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Lifestyles of the Rich and ... Misguided?

Four Flawed Beliefs That Threaten the Lifestyle and Life-Electives for Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

WALNUT CREEK, CA–(Marketwired – May 13, 2016) – Pillar Wealth Management, LLC, a private wealth management firm to affluent families — some of whom attained wealth reaching $400 million — has published a timely new article that reveals four flawed beliefs which, if left unchecked, threaten the lifestyle and life-electives for ultra-high net worth investors.

The new article, which is based on sections of the firm’s recently-published book The Art Of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios And Estates, Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million to $500 Million” (available from looks at a paradox that many ultra-high net worth investors will struggle with at some point in their life, if they are not doing so already: the investment-related risks that they willingly accepted in the past and that enabled them to grow their wealth, have now become a source of ongoing anxiety.

“It is not uncommon for ultra-high net worth investors to ask themselves if they could face catastrophic losses, such as those that sideswiped many investors and families during the Great Recession and dot-com collapse,” commented Pillar Wealth Management’s co-founder Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo.

“Ultimately, this line of inquiry ends up with the most frightening question of all: what if my beliefs, and my advisors’ beliefs, are not the solution for my recurring pain, but rather the cause of it?”

Misguided Notions

Pillar Wealth Management’s article goes on to reveal four common, yet fundamentally misguided notions that many ultra-high net worth investors and their advisors believe:

what if my beliefs, and my advisors' beliefs, are not the solution for my recurring pain, but rather the cause of it?

  • Recommendations from brokerage firms, research and analysts lead to better long-term investments.
  • Active money managers and select investing strategies are beneficial in the long term and they outperform markets after fees and taxes.
  • There are “safe” stock picking strategies that promise low risk and volatility, yet deliver proportionately higher returns over the long term (10+ years), after fees and taxes.
  • Some financial gurus and wizards have an uncanny knack for predicting the future and consistently capitalizing on such “crystal ball” predictions.

“These beliefs are potentially devastating to life electives, lifestyle and portfolios — especially after considering fees and taxes,” added Ashoo. “They are basically investment traps and bets. Ultra-high net worth investors must bear in mind that knowing their advisors’ beliefs is critical, since they are entrusted to make decisions — not bets — with their hard-earned wealth”.

The full text of Pillar Wealth Management’s new article, along with a unique “Litmus Test” to help investors separate myth from reality, as well as direction on how to chart a safe and successful course for managing their wealth, is available here.



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