NAILBA, A Finseca Community, Announces New Underwriting Certification

New series is designed to train and develop individuals in the underwriting process of life insurance sales

Washington, D.C. (June 6, 2024) – NAILBA, a Finseca community, and the leading insurance industry organization that advocates for consumer choice in the insurance and financial services marketplace through independent brokerage distribution, has released a new professional certification for underwriting.

Two years ago, Finseca successfully launched NAILBA Case Manager Certification, a program that yielded increased placement, innovation, and efficiency, and was the catalyst to expand the certification offering. This new training program is the latest in that certification series and is designed to train and develop individuals in the underwriting process of life insurance sales.

Comprised of 19 modules, each featuring a training video and quiz, it offers an extensive exploration of the various intricacies of underwriting. Key topics covered include types of underwriting, risk factors, mortality versus morbidity, reinsurance, digital underwriting, and considerations for foreign nationals.

Dan LaBert, the President of Independent Distribution at Finseca, said, “NAILBA takes pride in addressing the ongoing need for consistent training and continuing education within the brokerage community, a vital component of the financial services profession. Our distinctive position allows us to aggregate insights from carriers, agencies, and regulatory bodies, enabling us to provide unparalleled best practices, technological expertise, and exclusive resources to our stakeholders.”

Finesca members are eligible for a discount on professional training. To learn more visit https://www.finseca.org/underwriting-certification/.




About NAILBA, a Finseca Community
The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, better known across the insurance industry as NAILBA, is the trade association representing independent brokers and brokerage general agencies (BGAs) committed to providing American consumers with various financial and retirement security products such as life and health insurance, annuities, and other supplemental benefits. In August 2022, NAILBA announced that it had merged with Finseca in pursuit of stronger brokerage distribution and accelerated efforts to reunify the financial services profession and had become NAILBA, a Finseca Community. Visit NAILBA at www.finseca.org/nailba/.