National Western Life Introduces Newest Fixed Indexed Annuity, NWL New Frontiers

Newest FIA offers protection and accumulation, plus access to proprietary J.P. Morgan Factor FocusSM Index

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Western Life Insurance Company (National Western Life) announced the launch of NWL® New Frontiers, an innovative addition to the Company’s product suite. This new fixed indexed annuity exclusively offers access to the J.P. Morgan Factor FocusSM Index, while providing customers with the opportunity to take advantage of market gains and help with accumulation.

NWL® New Frontiers offers index strategies with one-year, two-year, and six-year durations. Customers interested in the six-year option can choose the J.P. Morgan Factor FocusSM Six Year Strategy, which includes an innovative Lock-In Index Value option. NWL® New Frontiers will be available exclusively through The Sterling Group, who assisted in the design of the product. This fixed indexed annuity is the second product made available to The Sterling Group and the first developed by the alliance.

“The launch of the NWL® New Frontiers annuity is exciting for all involved,” said Chad J. Tope, National Western Life’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. “With the help of The Sterling Group, we’ve created a powerful accumulation product that producers and customers will certainly gravitate toward.”

As the Company continues implementing new systems and technological enhancements, the NWL® New Frontiers annuity will be one of several new products available only on the FireLight® platform, allowing producers to submit applications electronically for easier business. This system offers producers a more efficient and streamlined process, plus the ability to provide electronic delivery to clients.

“We look forward to continually enhancing our business process, and NWL® New Frontiers is one of several new and innovative products we are introducing to the marketplace,” commented Mr. Tope. “We are excited to share it with customers and producers.”




About National Western Life:
National Western Life Group, Inc. is the parent organization of National Western Life Insurance Company, which is the parent organization of Ozark National Life Insurance Company, both stock life insurance companies in aggregate offering a broad portfolio of individual universal life, whole life and term insurance plans, as well as annuity products. At June 30, 2022, the Company maintained consolidated total assets of $13.3 billion, consolidated stockholders’ equity of $2.1 billion, and combined life insurance in force of $20.3 billion.