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JourneyGuide Launches Game-Changing Retirement Planning Software

Improving Client Confidence

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, March 5, 2018 – JourneyGuidetm, the first financial planning software built around improving client confidence in retirement while growing advisor productivity, has launched.

JourneyGuide’s speed, simple design and interactive capabilities dramatically reduce the amount of time advisors spend preparing a retirement plan. Rather than going through the intensive training and multi-hour planning process of competing planning tools, an advisor can go from gathering information to presenting results in as little as 20 minutes. The real-time advisor and client collaboration enabled by JourneyGuide improves advisor efficiency and increases client understanding and ownership of their retirement plan. The result is deeper trust and faster plan execution.

JourneyGuide was created by and spun out of Ash Brokerage, a nationally recognized insurance brokerage firm that has worked with thousands of advisors and agents for nearly 50 years. “As the largest privately held insurance brokerage firm in the United States, we not only saw the need, but we were able to assemble the best team to build it,” said Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage.

For people who are near or are already in retirement, guaranteed income streams deliver peace of mind – but only JourneyGuide asked the question of whether these streams actually improve retirement outcomes. Co-founders Michael Smith and Jeff Rocke built the proprietary engine that answered the question. JourneyGuide brings this ground-breaking research to the market in a simple and easy-to-use platform. The result is like nothing else in this industry: financial planning software designed to be used collaboratively with the client to answer their most pressing questions quickly and effectively.

Some of the major features include:

  •  Interactive “Co-Planning”
    Getting answers to questions like “How much can I spend in retirement?” can be done in real time, collaboratively, with the client. JourneyGuide uses proprietary algorithms to run thousands of simulations with lightning speed, so advisors can immediately show their client the effects, in dollars and cents, of changing key variables in their retirement plan.
  • Impact of Guaranteed Income Streams
    JourneyGuide illustrates a proven, balanced approach to blending investments with guaranteed income to improve retirement outcomes. The impact of when Social Security is taken is demonstrated instantly. Other guaranteed income streams, such as pensions and annuity benefits, can be easily included, with current annuity prices integrated directly into the tool.
  • Visual Comparison
    A single graph clearly demonstrates how different plans will likely perform across potential market outcomes, allowing for a true understanding of the trade-offs between plans. The client gets clarity into how much income they can achieve with each plan, in favorable and unfavorable markets.
  • Report Dashboard
    JourneyGuides concise and easy-to-understand reports are managed through a dashboard that can assist in meeting advisors’ fiduciary responsibilities. Advisors have a record of everything they showed their clients, and the clarity of the reports helps ensure clients really understand what was discussed. JourneyGuide’s clear, repeatable process helps advisors build a plan that everyone can understand.




For more information and to schedule a demonstration, please contact John Stevens, JourneyGuide’s head of business development, at JHStevens@journeyguideplanning.com (260) 478-0644
About JourneyGuide, Inc., www.journeyguideplanning.com
Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, JourneyGuide’s mission is to provide software that helps advisors improve the retirements of the millions of people who rightfully worry about outliving their retirement assets. Designed to be an interactive retirement planning experience for advisors and clients, JourneyGuide improves advisor efficiency and increases client understanding and ownership of their retirement plan.