Nationwide Expands Program to Help Members Navigate Life in Retirement

Annuity customers have access to free health advocacy and counseling services

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nationwide is expanding an exclusive and innovative program that enables financial advisors to help their clients navigate life challenges. The Nationwide Care Concierge Program — the only program of its kind offered by a financial services company outside of an employee assistance program1—provides benefits such as health advocacy, finding a home for elderly parents and accessing services to members of several Nationwide annuity products.

At Nationwide, innovation is driven by a deep understanding of customer needs and a creative approach to delighting and delivering value to members. What started as a successful program for Nationwide associates, the Nationwide Care Concierge Program has been received as a welcome solution to members’ life challenges and a useful tool for financial advisors as they serve clients. While advisors can provide a roadmap to fulfill financial needs, many feel ill-equipped to help when their clients need assistance navigating complex health questions.

Click here for a video under two minutes that shows one way this unique service can be used.

“Nationwide is finding innovative solutions to help Americans prepare for and live in retirement,” said Cathy Marasco, associate vice president of Nationwide’s annuity and life insurance businesses. “These services are often handled through employee assistance programs and people generally lose access to these assistance programs when they retire. Nationwide is the first financial company in the U.S to offer this service outside an employee assistance program.1”

Following an initial launch in July for customers of certain variable annuities, with the program’s expansion, the service is now available to an additional approximately 140,000 new and existing annuity customers. The service, administered by Health Advocate, is not only available to the contract owners, but also their spouses, parents, parents-in-laws and the beneficiaries on their annuity contracts. There is no additional cost for access to these services.

finding innovative solutions to help Americans prepare for and live in retirement

Members’ benefits include services such as:

  • Help for members who are turning age 65 as they navigate the complex Medicare system
  • Find doctors or specialists and make appointments – especially useful as retirees have health issues or move to new cities
  • Research and review medical treatment options
  • Help with arranging care for aging parents or adult children
  • Counseling services to help with personal issues, life transitions or grief after the passing of a loved one
  • Managing health insurance claims and billing issues
  • Access to legal services for help with minor legal questions and issues
  • Concierge services for vacation or event planning, entertainment recommendations, gift ideas and more

“Health Advocate is an industry leader in patient advocacy and assistance, serving over 50 million Americans,” Marasco said. “We trust them with our own associates and we trust them with our members.”

Care Concierge is now available on the following annuities:

  • Nationwide DestinationSM Navigator 2.0
    Nationwide DestinationSM All American Gold 2.0
    Nationwide DestinationSM Architect 2.0
    Nationwide DestinationSM Freedom +
    Nationwide DestinationSM B 2.0
    The Nationwide New Heights Suite®
    Nationwide Peak®
    Nationwide Summit ®
    Nationwide Secure GrowthSM
    Nationwide INCOME Promise Select®

Financial advisors who would like more information can visit Careconcierge.nationwidefinancial.com. Eligible Nationwide contract customers can call 1-866-799-2688 or visit HealthAdvocate.com/members (Organization name: Nationwide Care Concierge).




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