Planning Today: Income For What’s Next

Franklin Templeton looks to educate advisors on new retirement realities

(SAN MATEO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 25, 2014) – Franklin Templeton Investments (NYSE: BEN) today introduced Income For What’s Next, a comprehensive program geared to address the complexities and changing reality of retirement today and provide tools advisors can use to help their clients develop long-lasting retirement income investment strategies.

With over 10,000 people turning 65 each day1, and a retirement environment made increasingly challenging by lengthening life expectancies, rising expenses and economic concerns, the program provides advisors with much sought after insights on the process of turning their clients’ savings into income.

“The bulk of retirement planning has historically been focused on accumulation — helping clients make sound, logical decisions to maximize their retirement savings. However, as demographic and economic trends evolve, retirement income is coming more to the forefront as an essential function for advisors. They must help clients turn their savings into income — income that pays for their mortgage, their health care and even their vacations — and that must last longer and longer. Advisors play a vital role in guiding their clients as the more detached logic of accumulation is replaced by the very real emotions of preparing to live in retirement,” said Michael Doshier, vice president of Retirement Marketing for Franklin Templeton Investments.

Today many retirees are moving on to more flexible work, rediscovered passions, or even new careers. For many, retirement is not about slowing down, but about being able to do what’s next. Thus, investors want to work with an advisor that has the tools and expertise to help them in defining their goals and concerns, developing a strategy and selecting the right investments. Income for What’s Next gives advisors a framework to build investment strategies to help manage their clients’ retirement income to meet retirement expenses, focusing on four practical steps:

  • Engage – Begin the conversation with clients about income for what’s next
  • Plan – Help clients build a plan
  • Select – Select the right products to generate income
  • Review – Track and monitor clients’ strategies and investments

The Income for What’s Next guide provides simple, tactical tools to facilitate such exercises as prioritizing retirement goals and concerns and matching potential income sources to fixed, rising and discretionary expenses.

“For over 65 years, advisors have trusted us to help build their clients’ retirement nest eggs. As the concept of retirement has evolved over time and new retirement realities have become the norm, we remain committed to providing the insight, tools and products that advisors need in helping clients turn their savings into retirement income. Our Income for What’s Next program, introduces a fresh take on how to create a retirement income investment strategy that is built to last. Understanding how to put in place appropriate income sources, and how to match those income sources to a realistic estimation of needed expenses, is crucial to sustaining retirement income over the long term,” said Dan O’Lear, executive vice president and head of Retail Distribution – North America for Franklin Templeton Investments.



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