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NAFA: Advisors- Tell Congress To Pass The Retirement Enhancement & Savings Act NOW!

The time is NOW for Congress to take action to improve the retirement security for American families!

NAFA’s Executive Director, Chip Anderson, has  made an appeal to the whole of the financial services community to petition the Congress.

Members of the Financial Services Industry,

We need your help today to ask Congress to improve the retirement security of American families. Congress is considering passing the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA) before the upcoming budget deadline of March 23.

RESA incorporates long-supported bipartisan provisions that improve and enhance the employer-provided retirement system. In particular, the legislation encourages small-employer retirement plan coverage, worker participation and education, and facilitates greater annuity options to provide guaranteed lifetime income in retirement. NAFA has supported RESA for a number of years, and now it appears Congress ready to act. But they need our support!

Please submit your letter HERE and urge your representatives in Congress to help retirement savers by passing RESA as part of the upcoming spending package.

Thank you, together our voices are stronger,

Chip Anderson
NAFA Executive Director
(414) 332-9306 x 1


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