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Second Half Of Life

Americans are redefining health in the latter years of life

Research from AARP and National Geographic reveal 8 reasons to keep working after retirement, and tips on avoiding the #1 consumer scam in America.

WASHINGTON, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Older Americans are not only the happiest adult Americans as a whole, but also consider themselves healthier and more financially secure than those in their 40s and 50s, reveals a new study published in AARP Bulletin. The “Second Half of Life Study,” conducted with National Geographic, surveyed thousands of adults age 18 to 90 to explore how Americans perceive their current life, their expectations for the future and aging in general as we emerge from the COVID pandemic. About two-thirds of adults over 80 said that they were living their “best possible life” or close to it, compared with just 1 in 5 younger adults.

The study disproves many common misconceptions about aging and suggests that greater focus should be put on adults in their 40s and 50s, who reported higher levels of stress and worry and lower levels of life satisfaction and health than older Americans. The Bulletin breaks down the data to reveal:

  • How Americans are redefining what it means to be healthy, and how “healthy but with chronic conditions” is becoming the new norm
  • Why younger adults’ expectations of retirement are much different from the experiences of older respondents
  • How personal connections contribute to our quality of life as people get older
  • And much more

Also in the June issue:

Your Money

The Rewards of Continuing to Work in Retirement: Working in retirement might sound like a contradiction in terms, but that’s not necessarily the case. Part-time, freelance, consulting, or volunteer work can add to your retirement satisfaction and round out your schedule. In this month’s issue, learn 8 good reasons to keep working after retirement, only one having to do with money.

Who’s Policing Your Money: If your house gets burglarized, you know exactly who to call. But if a money manager, debt collector, insurer or scammer does you wrong, who is the police on the beat? This ultra-practical guide shows you what local, state or federal “cops” are on the beat and should be the ones to call.

Live Well for Less: Don’t Overpay for Your Cereal! Grocery delivery services have become the new norm since COVID struck, but at what financial cost? Columnist Lisa Lee Freeman reveals all the secret charges and price hikes you might be paying to get groceries brought to your door and shows how to get home delivery in a way that’s financially fair to all.

Fraud Watch

Hear these words? Hang up!: Can you identify the signs of a fraudulent phone call? The Bulletin shares texts from seven actual phone-scam pitches gathered by AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline and challenges you to find the word or phrase that reveals it’s a fraud. Read this month’s “Fraud Watch” issue to learn the signs of a scam call, when to engage, and when you should hang up.

Your Health

The Dangers of the Sugary Drink Trend: Designer sodas, fresh pressed juices and smoothies, chocolaty frappes, bubble teas – we now have more fancy store-bought drink options than ever before! But this is not necessarily a healthy trend. Many of these popular new drinks are shockingly high in sugar, which puts you at greater risk for several health conditions. In this month’s issue, learn about the pitfalls of the sweet-drink trend and five practical ways to cut back.




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