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Retirement Rhyme & Reason: Income Planning Comes of Age


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Our focus this month is the annuity and UL markets within the income planning challenge. As advisors try to quell the fears of their clients following the Fiscal Cliff and Sequester debates, the market returned to pre-2007 levels and the job of planning adequate income streams continues unabated.

We will also look at pre-retirement challenges for late in life planning isues, including

  • Divorce Planning- by Lili Vasilef
  • Social Security Planning- by Dr. Frederick Saide, PhD
  • New Annuity Strategy- by Herb Daroff, JD, CFP
  • A thoughtful essay on Retirement Planning from RIIA’s Francois Gadenne
  • An insightful primer on advising Millennials from Megan Barfield


We continue to offer our monthly Special Features:

  • In Profile: Monthly Q&A with industry thought-leraders; this month:
    Suzanne Magee Fleming on Collaborative Divorce Planning
  • Our Marketing Pages
  • The Notes & Quotes Page
  • Closing Thoughts


LIFE&Health Advisor continues to provide leading opinion, analysis and commentary on the issues facing advisors and their clients in today’s market. With emerging global isues impacting the struggle to accumulate wealth and deliver reliable income strategy for retirees, we look to keep you informed on how these issues reflect upon your job and your clients.

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Download this month’s L&HA/digital edition