A Valentine's Gift

Masterpiece Of Love

Prudential creates a compelling testament to love, life and loss

In observance of Valentine’s Day, Prudential Financial has combined love and loss to launch an artful advertising campaign to support their Individual Life Insurance (ILI) business.

The “Masterpiece of Love” campaign is a series of four online short films (about 20 minutes each) detailing stories of life, love, loss and the power of the human spirit, which can be found at www.masterpieceoflove.pru.

The films explore the relationships between four survivors and four artists, commissioned by Prudential to bring the stories of their loved ones to life through art. The campaign was inspired by the connection between sensitive topics such as loss of a loved one and the need for life insurance.

The series features interviews with people whose lives have been altered by love and grief, including a parent’s death after a long illness, or the difficulty of running a small business while managing debilitating disease. The inspiration for the campaign comes from a need to connect with individuals on an emotional basis and provide an outlet for the grief that is so often swept under the rug when we lose our loved ones. Just as art maintains an image and memories following loss, Prudential’s Individual Life Insurance will be there following loss, as well.

Four people shared their stories of love and loss...

  • Prudential’s Masterpiece of Love website will house the films, to be released as episodes, and offers visitors an opportunity to share their own stories and photos.
  • The “Masterpiece of Love” project was an entirely in-house effort – conceived, produced and executed by Prudential’s marketing and communications teams.

Where life, love and art… live

Four people shared their stories of love and loss. Then four artists transformed those stories into unique works of art. This is Masterpiece of Love, a new series of short films that look at how one of the most difficult things you may have ever experienced could become one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen.

These stories, and the sharing of your own, foster a place of healing to help us carry on and create our own masterpiece of love.

Watch their stories. Share yours.