Safe Money Broadcasting Teams with the Society for Financial Awareness to Help Advisors Better Engage Consumers and Grow Their Businesses

Promoting financial literacy

KEY WEST, Fla., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Money Broadcasting (“SMB”), a premier Internet and media publishing company for the financial services industry, is partnering with the Society for Financial Awareness (“SOFA”), a leading non-profit organization in advancing financial awareness and literacy in communities across America, to offer integrated services and programs to advisors and agents nationwide.

Through this strategic partnership, financial professionals will have more opportunities to get in front of retirement savers, educate them, and build long-lasting relationships. Advisors will gain access to a complete platform of business resources: approved retirement workshop presentations, digital marketing support, branded marketing materials, educational content, and SOFA’s proven 26-year model for helping advisors connect with people needing their guidance.

What makes this platform unique? This is a first-ever opportunity that lets advisors build new relationships from every angle: prospecting, lead generation, referrals, and existing clients.

Partnership Creates Opportunities for Advisors While Addressing Financial Illiteracy

As a leader in digital marketing and financial education strategies, Safe Money Broadcasting has helped hundreds of advisors grow their firms since 2011. Recognizing the ills of financial illiteracy, its team has created a comprehensive workshop presentation-digital marketing support program for advisors to better reach and engage the public.

While Safe Money Broadcasting’s new platform gives advisors everything they need for effective workshops, SOFA and its non-profit public-benefit model fill a critical need. As SOFA members, advisors can serve their local areas as financial educators, become pillars of their communities, and have continuing opportunities to form new relationships.

Those who join in SOFA and Safe Money’s shared programs can take advantage of exclusive, limited-time pricing on this platform and on annual SOFA membership.

“I’m greatly excited about this collaboration with our long-time friends at the Society for Financial Awareness. They have been instrumental in working to end financial illiteracy nationwide,” said Brent Meyer, founder and CMO of SMB. “This partnership gives advisors a chance to share in their mission while getting in front of more people, resulting in increased opportunities.”

“It’s a real privilege in collaborating with Brent and the great people at Safe Money. Their latest retirement workshop presentation program is without exception one of the most easy-to-grasp programs – both for the advisor to deliver and the recipient to understand,” said Jim Chilton, founder and CEO of the Society for Financial Awareness. “The content is superb. Combine that with Safe Money’s digital marketing and SOFA’s lead generation delivery system, and it’s an absolute win-win for all.”

As SOFA members, advisors can serve their local areas as financial educators, become pillars of their communities, and have continuing opportunities to form new relationships...

The struggle for financial literacy is real. In a study by the FINRA Foundation, only one-third of Americans could pass a quiz on basic financial knowledge. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans, reports the Federal Reserve, have no retirement savings or pension. Yet roughly half of U.S. households have access to a work-based retirement plan, according to the Stanford Center on Longevity.

The Society for Financial Awareness helps fill this crucial gap. SOFA members provide free, engaging financial workshops to employees in workplaces across America. Their efforts help companies of all sizes meet their mandated employee financial literacy obligations. Section 404(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires that organizations providing a retirement plan ensure their employees receive generic financial education.

“Jim Chilton has been a close personal friend and business partner for many years. This partnership makes perfect sense. I’m honored to work together with him and his team in this effort,” Meyer continued.





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Safe Money Broadcasting is currently taking inquiries from advisors about how they can become involved with this movement, and the response has been tremendous.
For more information about how you can join, please visit here.
About Safe Money Broadcasting
Established in 2011, Safe Money Broadcasting (“SMB”) is an independent media and publishing company serving the guaranteed retirement and insurance space. Financial professionals nationally have worked with SMB’s team to develop marketing and prospecting strategies, increase their annuity and insurance business, and grow their firms. SMB holds no business ties or obligations to any insurance or financial services companies, enabling financial professionals to scale their businesses while remaining truly independent. For more information, visit www.safemoneybroadcasting.com.
About the Society for Financial Awareness
SOFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. Since 1993, its mission is to provide financial education across the United States—one community at a time. SOFA members are professionals with a wide range of financial expertise, credentials, and personal qualifications.
They donate time in the community conducting no-cost, no-obligation financial workshops. These informational workshops—available to individuals, companies, and organizations—satisfy the Department of Labor’s ERISA 404(c) requirement for companies offering any type of defined-contribution pension plan to employees.