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PAi Introduces Relatable 401(k) Scenarios For Small Business Owners

These small business personas are designed to give employers interested in starting a company-sponsored 401(k) a glimpse into the background and factors that most commonly influence retirement plan decisions

DE PERE, Wis., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — From an independent realtor to a restaurant owner with hundreds of employees, PAi’s Retirement Planning Employer Personas provide common small business scenarios as a relatable approach to exploring retirement plan options.

Each small business persona highlights key factors such as size, location, business and plan goals, and ultimately, which CoPilot retirement plan option works for them. The profiles also include information on specific plan design features based on unique business needs, coordinating resources and blogs, and an interactive Q&A flowchart to help business owners determine which plan type might make the most sense for their situation. provides a place for employers to spend time reviewing and comparing retirement plan options based on several small business factors. In addition to standard business benefits of sponsoring a 401(k), relevant considerations such as the why behind plan design features, state mandates, and personal savings goals are also covered.

“After incorporating our Retirement Planning People into participant alerts and education, we saw a strong response to the relatable savings scenarios. Thousands of employees started contributing for the first time or increased their contribution rates. This type of plan engagement is exactly what we strive for and will continue to focus on as we communicate and check in with our customers,” Sara Diener, Director of Customer Experience at PAi, stated.

Accommodating Plans Of All Sizes

Skyla Loritz, Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager at PAi, further explained, “After seeing success with the participant personas, we knew we wanted to provide similar education for employers interested in starting a 401(k) plan. We know business owners have unique goals and challenges, and having customized plan design support is important. These small business scenarios provide an overview of our plan sponsor demographics and their reasons for starting a retirement plan. We also see these being a helpful tool for financial advisors to reference when introducing the idea of 401(k) to their clients in similar scenarios.”

PAi’s CoPilot 401(k) plan options are designed to accommodate plans of all sizes, with no minimum requirements for plan assets or employee counts. Along with robust plan design support, a dedicated Installation and Conversion Representative is assigned to provide plan sponsors with one-on-one assistance during the setup process. Whether an employer is working with or without a Financial Advisor, all CoPilot plans include unique recordkeeping features with tailored, event-based alerts and a Years of Retirement Calculator designed to show participants how many years they can afford to be retired, not just how many dollars they’ve saved.

PAi provides simple 401(k) retirement solutions, streamlining the sales and setup process so business owners can focus on what they do best—running their business. For more information on CoPilot service options, visit here.




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Since 1983, PAi has helped people successfully save for retirement by changing retirement outcomes with participant-focused, easy-to-manage 401(k) retirement services. CoPilot’s recordkeeping services feature Years of Retirement calculations, allowing savers to see exactly how many years their savings can buy, and an event-based alert system that keeps participants on track by sending updates along the way. See how CoPilot is changing the retirement conversation: