Lincoln Financial Launches Core Income, Built with I-Shares

Strategic collaboration with BlackRock creates a new annuity product category – capturing trends in fee-based advice and passive investing

RADNOR, Pa., February 24, 2017 – Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) today announced the launch of Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares, the industry’s first ETF-only variable annuity designed to help fee-based advisors address their clients’ retirement income challenges.

Developed through a strategic collaboration with BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares features an investment selection comprised entirely of ETFs, providing advisors and their clients with a cost-effective strategy, and guaranteed lifetime income equal to 4% of the initial deposit that increases annually by a 2% cost of living adjustment.

This solution captures the opportunity in fee-based advice and the momentum of ETFs – allowing advisors to help their clients secure retirement income through a guaranteed lifetime income strategy that increases each year.

“This solution captures the opportunity in fee-based advice and the momentum of ETFs – allowing advisors to help their clients secure retirement income through a guaranteed lifetime income strategy that increases each year.”

Transition to fee-based models

“We’re seeing a tremendous shift take place in the advisory space, as more advisors transition to fee-based models,” said Salim Ramji, head of BlackRock’s U.S. Wealth Advisory business. “These advisors are looking for simple, transparent solutions that provide their clients with income. Through our collaboration with Lincoln, fee-based advisors can now offer their clients an ETF-based annuity option to help meet lifetime income goals in retirement.”

According to Cerulli , passive investing is growing at a faster rate among advisors than actively managed assets. Advisors expect this trend to continue, estimating that more than a third of their client portfolios will be in passive allocations over the next two years. Morningstar shows that passive ETF assets have grown from just $228 billion in 2004 to $2.53 trillion as of the end of 2016 .

“Incorporating standalone ETFs into variable annuities is an innovative development; the low expense ratios of ETFs may offer an advantage compared to the cost of other options available, and offer both advisor and consumer value,” adds Bing Waldert, Head of U.S. Research at Cerulli.

Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares combines Lincoln’s 50 years of experience developing annuity solutions with BlackRock’s iShares portfolio construction and investment management proficiency. Several notable features include:

  • No surrender charge;
  • Costs all in < 1.9%*;
  • Guaranteed lifetime income equal to 4% of the initial deposit that increases annually by a 2% cost of living adjustment;
  • Underlying investment options comprised entirely of iShares ETFs; and
  • Return of investment death benefit.
    *reflecting contract charges and investment option waivers.

BlackRock is customizing a version of its iRetire® digital retirement planning tool available to financial advisors who wish to explore certain features of Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares with their clients. Over 75,000 advisors who embrace the growing demand for digitally enabled advice have access to the iRetire® tool which offers guidance on building client portfolios that help support lifetime income in retirement. With this customized version of the iRetire® tool, advisors will be able to see the potential benefits of adding guaranteed lifetime income into their clients’ financial plans.

“Retirement savers face significant challenges in today’s environment, given demographic trends and the fraying of traditional government and corporate safety nets. Today, annuities can help savers create predictable lifetime income in retirement,” added Fuller. “Fee-based annuities present a significant long-term growth opportunity and we expect this product to help capture the shift toward passive investing – providing fee-based and registered investment advisors with a solution that can help their clients address income needs in retirement.”

Variable annuities are designed for retirement and offer lifetime income, tax-deferred growth and death benefit protection for loved ones. To decide if a variable annuity is right for you, consider that it is subject to investment risk, includes costs, and all guarantees – including those for optional features – are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

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