Strive Announces The Launch Of Mid-Cap ETF

Provides investors access to the middle 400 corporations by market cap of the Bloomberg US 1500 Index

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Strive Asset Management (“Strive”), a leading provider of shareholder-focused investment solutions, announced the launch of its twelfth fund, the Strive Mid-Cap ETF (NYSE: STXM), which offers Strive investors access to the middle 400 corporations by market cap of the Bloomberg US 1500 Index.

STXM joins the Strive 500 ETF (STRV) and Strive Small-Cap ETF (STXK) to complete the company’s market cap series and provide investors access to the entire Bloomberg US 1500 Index. STXM will also deliver to investors Strive’s proxy voting and shareholder engagement, which aims to unlock value for investors by advocating that companies focus on maximizing value over all other considerations.

“Like all our products, Strive’s new mid-cap fund, STXM, is strictly focused on maximizing shareholder value,” said Matt Cole, Strive CEO and CIO. “This is an exciting time at Strive. We look forward to building on our successes from 2023 with a major expansion announcement in the coming months, which serves as a testament to the extraordinary demand for pro-capitalism and pro-meritocracy financial services.”

Earlier this year, the company became the first ETF issuer to consolidate their entire portfolio on the NYSE floor, a premium service that improves the bid/ask spreads of ETFs. Strive also announced a new retirement plan for businesses small to large, the Strive Pooled Employer Plan (Strive PEP), and launched tax-loss harvesting separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Investors can learn more about STXM at www.strivefunds.com/STXM.




About Strive
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