RIIA Expands Webinar Series into a Retirement Income Virtual Learning Center

Offering Content Based on Two Tracks:  Advisors and Home Office Personnel

Boston, MA (January 8, 2013) The Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) is launching the first phase in the expansion of its popular webinar series into a more robust Retirement Income Virtual Learning Center (VLC).  According to Kim McSheridan, RIIA consultant for the VLC project, the objective is to create the industry’s premier resource for web-based live as well as archived lectures and presentations on retirement-income research, products, and strategies for the benefit of personnel at home offices and institutions and financial advisors.

“The VLC Committee felt it was important to tailor webinar programming toward the different needs of advisors in the field and professionals working in corporate home offices and institutions,” comments McSheridan.  “In that way, our members and supporters can quickly get the latest information and thinking that directly impacts their success and the growth of their organizations.”

In addition to enhancing  and augmenting RIIA programs such as the Retirement Management Analyst advanced education, the Retirement Market Insight research and consulting platform, and the Retirement Management Journal, the VLC will be a web-based offering that provides easy access to timely retirement income content and research to help users acquire, retain and expand client relationships; increase revenue; anticipate and manage growth opportunities; and, differentiate themselves in the marketplace for increased success.

Says Robert Powell, RIIA’s business unit director of publications and the VLC, the content will be delivered by the leading retirement income experts.  “Our Advisor Track 2013 kick off web event will be presented on January 9, 2013 at 12:00 EST by financial advisor, Dana Anspach, RMA, Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, and Principal of Sensible Money, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm in Scottsdale, Arizona,” he adds. (Space is limited.  Reserve your Webinar seat now. All are welcome.)

The VLC Committee felt it was important to tailor webinar programming toward the different needs of advisors in the field and professionals working in corporate home offices and institutions

Since 2008, Anspach has been writing online as About.com’s Guide to MoneyOver55 and is currently compiling her years of experience and knowledge into a book, Control Your Retirement Destiny, which will be available in the spring of 2013. During the webinar, she will share with other advisors and financial professionals lessons in “Real Life Retirement Income Planning” and offer several case studies and best practices.

The first webinar targeted toward personnel at corporate home offices and institutions will be presented by Francois Gadenne, Executive Director of RIIA, who will give a “The State of Industry” overview of key issues and opportunities coming in 2013 to the retirement income marketplace.

The RIIA VLC is also seeking sponsors for each of the webinar tracks. In addition to furthering their leadership positions in this growth market, sponsors receive a one-minute advertisement at the beginning and end of each live and archived webinar as well as the opportunity to have a subject matter expert of their choice deliver one webinar during the sponsorship year. Sponsors are also be able to offer the webinars to their partners, selecting the specific topics that are top-of-mind and allow the contribution of content to their track.

Sponsors and presenters should contact Kim McSheridan, [email protected], for the home office/institutional webinars or Jack Tatar, [email protected], about the advisor webinars.

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