Security Benefit Increases Withdrawal Rates for Foundations Lifetime Income Rider

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TOPEKA, Kan.—June 25, 2019—Security Benefit announced it has significantly increased the Lifetime Withdrawal Rates for the Foundations Annuity optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider (Lifetime Income Rider), from 30 to 50 bps higher for each age. Available only on the 7-year product, the increased withdrawal rates for the Rider are effective on contracts issued on or after Monday, June 24. The new rates do not apply to in-force contracts issued prior to June 24. The new payout rates increase each year (by 0.10% a year, except in ages 57-59, where the rates increase by 0.15%). In addition, the schedule of annual withdrawal rate increases now goes up to age 90, instead of the previous maximum of age 80.

“Foundations can be an important component of a retiree’s portfolio,” noted Doug Wolff, President of Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. “It has the flexibility to deliver growth potential linked to the market in the accumulation phase, and guaranteed lifetime income in retirement. The longer an owner waits to take income, the larger the guaranteed income will be. And our increased withdrawal rates mean even more lifetime income for retirees.”

With the Foundations Lifetime Income Rider, owners are guaranteed a set amount of income for life, even if their account value reaches $0. Take a closer look at the complete Withdrawal Rate Schedule to see how different ages compare. To see how much income Foundations could generate, visit SecurityBenefit.com.

For more information, please call 800.747.5164, option 3.

It has the flexibility to deliver growth potential linked to the market in the accumulation phase...




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