MIB Signs 50+ Carriers To Use Utilize Its ‘Electronic Health Records'

Digital Platform Speeds the issuance of life insurance

Braintree, MA (August 26, 2020) — MIB, the life insurance industry’s most trusted and secure resource for the exchange of medical information for underwriting, has reached a key milestone in the industry’s adoption of electronic health records—the signing of more than 50 U.S. life insurance carriers to use its MIB EHR platform.

MIB EHR streamlines the life insurance policy issue process by electronically delivering applicant-authorized medical information to life insurance carriers. The systematic retrieval of electronic data lets carriers accelerate risk assessment while, in most cases, eliminating burdensome paramedical exams, thereby improving the overall applicant experience and reducing time-to-issue.

Transforming Medical Record Retrieval

Imagine an underwriting environment where ordering a medical record, securing special authorizations, and receiving the relevant digital information from an applicant’s electronic health record is seamlessly provided in one consolidated workflow. That is the vision of MIB EHR—your single source for comprehensive electronic health records. We are transforming the legacy APS phone/fax process, enabling MIB members to accelerate policy underwriting for applicants who give their express consent (HIPAA-compliant authorization) in a fully-electronic workflow. EHR data is released by the applicant’s healthcare provider, only when the applicant has granted express consent to do so.

Data That Drives Underwriting Decisions

MIB has contracted with multiple national health record providers as it builds out a robust data source from which to fuel MIB EHR. Our press releases published on this page reflect our rapid progress. MIB is firmly committed to expanding its EHR footprint by partnering with additional EHR vendors and others as it builds a growing source of secure, patient/applicant-authorized electronic health records.
Ideally Suited to Bring EHR to the Insurance Industry

MIB’s longstanding stewardship of the life insurance industry’s most sensitive data makes it ideally suited to deliver EHR data to our members. As the provider of the industry’s leading underwriting requirement for more than a century, MIB’s industry-wide footprint, security and technology expertise and deep knowledge of the applicant authorized information-gathering process makes it the obvious choice to securely deliver EHR data to the life insurance industry. Owned by the insurance carriers it serves, MIB has the resources and the long-term commitment necessary to make electronic health data retrieval a reality for its members.

Designed by Industry Innovators and Chief Underwriters

MIB has unmatched access to industry leaders at the operational and executive levels of the nation’s largest insurers. MIB convened the EHR Advisory Council, consisting of technology and innovation experts along with company Chief Underwriters, to design a service that effectively and comprehensively serves the industry’s needs. MIB EHR also meets life insurers’ technology requirements while providing underwriters with the critical data they need for superior risk assessment in automated and traditional settings.

The MIB EHR Service is provided by MIB, Inc. exclusively for members of the MIB Group, Inc. Visit here for more details.