OneAmerica® Target Date Series Goes Beyond ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach

RetirementTrack offers a customized approach to target date funds

INDIANAPOLIS (July 13, 2020) — As part of the company’s commitment to product innovation and customization, OneAmerica® today announced a user-friendly solution to retirement investing with the new RetirementTrack target date series, the company’s first foray into multi-glidepath funds.

RetirementTrack, which launched June 1, goes beyond traditional target date funds (TDFs), which tie asset allocation to age and retirement date. The new product takes TDFs a step further, allowing participants to further customize by risk tolerance. Three glidepath options ─ conservative, moderate or aggressive ─ are available within each TDF. The inclusion of a stable value asset class in the investment lineup helps manage market volatility.

“The industry has seen such a rise in traditional target date funds because they can be a great option for many people,” said Sandy McCarthy, president of Retirement Services at OneAmerica. “RetirementTrack is really the next chapter in target date funds. Where traditional target date funds have ‘one-size-fits-all’ limitations, RetirementTrack allows participants to customize investments in a way that meets their individual needs and objectives.”

The Importance of Customization

“RetirementTrack really speaks to our foundational belief in the importance of customization,” McCarthy added. “No two participants are alike, and the solutions we offer need to reflect that.”

Where traditional target date funds have ‘one-size-fits-all’ limitations, RetirementTrack allows participants to customize investments in a way that meets their individual needs and objectives...

Created and managed through a collaboration of industry leaders – BlackRock, flexPATH Strategies, LLC, and Wilmington Trust – RetirementTrack is available exclusively to OneAmerica customers through a collective investment trust (CIT), with additional highlights of 3(38) investment management. RetirementTrack also adheres to U.S. Department of Labor fiduciary guidelines, released to help protect fiduciaries and guide them in making prudent decisions.

“Now more than ever, fiduciaries need a tool to help protect them when it comes to their TDFs,” said Terry Burns, managing director for products and investments, Retirement Services, OneAmerica. “RetirementTrack can be that tool. Not only does it offer best-practice options with cost efficiencies built in, it also provides various levels of 3(38) fiduciary protection.”

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