YAT, YPA and the Pursuit of Youth

There is a common presumption in the financial services career that it is an old man’s game, where there are not nearly enough younger people flowing in to replenish the ranks of advisors now preparing for retirement. The problem is, the numbers bear this out, and the demographic profile compresses even more when you consider the relatively small number of women and ethnic people entering financial services.

The Advisory Career: A Field of Dreams

The job of financial advisor has always been part dream-weaver, in addition to accountant, actuary… and perhaps numerical alchemist. In a simpler time, advisors painted retirement murals for their clients and provided the tools necessary to bring them to life: insurance, annuities and sound investment in pensions and 401(k)s.

Taj Mahal Rocks the Bull Run

Taj Mahal played a room for 300 last night at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, he on his plugged-in acoustic that he can make sound like a steel-guitar or can ramp up to sound like an electric, accompanied only by a drum and bass. The trio allowed Taj to exhibit his most gifted instrument, his voice, as he at times would only sparsely hit the strings but still create a full, rich sound. It’s fantastic!