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Mapping Out a Worry-free Retirement

Vosberg & Associates’ Total Retirement Income™ System Provides Integrated, Five-step, Personalized Plan

GLENDORA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Financial planning and wealth management professional Brian Vosberg, of Vosberg & Associates, has created a system that takes the stress and guesswork out of retirement planning. Total Retirement Income™ enables people at or near retirement to develop an accurate budget, choose the right mix of investments, maximize their social security payouts, and avoid needless taxes and penalties, among other benefits.

Certified Financial Planner™ and President of Vosberg & Associates Brian Vosberg understands that for many people, even the thought of retirement planning creates anxiety. He argues that the problem is magnified by a lack of clear, easily accessible answers to the most common questions that older Americans have. Vosberg had already made a name for himself as the author of Amazon bestseller “The Complete Retiree’s Guide to Social Security” when he conceived the idea for Total Retirement Income, a system that addresses every aspect of retirement planning.

Total Retirement Income consists of the following five steps:

  • Pension Consulting
    The demise of the pension has been greatly exaggerated. Many employees continue to enjoy the benefit of a steady retirement income provided by their employer. However, the choice of payout method, which is a one-time decision, has lasting consequences for both retirees and their families. The Total Retirement Income solution includes consultation on this crucial decision.
  • Social Security Planning
    The federal government offers over a dozen ways to file for social security benefits, although most people are only aware of a few. The difference between the right and wrong choice could be many thousands of dollars. Total Retirement Income provides not only individualized guidance on making the best social security payout choice, but also how to incorporate that income with other income sources so as to minimize tax obligations.
  • 401k/IRA
    Dealing with investment accounts after leaving work can be headache inducing. Total Retirement Income enables retirees to have more control over their accounts while providing as much hands-on guidance as needed. Brian Vosberg, financial planner, is prepared to answer any question about market risk, stocks and bonds, withdrawal limits and penalties.
  • Budgeting
    Sadly, many near-retirees habitually neglect their budget and so have no idea how they spend their money. On a fixed income, this blind spot can lead to disaster. Furthermore, certain expenses like healthcare almost inevitably increase as people age. Total Retirement Income provides a retirement roadmap that offers accurate predictions for such variables.
  • Retirement Income Gap™
    Running out of money is the boogeyman haunting the dreams of retirees. A sober look at income vs. expenses is the final piece of the Total Retirement Income puzzle. If there is a gap, Vosberg & Associates can suggest practical solutions, whether that’s consolidating debt or remaining in the workforce longer than expected.






About Brian Vosberg
Brian Vosberg is President of Vosberg & Associates, an independent financial planning and wealth management firm. He has committed himself to helping individuals and their families realize their investment and financial goals. Brian has built his firm by combining a sound asset class investment methodology with comprehensive financial planning. He listens to his clients to understand their needs and goals and creates financial strategies that are suited to their individual situations.

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