Survey: Pro-Athletes Are Not Well Served by Planners

More than 60% of Pro Athletes Need New Financial Advisors

SEATTLE, Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pro Athlete Direct™, the company that connects financial advisors with professional athlete clients, revealed a surprising finding about some of the most famous personalities in America – professional athletes, widely regarded as people who “have it all” are often not well served by the people they trust to help them with their financial management matters. Pro Athlete Direct solves this problem by connecting financial advisors with potential professional athlete clients and their sports agents.

“It’s almost shocking,” said Brian Ouellette, Co-Founder of Pro Athlete Direct. “Pro athletes may be our heroes, but they can be quite vulnerable when it comes to money and real estate. They’re young. They practice and travel around the clock. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that they need good financial planning help.”

According to Pro Athlete Direct, professional athletes earn an average of $1.6 million per year. Yet, professional athletes also tend to run into financial difficulty, with Sports Illustrated reporting that over 60% of pros become “broke” within 5 years of leaving their sports careers. “They need sound financial guidance right now and most are not getting it,” said Ouellette. “Pro Athlete Direct is in the business of helping athletes get the high quality guidance they need.”

...over 60% of pros become "broke" within 5 years of leaving their sports careers

Pro Athlete Direct offers financial professionals the unique ability to meet athletes, as well as the agents who represent them. The company has identified a distinct opportunity for financial advisors and realtors who want to build their businesses dramatically by tapping into the underserved pro athlete market.

To download Pro Athlete’s new infographic about the real estate and financial needs of professional athletes, please visit here.

Note: Numbers are estimates only. Various sources sited, including: NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Daily, Wikipedia and USAToday. The salaries do not include endorsement deals and/or other income from outside sources.




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