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Movers, Shakers and Deal-Makers

Wealth Management Deal Makers, Negotiators to Convene in Santa Monica, CA at ECHELON Partners’ Deals and Deal Makers Summit 2014

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA–(Marketwired – August 11, 2014) –

  • 1.5 day conference will focus on how independent advisors can negotiate and structure their deals
  • ECHELON limits attendees, and speaker sessions, to maximize impact
  • Sessions include popular Tibergien/Seivert debate redux (new topics) as well as a “mock negotiation,” “deal making help-desk,” negotiation skills I.Q. test, and presentation by author Lewis Schiff

ECHELON Partner, announced the speakers for their popular Deals and Deal Makers Summit to be held at the Annenberg Beach House, Santa Monica, CA, September 24 and 25. The focus of the entire 1.5 day event will be negotiation as pertains to deal-making.

Previous presenters Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, Lewis Schiff, Executive Director of the Inc. Business Owners Council, Dan Seivert, CEO of ECHELON Partners, and Al Zdenek, CEO of Traust Sollus Wealth Management return and are joined by:

  • Kathy Freeman, CEO, Kathy Freeman Company
  • Bill Willis, CEO, Willis Consulting
  • Ted Cohen & David Mainzer, Partners, Spolin Cohen Mainzer LLP
  • Greg Heffington, CEO, Heffington Consulting
  • Tyler Resh, Principal, ECHELON Partners

Launched in the fall of 2013 in Santa Monica, CA, the Deals and Deal Makers (“DDM”) Summit is “the anti-conference conference,” and strives to maintain a very limited number of attendees while maximizing their opportunities to interact and create immediate value for their businesses. The focus is also kept strictly on deals, and specific aspects of them. Wealth management firms who attend walk away with greater knowledge of acquisitions, mergers, sales and partner-to-partner transactions as well as a stronger network than they had upon arrival.

“We believe in focus and the power of people to build unique businesses — deal making is a crux of that,” said Seivert. “This event will provide a depth of insight into the art and science of negotiation that no other conference is equipped to provide in such an intimate setting. And we will provide this insight via our unique formats and dynamic speakers.”

The conference will open with a “deal making help desk” open networking session where seasoned deal advisors (speakers) and industry centers of influence will answer deal-related questions for attendees in a personalized format. Following this, Seivert will address the audience on Powerful Trends in Wealth Management Deal Making, identifying the most powerful deal-related trends facing the wealth management industry and how attendees can capitalize on them.

On the second day, ECHELON will once again feature the popular debate format between Seivert and Tibergien, albeit on entirely new topics including the best ways to:

  • achieve inorganic growth,
  • share equity with incumbent and incoming professionals,
  • manage the risk inherent in deal making; and
  • create value through operations.

The Masters of Value Creation session will feature Lewis Schiff along with a special guest CEO from the INC 500 Top Growers List, sharing his latest research on the key success factors of the fastest growing companies in the Inc. 5,000.

Additional sessions will include:

  • The Process and Economics of Masterful Tax Structuring: The biggest opportunity for improvement in most deals is in the area of tax structuring.
  • Orchestrating & Negotiating Your Break Up: History shows that many deals do not work out as planned. Rather than continue to force a bad fit or struggle in a less than optimal paradigm, it’s often better to figure out how to separate amicably and redirect one’s efforts.
  • A Mock Negotiation – Related to Sharing Equity, Profits, and Governance: One of the toughest deals to structure and negotiation goes on between founders and their successor partners.
  • Bargaining for Advantage: The People Side of Deal Making and Conflict: In this session the audience will learn from the best practices of the world’s top deal makers and the most valuable frameworks developed for Wharton’s renowned Executive Program on Negotiation. Attendees will take a negotiation I.Q. test to reveal their unique strengths as a negotiator.
...the Deals and Deal Makers ("DDM") Summit is "the anti-conference conference," and strives to maintain a very limited number of attendees while maximizing their opportunities to interact and create immediate value for their businesses

“The session by Dan Seivert and Mark Tibergien was one of the best sessions I have seen in all my years as an advisor — very creatively presenting a ton of valuable information in an entertaining and interactive format!” says Greg Friedman, CEO of Junxure.

Adds Tibergien: “I’m not sure why Dan keeps inviting me back to beat him up time and again, but I look forward to this conference for its focus and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in this industry.”

The Mission of the DDM Summit is to provide wealth managers with advanced education and training, unparalleled networking opportunities and a unique experience that stands apart from other industry conferences and workshops.

VISIT: www.echelon-partners.com

To register for the event, and for detailed agenda and session descriptions, please visit www.dealsanddealmakers.com

To register as a media guest, please contact Jason Lahita at (973)460-7837 or jason.lahita@ficommpartners.com.




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About The Deals and Deal Makers Summit 2014 Santa Monica
THE DDM SUMMIT 2014: Santa Monica, www.dealsanddealmakers.com, will provide an educational platform in conjunction with an innovative networking experience to foster development of the premier network of deal makers in the wealth management industry. We take pride in our relationship with firms across the wealth management industry, and we view hosting this event as an opportunity to share with you our powerful research foundation and experience advising hundreds of firms in the industry.
Wealth Managers have specific needs across the topic areas this event is positioned to address. In addition, they need to develop relationships to realize the deals they aspire to execute.

We have assembled deal leaders from across the industry with expertise in various fields to address the issues surrounding M&A, executive search, psychology of change, and the legal aspects of doing deals. Our goal is to introduce the concepts and develop the relationships necessary for realizing deals.