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SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc. Secures Licenses in all 50 states

For Medicare Supplement and Advantage Customers;
To offer call-in support and comparison services nationwide

SAN DIEGO – September 22, 2014 – SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc., a provider of health, life and ancillary insurance products for seniors, announced it secured licensing in New York state, and so is now licensed nationwide to support its expanded call-in support and comparison services to older Americans.

SeniorQuote offers Medicare-eligible seniors the ability to cross-shop multiple carriers for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans, with additional support and guidance from an experienced team of insurance professionals.

“Few agencies are licensed in all 50 states and D.C. so this is a huge feat for us. We had an aggressive expansion plan and take great pride in being able to help seniors nationwide now,” said SeniorQuote Insurance Services CEO, Bill Haynor. “As more and more Baby Boomers turn 65, the need for answers about Medicare coverage is growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be a trusted resource when it comes to Medicare Supplement and Advantage options.”

The process to obtain each state license is a challenging task. Once licensing is obtained for the company, there is also an appointment process for insurance carriers for each state. In addition, agents are required to be certified to sell Medicare Advantage products, as well as licensed in each state, and appointed by each insurance carrier to sell their insurance products. This is a major accomplishment that many others haven’t attempted to achieve and truly distinguishes SeniorQuote from other providers and allows them to operate broadly.

...offering Medicare-eligible seniors the ability to cross-shop multiple carriers for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans

SeniorQuote operates a call-in support center and employs a growing staff of experienced insurance associates and executives. Haynor and his team of licensed agents continue to expand their customer’s choices with the addition of new coverage programs from many of the industry’s top insurance carriers.

“It’s a growing market and seniors have many choices. That’s what makes it even more important for them to do their homework and use resources to compare and contrast different policies. Our goal is to help customers choose the right plan or supplement policy for their individual healthcare needs,” explained Haynor.





SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc.
SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is an insurance agency founded for the singular purpose of helping seniors find the right health, life and ancillary insurance coverage to meet the needs of their family. The company, founded by veteran insurance executive William Haynor, offers various insurance products, including Medicare Supplement and Advantage options from several of the nation’s leading and most respected carriers, through a team of licensed, experienced and highly trained customer associates. To learn more about the company and the carriers represented, visit or call (800) 992-7724.