in many countries, Dot Money has a central administrator that will provide its unique solutions in cooperation with governments, law enforcement, banks, financial institutions and ordinary people, who are interested in retaining the value of their money, lowering taxes, decreasing national budget deficits, stabilizing the global economy, and, at the same time, dramatically improving the state of social welfare around the world and protecting from man-made and natural economic disasters.

Dot Money provides a brand new and unique tool for people to protect themselves from the devaluation of their local currencies without having to become speculators in stocks, bonds or commodities, such as gold or silver. Dot Money and the Global Currency Reserve may be one of the first businesses in the world that draws the support of politicians from opposing political parties, banks and the business sector, as well as popular support from the public.

Unlike BitCoin, which has drawn the ire of law enforcement in many countries, Dot Money has a central administrator that will provide its unique solutions in cooperation with governments, law enforcement, banks, financial institutions and ordinary people

Recently, the Dot Money Project created a Crowd Funding campaign to provide a way for people who support the launch of Dot Money to get involved. Supporters can also buy the Dot Money books, which are available in major book stores, and available in the Dot Money online store, in various languages, along with other merchandise, such as Dot Money T-Shirts that can be worn to help promote the movement. Dot Money also has an online television network in multiple languages at www.DotMoney.TV that provide videos and news that explains how Dot Money will work.

The Dot Money Project recruits and makes use of a network of both paid and volunteer staff in multiple countries. A list of opportunities for individuals, exchanges, banks, businesses, governments and others can be found on the GCR website www.GlobalCurrencyReserve.com under the Partnership Applications tab where there are still many opportunities available to work with the organization.

Created by ordinary people…

The Global Currency Reserve and Dot Money were not created or funded by big business and banks but by ordinary people and business owners around the world. The unique Dot Money plan is being referred to as the bailout plan by the people for the people that can also provide governments with a way out of some of their most pressing problems.

The organization and business plan is the brainchild of Eric Majors, who is an activist and the author of several books, including "Dot Money" and "The Business of Dot Money and the Global Currency Reserve," that define the entire movement. Mr. Majors is a spokesperson for the Global Currency Reserve and Dot Money. Mr. Majors is a reformed, former international investment banker, who lost everything and spent over three years in a US federal prison for insider trading. Mr. Majors is seeking redemption by offering the world his substantial experience as an insider in the world of international finance. Dot Money will work just like any other currency with more features, but it is not designed to replace any other currency.

There are attractive and profitable incentives for banks and governments that work with Dot Money and the Global Currency Reserve. The Global Currency Reserve achieves its primary goals by creating a new instrument, Dot Money, which can be exchanged with other currencies within fixed price ranges. These are set by the Global Currency Reserve, with inputs from the governments of supported national currencies. In addition, there are many opportunities for currency exchanges and entrepreneurs to operate businesses in relation to Dot Money.

Ordinary people from all over the world are pre-registering for Dot Money in a free process online, and many others are helping to spread the word through social media and supportive activism. For more information go to: www.DotMoney.Cash | www.GlobalCurrencyReserve.com | www.DotMoney.TV