InProfile: Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson, JD, CLU, ChFC, is vice president of Advanced Sales at Allianz Life. He assists financial professionals in meeting their clients’ goals for financial, estate, and retirement planning. We spoke with Jim about The American Taxpayer Relief Act and its impact for agents and advisors.

In Profile January 2013: Patrick T. Leary

Advisor Advocates by Carolyn Ellis, Features Editor   Pat Leary is LIMRA’s assistant vice president for distribution research and team leader for the 2012 LIMRA-McKinsey Experienced Financial Advisor Study released in November. We spoke with Leary about the challenges and opportunities facing advisors and companies in financial advisory distribution.   L&HA: The 2012 LIMRA-McKinsey study […]

in profile/ December 2012: David C. John

David John is the Senior Research Fellow in Retirement Security and Financial Institutions for the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy at the Heritage Foundation, a public policy research institute. We talked with John about the urgent need for Americans to save more for retirement and retirement saving reforms that will enable workers to do so.

IN Profile for August 2012: Sherri DuMond

No Ceiling Senior Vice President Sherri DuMond heads up the Distribution Training Group at Allianz Life. We spoke with her about successful women producers and WOMENETWORK, the symposium she founded at Allianz to bring the company’s top women sales professionals to new levels of success. by Carolyn Ellis L&HA Features Editor L&HA: It is clear […]

In Profile: Mike Dressander

Mike Dressander is president of Dressander Associates and BHC Marketing, wholly owned subsidiaries of Futurity First Insurance Group. A presence in the industry since 1983, Dressander spoke with us about their new comprehensive program for top annuity and insurance producers.

Profile: Brad Elman

Rarified Air by Carolyn Ellis L&HA Features Editor Brad Elman, CLU, founder of Nine Dots Benefits in Los Altos, California, is a 19-year MDRT member with nine Court of the Table qualifications. He is a second generation life and health insurance agent. His practice, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, focuses on helping closely […]

Profile: Joe Pulitano

Long Term View by Carolyn S. Ellis L&HA Features Editor Joe Pulitano is president of Advanced Resources Marketing, a Boston-based distributor of long term care insurance. He operates in every distribution channel that exists for long term care insurance, from facilitating carrier-to-carrier deals to employer groups, associations and selling directly to the consumer. We asked […]

Profile: Travis Bradberry, PhD

Emotional Intelligence by Carolyn S. Ellis L&HA Features Editor Dr. Travis Bradberry is co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and co-founder of TalentSmart, the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests, products, and training, headquartered in San Diego. We spoke with Travis about emotional intelligence and how we can improve our EQ. L&HA: What is emotional […]

Profile: Janet Deskins

Gathering the uninsured by Carolyn S. Ellis L&HA Features Editor Genworth Financial released its 2011 LifeJacket Study in March to show that an alarming percentage of Americans do not own life insurance. We spoke with Janet Deskins, Senior Vice President of Life Products, about Genworth’s efforts to educate consumers and assist agents and advisors to […]

Profile: Kip Gregory

Socializing by Carolyn S. Ellis L&HA Features Editor Kip Gregory and The Gregory Group help financial professionals improve their productivity. Using readily available desktop and Internet technology, they coach advisors and teams on strategies to maximize information gathering, communication, and relationships. From the platform of his latest book, Winning Clients in a Wired World, Kip […]