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Ladder Launches Laddering Scenarios For Advisors

Ladder for Advisors Becomes First Life Insurance Solution on Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ladder, the company that has built life insurance to be instant, easy, affordable, and smart, has launched a new solution for advisors. As of today, via the Ladder for Advisors program, Ladder will offer the Laddering Scenarios solution, a way for advisors to identify the potential savings available to clients who wish to manage their life insurance coverage over time. Advisors can contact Ladder to obtain personalized laddering examples that will help clients determine the right amount of coverage, for the right period of time, so they can optimize term life insurance costs and incorporate the savings into their financial planning. With Laddering Scenarios, Ladder helps advisors demonstrate their value while showcasing online laddering, something truly unique to Ladder’s policies.

Additionally, Ladder will become the first life insurance solution to be offered on the Schwab OpenView MarketSquare, the online resource available on the Schwab Advisor Services website that features listings of RIA technology products. MarketSquare allows advisors to search or filter based on category or the type of integration with Schwab data that’s available for the product. They can then select individual products and view detailed information about its features and the company that provides it. It also enables advisors to independently recommend tech-forward solutions that enhance financial planning and asset management.

To help clients implement term-life as part of their financial planning

Ladder launched Ladder for Advisors in January of this year, to provide financial advisors with an efficient way to help their clients implement term life insurance as part of their ongoing financial planning. Life insurance is a critical component of a consumer’s overall financial plan, and advisors are relied upon to help people consider, understand, and optimize their need for a financial picture over time. Advisors who sign up with Ladder will be provided with a customized toolkit, including a digital dashboard that provides them with helpful insight on how much life insurance coverage to recommend to a client, based on their unique needs at any given time.

“Ladder for Advisors seeks to evolve the role that term life insurance can play in the financial planning process, taking life insurance from a difficult-to-implement, static product, to a simple and dynamic one. By joining the OpenView MarketSquare and offering scenario modeling, we help to reach the thousands of advisors on Schwab’s platform and advance their already tech forward approach,” said Ladder co-founder Jeff Merkel.

a way for advisors to identify the potential savings available to clients who wish to manage their life insurance coverage over time...

Ladder for Advisors’ Laddering Scenarios are yet another step in Ladder’s ongoing mission to ensure people have access to the life insurance coverage they need. It enables professionals in the financial planning space to provide a way to introduce flexible life insurance to their valued clients as one of the key elements for the financial planning puzzle.




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