Random Acts of Kindness…

‘Inspire To Act’ challenges what we embrace in business culture, personal lives

METHUEN, MA–(Marketwired – Apr 8, 2014) – Strategic Vision Publishing (SVP), an innovative publisher of business books and online learning solutions, announces the release of Inspire To Act, a thought provoking new book about the power of Random Acts of Kindness to reshape company culture, bring joy and purpose to the workplace and improve the quality of life for leaders, individuals and families alike.

This short book by the influential authors of Bend the Healthcare Trend leverages real world stories from people in many walks of life to show how easy and joyful it is to infuse random acts of kindness into everyday thinking and actions.

Authors Jennifer A. Borislow & Mark S. Gaunya, nationally recognized thought leaders in innovative cost solutions for employee benefits programs, share their perspective about introducing random acts of kindness into their business practice, social circles and family lives. They also share the experiences of many others as this amazing phenomenon pays huge dividends to all who embrace it. “We really needed to share with people just how easy and rewarding it is to start and sustain this chain reaction in an organization, among friends or in a family,” says co-author Jennifer A. Borislow. “This book describes the enormous gratification that can be achieved through random acts of kindness in a way that keeps it short, sweet and simple.”

We really needed to share with people just how easy and rewarding it is to start and sustain this chain reaction in an organization

Inspire to Act is filled with powerful stories and a sense of purpose that will touch your heart and enrich your soul. “We called it Inspire to Act, because we found that the simplest acts of kindness, when adopted as part of a workplace culture or personal everyday thinking, have a perspective altering chain reaction effect,” adds co-author Mark S. Gaunya. “This makes each act a powerful multiplier, truly inspiring others to act, and becoming a force for good in the world.”

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About SVP Publishing:
Mark S. Gaunya, Principal of Borislow Insurance, and Jennifer A. Borislow, President of Borislow Insurance, are both very passionate about the employee benefits industry, improving health and well-being and lowering insurance costs. To share their passion, Mark & Jennifer founded Strategic Vision Publishing in 2009 when they wrote “Bend the Healthcare Trend: How Consumer Driven Health and Wellness Plans Lower Insurance Costs”. It is a practical guide designed to increases your healthcare confidence by blending theory with application through 10 real life case studies and accompanied by a mobile web application called CDHP Coach.