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Megan Lencoski Appointed As Carnegie Investment's New Nonprofit Development Specialist

Lencoski’s new role is focused on providing innovative fundraising strategies, specialized tools, resources, and tips to help nonprofits grow and achieve their goals

CLEVELAND, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Carnegie Investment Counsel, a well-respected Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), has recently added a team member dedicated to helping nonprofit clients maximize their development efforts. The company is proud to welcome Megan Lencoski as its new Nonprofit Development Specialist. With Lencoski on board, nonprofit clients of Carnegie Investment Counsel now have access to expert consulting on revenue growth and fundraising strategies to increase their impact.

Lencoski’s new role at Carnegie Investment Counsel is focused on providing innovative fundraising strategies, specialized tools, resources, and tips to help nonprofits grow and achieve their goals. With nine years of experience as the Development Director and COO of WomenSafe, a nonprofit domestic violence shelter and resource center based in Northeast Ohio, Lencoski has extensive experience and access to resources. Now, she brings that knowledge to Carnegie to help nonprofits build strong relationships with their donors, increase their visibility and impact, and grow their revenue streams.

Even after leaving her position at WomenSafe, Lencoski continues to be involved with the agency as a volunteer, helping with special events, grant writing, and ongoing digital marketing. Her passion for the nonprofit sector and her commitment to helping organizations grow make her an invaluable asset to the Carnegie Investment Counsel team.

Working For Their Clients

Lencoski’s addition to the team demonstrates Carnegie Investment Counsel’s commitment to providing valuable resources to nonprofit organizations. By partnering with Carnegie Investment Counsel, nonprofit clients can now get access to Lencoski’s expertise and resources to help them grow their revenue streams and maximize their impact on communities.

Carnegie Investment Counsel has always been dedicated to the investing success of its clients. As a fiduciary, the company places the client’s investing success ahead of their returns. The company tailors an investment portfolio and financial plan aimed at clients’ goals with an appropriate level of risk, actively monitoring and adjusting the portfolio as needed to optimize their performance and returns. Carnegie Investment Counsel is 100% fee-only, meaning their only compensation is a percentage of assets managed. This transparent model promotes trust and helps to remove conflicts of interest.

With Lencoski’s wealth of experience and expertise in the nonprofit sector, Carnegie Investment Counsel’s nonprofit clients can expect even more guidance and resources to help them achieve their goals. The addition of Lencoski to the team demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing its nonprofit clients with the best possible service and support.

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