Retirement Made Manifest

How advisor Ryan Coiner plans first for retirees’ peace-of-mind;
Beckons entrepreneurs to follow

DALLAS, April, 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ryan Coiner’s Dallas-Ft. Worth based financial services firm is founded on the Bible verse Proverbs 10:9, “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”

Coiner is committed to being a company of true integrity; he’s more interested in helping his clients find the right portfolio solutions than pushing products. Coiner is quick to point out this key line from Proverbs drives his approach to dealing with entrepreneurs, small business owners, families and retirees alike as the founder of Integrity Financial Group.

“This concept holds true in the financial planning world, because those who take shortcuts or manipulate the system often fail,” says Coiner. “Whether you’re an investor or an advisor, there are no shortcuts to successfully navigating the financial journey. I always try to ‘walk securely’, making sure I’m honest and upfront with my clients. No one can predict the future, but by putting together a holistic financial plan with proper risk management and investment balance, I’m able to help my clients prepare for whatever may come their way.”

Coiner, originally from Southern California, moved with his family to Texas in the mid-2000s, embraces the Golden Rule (“Do unto others…”) and makes it a foundational philosophy of his business.

Like all successful financial professionals worth their salt, Ryan is very skilled and adept at retirement planning – helping people approaching or of retirement age to live their later years with peace of mind and a steady stream of income. What sets him apart from most other advisors is his personal background as a small business owner and the ease with which he works with a highly under-represented demographic in the financial services industry: entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In an industry where many advisers seek clients who have large qualified plans like 401Ks they want to roll into private management or annuities, Coiner’s experience as an entrepreneur and his innate ability to think like one allows him to understand the dynamics and specific challenges and goals that these clients may have when they come to him for financial planning. Among the foundational services he provides them are help with taxes and risk management.

...he works with a highly under-represented demographic in the financial services industry: entrepreneurs and small business owners

Much of this comes naturally to him, as both his grandfather and father were successful entrepreneurs at different points in their lives. After World War II, his grandfather got off the boat in Long Beach, California and took a job as a commercial painter; within a few years, he grew a multi-million dollar enterprise in Southern California, then retired at 40 and moved back to his home state of Oklahoma. Coiner’s father was later a successful commercial real estate broker in Southern California, growing a large business with listings throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County, where Coiner grew up.

Coiner was likewise committed to excellence in his previous professional endeavors. A champion soccer player at the University of San Diego where he was twice named West Coast Conference Player of the Year and Two-Time All American, Coiner turned pro, playing for Union Berlin & Holstein Kiel in Germany and the Columbus Crew in Major League Soccer.

Values-based financial planning

The “values based financial planning” aspect of Integrity Financial Group is another way that Coiner sets his firm apart from most of today’s financial advisors. In part, and in line with the name of the firm itself, the phrase means that his firm gives his clients the option to connect “your values to your money.”

One of the options he offers clients is a “moral audit” on their current portfolio, which involves screening them for holdings on companies that violate the client’s values. For those who are interested, Coiner will, using cutting edge technology, also build out custom planning and solution in line with their values. For example, for clients who hate paying taxes, he will utilize every legal law to minimize their tax liability. If they are conservative in faith and politics, he can make sure their strategies are with conservative leaning companies.

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