Lincoln Financial Launches New Crediting Strategy Within Lincoln Level Advantage

Faced with rising taxes and ongoing market uncertainty, pre-retirees lean on new investment options to maximize savings potential

Lincoln Financial continues to elevate its flagship indexed variable annuity, Lincoln Level Advantage®, by introducing a new spread crediting strategy featuring un-capped options to offer investors opportunities to earn more while protecting their assets. 

RADNOR, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) today announced the upcoming launch of a new crediting strategy within its highly recognized indexed variable annuity, Lincoln Level Advantage®. Beginning Nov. 22, 2021, new contracts with Lincoln Level Advantage will offer a spread crediting strategy, in addition to several existing investing options, providing investors with a new option for portfolio growth opportunities, balanced with added protection. Lincoln Financial’s latest launch demonstrates its continued commitment to innovation within the registered index linked annuity (RILA) space.

This new option could be impactful for pre-retirees, who are working longer and may be facing changes in savings habits and strategies.[1]

“As investors worry that they won’t have enough money to fund the life they want in retirement, many are now looking for diverse investment strategies that can both grow and protect their savings to help support their lifestyle in their golden years,” says Brian Kroll, senior vice president and head of Annuity Solutions, Lincoln Financial.

“Lincoln Level Advantage has helped more than 76,000 clients[2] safeguard the assets they’ve worked hard to save, stay positioned for growth and feel more confident about their financial futures,” says Kroll. “Now, this new spread indexed account further expands the product’s optionality and flexibility to best suit clients’ diverse investment needs.”

Lincoln Level Advantage Spread Account Option

The Lincoln Level Advantage spread account provides an added option for clients who value protection, but also have a strong desire to maximize earning potential. If the index performance is positive, the account begins earning uncapped growth once the performance exceeds the spread. If the index performance is negative, the account is protected up to the amount of the protection level.

The spread indexed account option is currently available for new contracts with a six-year indexed account and a 15% protection level. Spread rates for new indexed segments will be declared five business days in advance of the beginning of a segment. A spread rate is the percentage of the index’s return deducted from the indexed account when the index return is positive, which means a return could be lower than if invested directly in a fund based on the applicable index. There is risk of loss of principal if negative returns exceed the selected protection level, as well as a risk of future availability as the indexed accounts with applicable spread rates will vary over time.

Lincoln Level Advantage has helped more than 76,000 clients safeguard the assets they’ve worked hard to save, stay positioned for growth and feel more confident about their financial futures...

Additionally, investment instructions must be received by the end of an indexed term or a new indexed segment will be selected on behalf of the policy holder. The available indexed account with applicable spread rates will vary over time. Investors should speak with their financial professionals to evaluate benefits and risks and select an option that best suits their investment goals.

Lincoln Level Advantage

Since its launch in May 2018, Lincoln Level Advantage has been Lincoln’s most successful product launch to-date with more than $12 billion in lifetime sales. Lincoln’s RILA provides investors the ability to tailor a combination of protection levels with indexed account options to help meet their risk tolerance, individual investment style and retirement income planning goals.

The product has been lauded by investors and the industry alike, earning recognition from Structured Retail Products, was the number one selling RILA in the industry for 2020[3] and named in Barron’s “The 100 Best Annuities for Today’s Market” feature.

For more information about Lincoln Level Advantage indexed variable annuity, visit here.




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