Lion Street Shows Successful Agents the Value of True Independent Firm Ownership Through the Road to Independence™ Platform

Breaking away from a captive agent system and going independent can look daunting

AUSTIN, TX – Jan. 8, 2019 – Many successful life insurance agents, practices and firms have outgrown the traditional agency distribution model. However, breaking away from a captive agent system and going independent can look daunting. In response, Lion Street has developed the Road to Independence™ platform.

“The captive career system has been an integral part of the growth of life insurance sales over the years,” says Bob Carter, Lion Street’s Founder and CEO. “However, today’s opportunities often do not align with historical systems. Elite life insurance producers and their clients demand objectivity and diversification.”

The Road to Independence™ platform is a Lion Street innovation to empower life insurance professionals to reach true independence and build commercial value in their practice.

True Independence

“This is an opportunity to experience true independent firm ownership, while Lion Street serves as the ‘Firm-Behind-the-Firm.’” adds Kurt Shallow, SVP, Firm Development for Lion Street. Lion Street Firms have the influence with carriers that a producer group offers, as well as direct connection to carriers normally found only in captive organizations. Plus, the Road to Independence™ supports independent practices with branding, technology, broker-dealer and logistics needs.

an opportunity to experience true independent firm ownership...

“Successful agents often outgrow a captive agency structure and Lion Street has created a solution,” continues Shallow. “We plan to work with agents who are feeling limited by the traditional distribution model and let them know that the Road to Independence™ — and building a more successful practice — is Lion Street.”


Lion Street is a leading financial services company based in Austin, Texas. Lion Street provides elite independent life insurance and wealth advisory firms access to the financial products, intellectual capital, and specialized resources they need to meet the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth and corporate clients. Every affiliated financial advisor is a stockholder of Lion Street. Together, Lion Street’s Owner-Firms are strongly committed to building a fiercely independent, yet highly collaborative network of professionals. To learn more about Lion Street, please visit www.lionstreet.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.