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How Targeting the 'Mobile Reliant' Can Bring You Closer to Your Clients

How retailers are becoming more responsive by looking to shopper behaviors

BETHESDA, Md., June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — To assist its retail clients to better understand how customers use their mobile devices when shopping and to predict future behavior, DMI conducted a survey with 2,500 U.S. shoppers.

The results uncovered current mobile shopping behaviors, the most-desired features for the future and the impact those features could have on a retailer’s bottom line.

Most notably, the research identified a new audience, defined not by traditional demographics, but by behavior. This audience, coined “Mobile Reliants,” uses devices more frequently to shop and therefore represents the greatest opportunity to increase revenue via a focused mobile in-store strategy.

View key insights from the survey and learn more about who the “Mobile Reliants” are here.

The Mobile Reliants – Who Are They

The survey revealed that Mobile Reliants are not defined by a specific demographic but by their mobile behaviors. Over 30 percent of respondents to the survey qualified as Mobile Reliants via the following criteria:

  • Described daily mobile device usage as “all day”
  • Used a mobile device while shopping inside retail stores every time or regularly
  • Had three or more shopping applications (apps) on their mobile device
  • Made a past purchase on a mobile device

What Mobile Reliants Want In-store

This audience represents a significant opportunity for retailers and has proven they will reward brick-and-mortar retailers with increased loyalty, frequent visits and more spending if catered to through unique mobile in-store app experiences. Mobile Reliants favor utility – features that will help them shop smarter, faster and efficiently. The five most-desired features are:

  • Store-specific promotions
  • Instantly check item price and inventory
  • Review rewards balance any time
  • Check-out/purchase items
  • Use device to earn extra rewards

Impact for Retailers

research identified a new audience, defined not by traditional demographics, but by behavior

If the above features were included in mobile in-store experiences, retailers would see a significant increase in Mobile Reliant participation.

The survey data revealed that 97 percent would use the experience and 85 percent would be more likely to shop at the store over a competitor. Another 82 percent of respondents indicated they would visit the store more often, and 78 percent said they would buy or spend more while at the store.

Jeremy Gilman, VP Strategy, said: “Our research not only sheds light on in-store mobile behaviors, but it also pinpoints the highest-value audience that retailers should cater to with advanced mobile in-store shopping tools. Based on our findings, there is enormous opportunity for retailers to better serve Mobile Reliants and, in doing so, create stronger customer relationships that drive business performance. Catering to Mobile Reliants is the next big customer experience challenge for retailers to tackle, and we’re excited to help them do it.”




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