MassMutual Makes HSAs Powered by Wex Health Available Through Map-My-Finances Wellness Tools

Health Savings Accounts available to help workers manage healthcare expenses during working years and retirement

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., April 17, 2019 – Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (MassMutual) is expanding its wealth accumulation and protection benefits at the workplace by making Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) available on its MapMyFinances financial wellness tool for workers.

The HSAs, powered by WEX Health Inc., enable workers who are covered by high-deductible healthcare plans to put aside money on a tax-favored basis for eligible healthcare expenses during their working years as well as retirement. Contributions to the account may be made by the employee, the employer or both and the account is owned by the employee.

“One of MassMutual’s most important goals is to provide financial wellness to all Americans,” said Tina Wilson, Head of Investment Solutions Innovation at MassMutual. “The introduction of HSAs to our MapMyFinances benefits tool enables us to extend an important financial management and planning capability to potentially millions of American workers.”

“WEX Health is excited to make our industry-leading HSAs available to more Americans through MassMutual’s workplace benefits platform,” said Jeff Young, President of WEX Health Inc. “HSAs are becoming an increasingly popular financial tool for workers and retirees to manage healthcare expenses, which continue to rise unabated.”

HSA will outpace other vehicles

Usage of HSAs is projected to outpace other financial accounts for healthcare such as Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) by 2021, according to the Aite Group’s most recent Health Benefit Accounts Market Forecast1. Unlike HRAs and FSAs, contributions to an HSA are held by a qualified financial institution. Also unlike other accounts, HSAs are owned by the individual employee, not the employer.

While HRAs and FSAs require eligible expenses to be validated by a third party, the Internal Revenue Service does not require such validation for HSAs. However, it is required that consumers keep all of their medical receipts for eligible expenses in the event of a tax audit.

Contributions to HSAs carry over year-to-year, can be invested and earn interest for greater savings potential, and can be used tax free for eligible medical expenses in retirement. However, no additional contributions can be made once the employee who owns the account enrolls in Medicare.

MapMyFinances was introduced by MassMutual earlier this year as part of its efforts to help all Americans achieve financial wellness. The workplace financial and benefits planning tool helps workers assess their personal financial needs to help make the best choices regarding their retirement and protection benefits.

The introduction of HSAs to our MapMyFinances benefits tool enables us to extend an important financial management and planning capability to potentially millions of American workers...

Map My Finances Tool

The MapMyFinances tool is available automatically at no cost through employers that sponsor MassMutual’s 401(k) or other defined contribution retirement plans, voluntary insurance benefits or both. The tool provides users with a personalized financial wellness score to help them assess their overall financial situation and makes recommendations to help workers prioritize their benefits choices based on their family situation and budget.

Based on the data provided, the tool analyzes the user’s personal financial needs and sets priorities accordingly. While healthcare coverage is typically a top priority for most people, other financial needs such as retirement savings; life, disability, accident and critical insurance coverage; college savings; debt reduction and others vary depending upon the person’s family situation and budget.

MassMutual is announcing the availability of additional financial benefits and services through MapMyFinances such as HSAs to help workers solve other pressing financial needs such as debt management, medical and emergency savings, tuition reimbursement and budgeting.





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1Health Benefit Accounts Market Forecast: HSAs Leading the Way, Aite, June 21, 2018, https://aitegroup.com/report/health-benefit-accounts-market-forecast-hsas-leading-way
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